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Kishekzun, who wrote the recent DPS Guardian / Pest 2.0 guide, asked me to make some changes to his original text. As the changes might go unnoticed, I preferred to do a small separate article to link with the previous guide.

I wanted to come back to an important point from my previous article: the expert strike. After talking about it with Alec, our little class delegate, one thing stood out: the casting time of the expert strike lasts 3 seconds but the last hit comes in at 2.7 seconds! You will tell me that it does not change much, and indeed it does!

Let me explain. When you use your expert strike and unleash another attack at 2.75 sec, without waiting for the cast to complete, the damage from the third hit of your strike and your new attack will hit the boss within a few hundredths of a second of an interval , in other words at the same time.

Basically what does that change? Instead of having two separate damage spikes, you will do a BIG damage spike that will skyrocket your DPS at that instant. With critical hits, you can even spike up to 15 / 20k in less than a second.

A second point concerns the relic. Indeed, since the last update, we can reuse two trigger relics without worry. So I decided to use a relic that does elemental force damage every 4.5 sec. And what does this bring as a change? She doesn't do a lot of damage on her own (13k to 16k each time) but does overall DPS around 40/50. This small relic with this regular damage allows to regulate the DPS well.

As a conclusion, here is a recording of my performance when I am now equipped with 72 / underworld but without 75 parts.


Train well! Not to miss the last stroke of the strike is a little helping hand but it deserves a try.

Do not hesitate to post your questions!

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