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Today we saw the appearance of update 2.2 on Swtor. Let's take a quick tour of the novelties that we are offered, through the Contraband packs of Archon.

Archon Contraband Pack

These contraband packs contain a whole mix of your favorite Cartel items. Mount lovers will be able to get six mounts, including the Aratech Lux. The “casual” clothing line is expanded with new additions, while Calo Nord's armor adds to the Lore's armor collection. These packs will also be the first to contain dyes, six exclusive combinations.

Fans of the Star Wars Lore will be in heaven, the Archon Pack adds a new type of Cartel item, Encrypted Datacubes. Collect all eight datacubes (there will be four more in the next Supreme Mogul pack), and you will receive a special reward.

A few changes have also been made based on player feedback, such as the addition of Rank 9 crafting materials, increased chances of obtaining Cartel Market Certificates, and reusable Jawagrams.


Color crystals

Advanced White-Black Crystal

Advanced Pale Green Crystal



Calo Nord Armor Set


Mantellian Separatist Armor Set


Waist Cover Power Armor and Wrist Cover Power Armor


Casual Dress Armor Set


Fleshworm Armor Set (Home)


Fleshworm Armor Set (Outdoor)

Froghound Armor Set (Home)


Froghound Armor Set (Outdoor)


Ulgo statesman armor set







Ulgo Loyalist Armor Set


Royal Outfit Armor Set


Pure toothpick


Green efficiency scanner




Ebony-winged Busaigle

Ribbed sleeping bag

Evil Blurrg

CH-R1 energy droid

Lylek slate shine

Extinguishing class B28 bomber




  • Contraband collector
  • Archon



Portable Relaxation Unit



Lux Aratech

Blur Aratech

Basic Aratech

Echo Praxon

Mante Adno

School Rendili




Archaic Assault Cannon

Dilapidated Saber Staff

Archaic blaster

Archaic Blaster Rifle

Dilapidated Lightsaber

Primordial Sniper Rifle



Emotes and Moods

Emote: Treating baby


Mood: very creepy


Emote: Wouhou


Emote: jitter



Credit explosion

Consumable: Credit explosion!



Dye Modules

  • Orange and blue dye (medium)
  • Red and brown (pale)


  • Dark yellow and Yellow (medium)
  • Dark purple and Violet (pale)


  • Brown and green (medium)
  • Blue and gray (pale)




  • Encrypted Datacubes
  • Boosts
  • Partner Gifts
  • Making materials
  • Jawagrammes
  • Reputation Items

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