SWTOR - Achievement: Connection Established (Republic)

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I am offering you a guide giving you the steps necessary to obtain the "Connection Established" achievement, which is obtained by completing all possible interconnections in the weekly quest "Mass Exodus" on Makeb. At first glance, I don't think it's possible to achieve all of these goals in the same week. On the other hand, to validate one of the objectives, it is compulsory to carry out the corresponding missions in the same one.

Determine that the Perekta mesa is seismically stable

Perform the mission [STEP 1] In the heart of the ruins, then [STEP 2] Of stone and steel.


Divert the speeders of the Regulators from the Frinn mesa to the waters of the Ponant

Perform the quest [STEP 2] Door to Door, then [STEP 2] Hostage Release.


Move the turret out of the fortress 1

Perform in the order [STEP 1] Personal marking => [STEP 1] Retroconfection => [STEP 1] In the heat of the moment.


Find information about Pollus Avesta's position in Fortress 1

Carry out in the order [STEP 1] Personal marking => [STEP 1] In the heat of the moment => [STEP 2] Release of hostages.


Learn that hostages are being held on the weightless hook 4 mooring track

Complete the quest [STEP 1] [H4] The Viper's Nest and then [STEP 1] [H2] Counterattack.


Regulators diverted troops to the Weightless Hook 4 mooring track towards the Cartel mining mesa

Perform [STEP 1] Operation surveillance (do the bonus objective) => [STEP 1] [H4] Viper's Nest => [STEP] [H2] Counterattack.


Unlock the "Reassignment" bonus objective

Complete the quest [STEP 1] Personal Marking and this bonus objective will appear for.


Unlock the "City Safety" bonus objective

Perform [STEP 1] Retroconfection to unlock [STEP 2] Search for signs. You will get a flare during this quest. Then perform [STEP 2] Reclaiming Talaos where you will have a bonus objective when you take the aiming equipment.


Unlock the quest [STEP 1] In the heat of the moment

Complete the quest [STEP 1] Personal Marking.


Unlock the quest [STEP 2] Find Signs

Complete the quest [STEP 1] Retroconfection.


And presto, bravo!

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