SWTOR - Cartel Market: Supreme Tycoon Contraband Packs

In patch 2.2.2 of July 9, we were able to discover the contents of the Supreme Tycoon contraband pack, which still adds a lot of items.




Alde Statesman Armor Set


Loyalist Panteer armor set


Revered Chronicler Armor Set


Diabolist Armor Set


Adept Scout Armor Set


Armor set the Relnex


Imperial Away Huttball Uniform / Home



Outer Republic Huttball Uniform / Home


Mira's Armor Set


Rascal toothpick



Dyes and crystals


Advanced Copper Crystals



Advanced White-Black Crystals


Deep purple / Medium pink and Medium red / Medium green


Medium Orange / Light Green and Pale Blue and Medium Purple


Medium orange / Pale yellow and Deep red - Pale red





Tornado Gurian


Aratech Ghost


Red Spirit Aratech


techno Aratech


Locuste Adno


Guêpe-sabre Adno


Lhosan razor





Droïdes Isotope 5


Ricker VX-5


Brut ML-39 Patroller


ST-N3 energy droid


Paradise Busaigle 


Iridescent bald lizard





Archaic Besh Assault Cannon


Archaic Besh Blaster


Dilapidated Archaic saber stick


Blaster Rifle Archaic Besh


 Sniper rifle Archaic Besh


Antiquated Archaic Lightsaber



Emotes and miscellaneous



  • Contraband collector
  • Long arm



  • Treating baby
  • Stylish dance
  • Impatience
  • Slow applause



  • Good job
  • Well tried


Pocket sarlacc

Helps regenerate health and energy.


Data cubes

  • 78-R
  • 97-O
  • 89-G
  • 99-F


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