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Be careful, you will certainly find spoilers on the history and content of KotFE in this guide.

From chapter 9, you will begin to get to know this famous alliance that we have been talking about since the first announcements of KotFE. An alliance that has put its suitcases on the planet Odessen, very powerful in the Force, but according to Lana, more balanced than a planet like Tython or Korriban.


First of all, I offer you a small guided tour of the place. On the outside first of all, you will find two globes, one for the Empire and one for the Republic, containing various terminals for your quests:

  • Heroic missions
  • PvP missions
  • operations

Inside, here is the Alliance market and cantina. Here, some shopping to do, especially for radiant equipment (index 220) and a contraband merchant (partner gifts, locked merchandise crates and exotic isotope stabilizer).

You can also find a Galactic Market there, personal and guild bunkers, mailboxes, and appearance modifiers.

All the comfort necessary to relax after a hard day of battle is present, with a cantina.


The specialists

Four specialists are available in the alliance base, some of which will certainly tell you something. They will give you missions, allowing you to grow your Alliance and recruit new allies.

As you build your alliance, you will collect Locked Crates of Goods, of four different types, corresponding to each of the four Specialists:

  • Alien Research: Professor Oggurobb
  • Ancient Artifacts: Sana-Rae
  • Contraband: Hylo Visz
  • Military equipment: Bey'wan Aygo

When you get a locked Crate of Goods, you can then go to the corresponding Specialist to hand it over. He will then give you a box of rewards (vehicles, gifts from partners, armor, etc.) and you will earn 500 Influence points with him.

  • Professor Oggurobb
  • Sana-Rae
  • Hylo Visz
  • Bey'wan Aygo

Do you remember this slug from your adventure on Makeb? He was notably a scientist forced to work for Toborro, for whom he notably built droids in Isotope 5 (as well as the Arche ship which allowed the evacuation of the population). He then served as liaison for the Republic and the Hut Cartel.

Oggurobb is in charge of the Research Laboratory in the Alliance.

Sana-Rae is one of the Voss mystics. She has now joined the Alliance to take care of the Force Enclave, a place where Force-sensitive, whether Jedi, Sith, or even Voss, can come to train and meditate.

You certainly haven't seen him in-game, but his name might ring a bell. Or at least his exploits. While the Hydian Way, the main hyperspace route for the transport of goods, was under Mandalorian blockade, it was Hylo who led a mad expedition with his fellow smugglers and successfully undertook to force the blockade and thus allowed the Core worlds to escape. refuel.

She has now joined the Alliance, dealing with Underground Logistics. A godsend for a woman with multiple contacts.

You've already met Bey'wan during the Kuat Crisis. It was indeed he who took care of the briefings and the management of the crisis on the Republican side.

He now takes care of the Military Hangar in the Alliance Base.


Commander Data Block

In a remote room, you will find a small data block that will offer you four quests.

One for each specialist if you follow well! Each will reward you with:

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Radiant Data Crystal
  • a partner gift of your choice of rank 6

Nothing special to do, just accept the quest to collect the reward as quickly. It actually fits with your growing alliance and your specialists are sort of supplying you.

These quests are available each time you have an even rank of Influence with the specialists (2,4,6,8, etc).

Rewards for these tiers:

  • 20 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 10 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 5 Radiant Data Crystal


Protocol droids

Did you miss them? Well, C2-N2 and 2V-R8 are coming back! Yep, (badly) luckily those droids have remained intact and are back in the alliance, and guess what? You will even be able to recruit them again! And even better, you will be able to recruit both at the same time! Are you happy eh?

Both can be found in the Market on Odessen, near the Equipment Vendors, where you can pick up their quest.

  • C2-N2
  • 2V-R82

The highest level of service

C2-N2 has several amenities that could satisfy every specialist. Only, he is not sure who to attribute them to.

  • Modified Food Processors: Admiral Aygo
  • Portable and non-perishable meals: Hylo
  • Additional cushions: Sana-Rae
  • Nectar of Alderance: Oggurobb

Once validated, C2-N2 will put these arrangements in place, and will give you the reward along the way.

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • a gift from a partner rank 6
  • 1 Locked Merchandise Crate: Alien Research

All you have to do is go see each of the specialists to find out what he thought of these arrangements, then go back to C2-N2 to report back to him. If you have given the right accommodations to the right specialists (and this is the case if you have followed the guide), you recover 500 Influence points per specialist. And at the end of the day, you will get C2-N2 in Partners (with 2500 bonus Influence points). And with more success!

Note that this mission can be repeated every week. However, there will no longer be any need to define each specialist's layout, but it will be necessary to bring him several materials:

  • Farium x8
  • Molytex x8
  • Ruusan Crystal x8
  • Metamorphic cell culture x8
  • Pain reliever extract x8
  • Biocellular central memory x6
  • Adaptable circuits x4

What will make you gain Influence every week with your specialists and C2-N2.

No big difficulties, just talk to him. You'll have a choice of light, dark, or neutral, and then he joins your team.


  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • a gift from a partner rank 6
  • 1 Locked Merchandise Crate: Contraband Merchandise



After increasing the Influence of certain specialists, merchants can appear in the base.

  • Oggurobb
  • Aygo
  • Hylo
  • Sana-Rae

A Research and Development droid appears.

It offers atria, implants and relics of index 208 and 216, for  et 

Two vendors are available. The first sells Soldier / Bounty Hunter gear of index 208 and 216 for  et 

A second salesperson, the mechanic, near the ships, offers you exclusive speeders.


Roche gangster

Cost: 1 Custom Hylo Visz Hunter (Rank 20 Influence with)


Roche molator

Cost: 1 Bey'wan Aygo Custom Chaser (Rank 20 Influence with)


Kretch de Roche

Cost: 1 Custom Sana-Rae Chaser (Rank 20 Influence with)


Roche Shaclaw

Cost: 1 Custom Oggurobb Hunter (Rank 20 Influence with)


Zakuul Cloud Cruiser

Cost: 1000 


Zakuul's Interceptor

Cost: 500 


Cenotaph Reconnaissance Digger

Cost: 10 credits

In the underground logistics area, there also two salespeople. One selling Smuggler / Index Agent 208 and 216 equipment for  et .

The other offers more special merchandise, like decorations, a set of armor, or pets (well, domestic vehicles!).


Zakuul weapons locker for shield and staffs 

Cost: 25 


Gun Holder: Knight of Zakuul

Cost: 25 


Zakuul weapons locker for staffs

Cost: 25 


Zakuul weapons display case for shields and staffs

Cost: 25 


Koth shuttle

Cost: 50 


Descendant armor set

Cost: 230 


Zakuul's Miniature Battleship

Cost: 100 


Miniature cenotaph

Cost: 200 


Mach 2 miniature

Cost: 50 

The merchant in the Force Enclave offers the Knight / Warrior and Consular / Inquisitor gear of index 208 and 216 for  et 



The purpose of the alliance is obviously to strengthen and expand the ranks. It will therefore be possible to recruit certain characters in your team, most of which will certainly tell you something!

You can find the details of all this recruitment in a future guide!

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