SWTOR - GSH: Forteresse by Nar Shaddaa

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Let's explore the fortresses, in this series of guided tours, each with the unlocking prices, number of occupants, rooms, etc. Let's go to Nar Shaddaa to discover the Floating Palace!

Price to unlock : 250 / 000 PC. Free for subscribers on certain dates.
Extensions maximum : 9

* Free coins are available for subscribers on certain dates. May 12 for 5 pieces, and July 15 for 3 pieces. If you were not subscribed on these dates, you will have to pay for the coins.



Second floor

We arrive at the landing area, where the exit is via a speeder. A kind of terrace can be arranged.

Further on, a corridor with 6 doors ...

... which serves 4 small pieces ...

As well as a slightly larger room.

The east stairs are already unlocked, but the west stairs can be opened (250 credits / 000 CP, +425 occupants, +5 decorations).


First floor

A large living room, with a view on the balcony.


The balcony in fact: 2 credits / 250 PC, +000 occupants, +2200 decorations.

The large living room provides access to an anteroom: 1 credits / 750 PC, +000 occupants, +2000 decorations.

Then in the solarium: 2 credits / 250 PC, +000 occupants, +2200 decorations.

The solarium is the largest room, having a spaceport to land your ship for example.





So much for this preview and, as soon as possible, the next ones will arrive.

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WoW - 6.1: Improvements for the Garrison ❯
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