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Colonel Juliaan had barely entered his office when his voicemail beeped. How had the Sith managed to hack into the Republic's security systems? But at least he had kept his word.

In 2003, Bioware made one of the greatest Star Wars-stamped games, Knights of the Old Republic, the main character of which instantly became one of the most popular characters in this galaxy, movies included. Much of its popularity stems from the fact that you could choose its characteristics as the game progressed, customizing it enormously and allowing much more engagement than if it was already predefined. Because of this, the authors of the Extended Universe who looked at the periods in which he lived (the game KOTOR II, the comic KOTOR, the manuals of rd, TOR and the novel Revan) have always remained rather vague on his account. Some periods are well lit, but the whole is still quite vague. Within the Extended Universe, this is explained by the destruction of his file when Darth Malak bombed the Jedi enclave of Dantooïne. However, after ten years of small additions, a pattern appears. Sufficient to establish the outline of a biography.

Man was born in the Outer Rim, at the edge of the known worlds of the Republic. Some say it would be Deralia, but since it was used for a false identity certainty is impossible. He was spotted by Jedi Master Arren Kae, who brought him back closer to the Core. His talent so dazzled the members of the Jedi Council that he was the apprentice of several of them successively: Kavar, Dorak, Vandar Tokare and finally Zhar Lestin. It is this twi'lek who will be the last on the list, and will often boast of having been the most important of his masters. However, he quickly distinguished himself in the years that followed by difficulties with the authority of the Order. After taking on Alek Squinquargesimus as his apprentice, he turned to the Rim and borders of the Republic, where he came from. By this time, the Mandalorian clans had recovered from their losses in the Great Sith War and under the command of Mandalore the Ultimate were taking over several worlds where the Republic and the Jedi did not look. Taking up the cause for these worlds, he tried to convince public opinion but that only earned him the nickname of Jedi Revanchist. A name that extended to the Jedi (mostly young and freshly ordained) who came to join him at his base in Wayland. But received no support from either his superiors or the authorities, even when Republic worlds fell. Going to see why Cathar was unresponsive, his group was overwhelmed by a vision of the slaughter the Mandalorians had committed on this planet. Picking up the mask of the only Mandalorian to oppose her leaders, her fate shifted (see image below).

Using his contacts in the Republic Army to play, the newly appointed Revan brought in his group of Jedi defying the authority of the Council as auxiliary troops. His apprentice Alec took the nickname Malak to imitate him. Already known as a great fighter and a powerful follower of the Force, he revealed impressive strategic gifts. And quickly, he became the unofficial leader of the fleet that faced the Mandalorians. He cornered them at the Battle of Malachor V, where he brought down Mandalore the Ultimate in a duel that preceded the clash of the cruisers. On this occasion, he discovered disturbing truths. Like the Sith who had manipulated their opponents to test and weaken the Republic's defenses. He said nothing about this information. The Jedi Council still hadn't moved in this war, and Republic authorities would need more evidence. He let the fleet dismantle the Mandalorian army, taking only Malak with him. They concealed Mandalore's helmet, a symbol without which no one could claim his successor, then set out for the Unknown Regions. They discovered the Empire, but were betrayed and delivered to the Emperor. Tortured for almost a year, they eventually sank into the Dark Side and become puppets of limited will. Returned to resume the mission of the Mandalorians, Darth Revan and Darth Malak managed to free themselves from this influence by partially erasing their memories with the Force. The whole part about the Empire, their mission and their master. But also why they had gone there. They remained Sith and attempted to conquer the Republic, rounding up their former subordinates and equipping them with rakata technology from the Star Forge.

However, some specialists find Darth Revan moderate in his conquest. He lingered in the Rim, taking his time, leaving his opponents to strengthen and the local structures still in place. As if subconsciously he remembered a threat to his back that he would have to face soon. The main Republican and Jedi officers were no match for him and only the young Bastila Shan stood out thanks to her combat meditation power. She ended up setting up an expedition to capture him, and took advantage of the fact that the apprentice betrayed her master. Darth Malak showed himself to be a strategist less concerned with the future, not hesitating to destroy everything in his path. To stop him and uncover the secret location of the Star Forge's main base, the Jedi Council decided to erase Revan's memory and launch him on this trail. These Jedi were supposed to be more gifted and wise than he and his former apprentice, but did a worse job: he soon remembered certain things. However, upon falling in love with Bastila Shan, he manages to stay on the Light side and ends up defeating Darth Malak and destroying the Star Forge (for a more detailed version of this period, that of the KOTOR game, see here). For the Jedi Council and the Republic, everything was back to normal, for the better. It wasn't going to last long.

The memory kept coming back to the one we always called Revan. He resumed his old distrust of his superiors, and even passed it on to his new pregnant wife. And then there were those dreams of a threat in the Unknown Regions. He needed to find out what it was, and if it could affect the future of the galaxy. With Bastila's approval, he set off with the Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo in order to trace the trail from the start. When he returned to the same point as after the Battle of Malachor V, he gave his companion Mandalore's helmet and continued on his own. He returned to the Empire and this time was captured by Dark Nyriss, member of the Dark Council. Only his droid T3-M4 remained free to seek help. He had to wait 5 years before Meetra Surik, one of his revanchist lieutenants who had managed to resist the Dark Side, associated with Scourge, in the service of his jailer, came to pull him from there. They reached him as they were overwhelmed with adversaries, but brought him the Mandalorian mask he had lost during his capture by the Jedi. Seeing him gave him back his memory. All his memory. It only took a few moments for him to find the balance between his Light side and his Dark side, all the Force talents he knew and the situations he needed them for. He was willing to tap into both depending on the situation. And, as his body was particularly weakened from the abuse of the past few years, his mind had once again grown strong enough to face his torturer, Darth Nyriss. Without a weapon, he destroyed a member of the Dark Council in a matter of moments. With his liberators, he undertook to resume the mission he had set himself during his first visit to Dromund Kaas: to assassinate the Emperor. Another failure, Betraying Scourge in the final fight, assassinating Meetra Surik. T3-M4 was destroyed by Sith lightning and Revan once again captured. As a reward, the traitor was named the Emperor's Fury, his personal executor, and suffered spells to survive several centuries longer than expected. To mark the occasion, as a precaution against corruption and the temptation to come and challenge their weakened leader, the entire Dark Council was executed.

Deemed too valuable to be eliminated, Revan was locked in the Maelstrom prison. Plunged into a stasis that allowed him to escape time, he served the Emperor as a source of power for visions of the Force. But the bond thus forged was a two-way street, and he succeeded in influencing his torturer. He forced him to delay the war against the Republic as long as possible. Then, once it was declared, he urged him to overestimate the adversary and demand the Coruscant peace treaty rather than push the Core into the last entrenchments. An influence such as a secret cult dubbed the Revanites grew over Dromund Kaas, believing that Darth Revan and the Emperor were one and the same waiting to be revealed. 300 years after his imprisonment, a commando of the Republic reached his prison and released him. He immediately resumed his general posture, settling in the Foundry's rakata factory and preparing an army of droids to infiltrate the enemy and attack them from within. But the Empire was on its heels and a commando attacked it before its preparations were finished. Defeated in battle, he disappeared without leaving a trace. So even the witnesses disagree that he died and joined the Force or that he ran away and bandaged his wounds while waiting for the next attack ...

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