SWTOR - Diary of an Inquisitor (day 13 to 20)

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Here is the continuation of the walk in image of Ezrille, an Inquisitor of the Dark Side guild on Battle Meditation. Ideal for enjoying the beauty of the Star Wars landscapes when you are away from home and your game!

Attention spoiler: some images may shock future Sith Inquisitors!

Day 13

Ezrille ends the ongoing political intrigue on Alderaan and takes care of his cult on Nar Shaddaa.


Day 14

Ezrille takes over Taris and submits a young Jedi to his cause.


Day 15

Taris is truly a dreadful planet, Ezrille quickly completes his duty on this planet in order to make a quick jump on Quesh and finally, finish his research on Hoth. She also hates this climate more than winter!


Day 16

Still on Hoth, half-embarrassed. Ezrille will nevertheless change his mind in a war game with Colicoids.


Day 17

More and more snow on Hoth!


Day 18

Departure for Belsavis and its strange climate: half snowy (hey, it will change him) and half tropical. There must be unnatural forces rampant on this planet.


Day 19

Belsavis is a strange and complicated planet to move around, Ezrille quickly leaves it in order to fall back on Voss. Voss, definitely a much nicer planet than any she has visited in recent days.


Day 20

Again and again on Voss, the "autumn season" planet and its particularly interesting history!

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