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With the Dark Vs Light event comes new successes. These achievements correspond to the objectives to be fulfilled to validate the different levels giving entitlement to the rewards of the event.


Heroic Rank and Common Achievements

The section heroic has only one success. It's the easiest to have as it only requires you to have a character leveled up to level 25 with no class restriction. This success will necessarily be validated if you aim for the successes of the category Class progression. To complete this section, you will need to raise one character from each class (making a total of 8 characters - 1 for each class story) to level 50. It is not necessary to complete the class stories but if you do, so you will have access to Legend status. The last category is the Crew skill progression. To complete these achievements, you will need to mount the 6 confectionery trades at rank 550.


Ranks Legacy to Eternal

The following ranks each have a few achievements. If there aren't many at the start, the higher you go through the categories, the more goals there will be to complete an achievement.

  • Inheritance
  • Vaillant
  • Champion
  • Eternal
  • The story continues: Reach level 50 with a character.
  • Hotline worker: Complete three of the following hot spots.
    • Black greenhouse or L'esseles
    • Boarding party or Taral V
    • The foundry or Prison Maëlstrom
  • The Stranger: Complete Chapters 1-9 of KOTFE.
  • Revan: Complete the Shadow of Revan scenario.
  • Home Sweet Home: Complete the Fortress Overview.
  • Flashpoint Expert: Complete a long list of Flashpoints.
  • Alliance Commander: Complete KOTFE with a character.
  • Alliance Creation: Complete 5 Alliance Alerts.
  • Act of Bravery: Achieve Bravery Rank 5.
  • Republic Icon: Reach level 65 with a Republic character.
  • Imperial Icon: Reach level 65 with a character from the Empire.
  • Eternal Competitor: Defeat Lanos in the Eternal Championship.


Legend Rank Achievements

  • Gree Slayer: Kill 50 Gree Droids.
  • Living Scourge: Kill 50 rakghouls.
  • Disease Carrier: Infect 5 players with rakghoul disease.
  • Dreaded news: 50 non-player opponents defeated on Oricon.
  • Giant Slayer: Slay Snowblind, Siegebreaker Ulgo, Renegade Cartel Battle Droid, Primal Destroyer, and Worldbreaker Monolith.
  • Dragon Slayer: Defeat Karagga, Draxus, Operator IX, Sparky, Titan 6.
  • Eternal Champion: Defeat Zotar.
  • Flashpoint Master: Complete all Flashpoints on hard difficulty.
  • Elite Galactic Hunter: Complete 5 Galactic Hunter matches.
  • Warzone Veteran: Complete 15 Warzones.
  • Man Hunter: 3 Bounty Hunting Contracts completed.
  • Ziost: Complete the Ziost scenario.
  • Hero of the Alliance: Reach level 50 with all classes.
  • Tailoring Virtuoso: Reach max rank with all tailoring trades.
  • Ruthless: Reach Dark V rank.
  • Vindicator: Achieve Light V rank.
  • The Collector: Find the Hidden Datacrons.
  • Big winner: win 1 credits on a character.
  • Spend: buy the datacron from Gwhirrye Nekor on Odessen. It costs 1 million credits. Gwhirrye is therefore on Odessen, in Alliance headquarters, on the smuggling side.
  • Ruthless Efficiency: Kill 50 enemies with HK-51.

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