SWTOR - Datamining: KotFE Cartel Market

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A few small info from the datamining have been unveiled:

  • Rarity system changed :
    • Rare is now Bronze
    • Super rare is now Silver
    • Ultra rare is now Gold
  • Cartel Changes and Collections :
    • The Starfighter category is removed from the Market window
    • The Mount category is added to the Market window
    • A search function is added to the collection window.
    • The maximum number of characters increased to 40. There are also 60 character slots available: take it with a grain of salt.
  • Items on sale for a limited time :
    • Sky Cruiser
    • Visas Marr's Armor Set
    • Ziost Guardian's Lightsaber
    • Covert Energy Armor Set
    • Eliminator's Dual Edged Vibrosword
    • Xoxaan's Armor Set
    • Music Therapy Probe
    • Meditation Chamber
    • Wetland Dewback
    • Diplomat's Meditation Hoverchair
    • Sea Bantha Dunes
    • Temple Guardian Armor Set

In addition to this information, we can discover some articles from the Cartel Market that may be available after the release of KotFE.


Please note, as usual, this data is taken from datamining, and is therefore not necessarily representative of the final result.

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