SWTOR - Classified War Zones (1.2)

Taking advantage of the classified war zones evening, organized by BioWare, I took the opportunity to explore the PvP features and, to begin with, the PvP interface which has been revised to take into account all the information on the personal ranking, group classification and available war zones.

As you can see, at the moment, we are in pre-season 1. Season 1 will start when the queues are inter-server.


PvP Stats

This panel is on the left of the screen, in vertical mode. As you can see, I haven't made any war zones at this time (and my Bravery rank is not being laughed at!):

If we hover the mouse over the dash, next to the indexes, we get a tooltip:

The Index is a rough measure of your success in Ranked Warzones compared to other players on your server. It is adjusted at the end of each Ranked Warzone game. You must complete 10 additional Ranked Warzone matches before you get your first index.


Description of war zones


Description of classified war zones

Concretely, nothing differentiates a usual war zone from a classified war zone. The fight takes place in the same way, we just theoretically end up facing players of the same level.

In Classified Warzones, you earn Classified Warzone Distinctions which provide higher quality equipment than with Warzone Distinctions. This is stored fairly quickly (around fifty per battlefield). During my test night, in order to move up the rankings, I made 11 games, 6 wins, 5 losses (not really lost in fact, but considered lost due to the lack of players in the war zone) and I leave with 473 distinctions (a piece of modifiable orange equipment, without modifications, is worth 400 to 425 distinctions, it takes 1250 to 3475 distinctions for purple equipment).


Ranking evolution

With my 5 losses and my 5 wins, I have a final score of 1199 solo index. When I lost the 10th war zone (again because of the insufficient number of players) I lost 20 points (so I had to be at 1219 with my 5 wins and my 4 losses).

Then I did a game of Huttball again, so the 11th game ranked, and we won despite obvious misunderstandings, missed passes and stray balls. I regained 21 points thus passing to 1220 solo index.

As it is getting late, I will end the "classified war zone" experience there. You know as much as I do! Good night all !

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