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The galaxy is vast and many secrets are to be discovered. In particular, elements of history, scattered all over the planets that you will visit. And to reward you for your research, it is an achievement which will be unlocked for you: "Galactic Historian", as well as the inheritance title "The Historian" once you have discovered all the history elements of each planet.

I therefore suggest that you set off on a great and long adventure, which will take us across the entire galaxy. However, certain prerequisites are necessary to achieve the objective:

  • Have a Sith Inquisitor / Sith warrior who completed their class quest on Korriban
  • Have a Soldier / Smuggler who has access to Ord Mantell
  • Have a Jedi Consular / Jedi knight who completed their class quest on Tython
  • Have a character from each faction who has completed the quests on Corellia
  • Have a 50-55 character from each faction that has access to Makeb


After discovering the secrets of Balmorra on the Empire side, let's go back but to the Republic side this time.



The Republic's relations with Balmorra

In Vermineville, at Farnel's Skyhopper.


The pollution Balmorréenne

In the heroic area of ​​Makaran Desert.


The corporations of Balmorra

Head to the Okara Droid Factory, located in the Makaran Plains.


Imperial domination

Still in the plains of Markaran, in the far south-west.


Imperial invasion

Direction this time the armories of Balmorra in the northeast.


The dam

For this, it is necessary to perform the quest "Liberation of Sobrik". To do this :

  • talk to Lieutenant Hollic (on the spaceport) to start a 6-questline
  • do the Save Who Can quest
  • do the Native speaker quest
  • complete the quest Leading the Way
  • complete the quest Needed Detour: Lynx Eye Rescue
  • do the Pierced Shield quest
  • complete the quest Liberation of Sobrik


Come on, this time it's over for Balmorra. How about going back to Taris now? But on the side of the Empire!

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