SWTOR – Assassin Tank (2.6)

Nëøo once again offers you a video guide on the Assassin Tank, in Dark specialization, with a guide written just after.


Talent tree

37 / 5 / 4

Knowing that you can redeem Shroud of Darkness points with Electric Execution at your leisure!



For the gameplay, here are the spells to be cast in order of priority, starting with the most important at the first point until the last.

Zone Obscure (defensive spell to keep all the time)

Force Pull at the engagement, and if you can during the fight (it can be launched only at 10 meters minimum). It generates a large amount of animosity.

Wilting : Provides a high amount of animosity and a negative effect that reduces the target's damage by 5%, to be kept on the boss at all times.

Dump : Provides a high amount of animosity and a negative effect that reduces the accuracy of the target by 5%, to be kept on the boss all the time.

Electroshock : spell which is quite available via our talent tree, we must use it as soon as possible under Stimulation or not ! But, it will be more effective under Stimulation.

We're stopping here for now, so you got it right, we keep Zone Dark, Pull to Engage, Wither and Discharge as soon as available for negative effects and high amount of animosity, then the electroshock as soon as available, the rest is played on activations of effects (procs), always in an order of priority. 

Flash of strength with Relentless Darkness x3 for the Protection obscure which reduces damage taken by 4% in total.

From that moment, as long as the above priorities cannot be carried out, we use our melee spells in a loop, namely: Correction ou Assassination . If the Stimulation activates, we use it with Electroshock (and with a Carefree as soon as possible) . If theConspirator's Envelope is activated, it is used with the Mutilation . If both activate, Shock is used for Stimulation and then Mutilation for Envelope.


With all this, we do not forget our two provocations (taunts) and our defensive spells namely:

Advanced Saber Charge : It heals us for 15% of our health and we also reduce the damage by 25% for 15 seconds.

Shroud of strength : it dispels some negative effects (Techno and Force) and allows you to not also receive this damage for 5 seconds.

Deflection : it increases our defense by 50%. A good defensive spell to strike during a difficult time.

In terms of consumables, we must have the nano-infused absorbent Dopant (increased shield and absorption) and the impeccable prototype Medipac (Heal + Heal over time) in order to facilitate the fights.


Statistics and equipment

  • Absorption : important statistic for the Assassin Tank, we must reach the 45% minimum and we must privilege it as much as possible (for an optimized 78 equipment, we can reach 51-52%).
  • Defense : secondary statistic in the Assassin Tank, we must reach 19% (69/72) and, from an optimized 72/78 equipment, 20-21%. In optimized 78 gear, 22% -23% is really the maximum to reach in defense.
  • Bouclier : passive statistic which increases with the equipment, it is necessary to have at least the 35%.
  • Endurance : we no longer benefit this statistic at all, we try to reduce it as much as possible to have more defensive statistics.
  • Will : statistic of the Sith Inquisitor, we do not benefit, it goes up with the equipment. You must, however, take the datacrons!
  • Shield / Handle : armor that gives more stamina than willpower (Force Manipulator).
  • Modifications : Mods that give the most defensive stats compared to others. Defense or Absorption according to your caps (Reinforcement & Robustness).
  • Sophistications : the sophistications that give the most defensive statistics compared to others. Defense or Absorption depending on your capes (Bastion & Rempart).
  • improvements : absorption improvements only!


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