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I have seen people on the Internet using the term "minion" and arguing that they are called "cute". As if these two terms had nothing to do with it. The first is, however, the anglicization of the second. Anglicization, not translation. Either an almost exact resumption of the word which designated between the end of the Hundred Years War and the advent of the Bourbon dynasty on the throne of Spain the favorites of a sovereign, the pope included. These individuals formed part of the kings' entourage and could become important ministers. But they could also act as figureheads and settle affairs for their master in which the latter did not wish to see his name involved. This could go as far as the physical elimination of disturbing and / or rival personalities. Hence the meaning of the henchman that the English version took.

Being himself until recently the monarch of the Sith Empire, Vitiate had around him several creatures who depended only on him and with very particular fidelity. In short, cute. While he is now on the run and declared an enemy by the Dark Council, the allegiance of these favorites is therefore very difficult to locate. Would they be able to betray for their master? Are they a danger to be taken into account? But who are these cute groups already?

Vitiate doesn't like crowds. On several occasions, he moved his imperial residence because too many courtiers came to settle around him. The Black Temple became a Sith necropolis, the palace of Dromund Kaas the seat of administration. In the end, he had set up a space station in orbit where it was necessary to have a clearance to approach it. Visiting it once was possible, but to do it again repeatedly required marks of great favor. Not all members of the Dark Council were allowed to do so. Those who lived there were therefore among the closest cutest to Vitiate. There were Sith and soldiers there, the latter dying believing that they would one day be resurrected by their master in a better future. Most of them were wiped out by the Jedi Knight Hero of Tython during his crusade against the Emperor. Then by Dark Malgus, who came to seize the station for his own account. Since the Dread Masters were part of this group and were picked up by other members, it is very possible that they killed or recruited some when they too betrayed. If there are any survivors, they have been discreet since the resumption of the war between Empire and Republic.

The Imperial Guard, with its long red uniforms, is one of the elite groups of the Imperial Army. They aren't particularly decorated, but that's not what matters to them. They are reputed to be incorruptible fanatics, a heavy burden on those who were to keep the Emperor. They also served him as spies, both at the Korriban Academy and in the administrative corridors of the palace of Dromund Kaas where members of the Black Council pass. As the Sith tradition requires one to rise by eliminating one's master, they learned how to fight and kill Force users. With the resumption of the conflict against the Republic, some of them were deployed on Belsavis, Corellia and Ilum. With commanders who could afford to take the Sith under their command. Their power should not be underestimated. But, with the news of their master's death, they began to find themselves sidelined from the center of power. After the Emperor's return as an enemy of the Empire, they did not come forward. To believe that the Black Council had them discreetly replaced on Korriban, Dromund Kaas and the Imperial Fleet by other soldiers with more assured loyalty.

The Emperor's Hand was a counter-power to better monitor the Dark Council. This group of people who called themselves Servers was one of the most secret but also the most powerful. They could give orders to Lord Scourge, the Emperor's Fury, his personal executor. The one sent to eliminate the most powerful targets or those with whom to convey a message. When he took office more than three hundred years ago, Scourge had shown his talents by eliminating all members of the Dark Council. His longevity had been increased by Force spells. But he ended up betraying, and joined the Republic. The new Fury then named was named according to the circumstances. She didn't have much to do, although she did become a public figure on the battlefield. The predicted death of the Emperor meant the loss of the Main's main support. Their schemes to regain power were noticed by Dark Council member Darth Vowrawn. He must now hide to avoid a threat whose exact resources are unknown. But he still managed to weaken the opponent. And the Emperor's Fury is free to do whatever it wants. She even proved her loyalty by facing the Emperor's return to Ziost.

Finally, among the cute of Vitiate, we must not forget the members of the Dark Council themselves. The Dark Council chooses the members who will join them, but it was the Emperor who validated their appointment. He could veto them, or even send his Fury to physically get rid of the unwanted. Those who won their posts from the Battle of Corellia are the first generation where this validation is no longer effective. Not all of the former Council members were regulars on the Emperor's Space Station. But for example, Dark Marr was. Marr who is today the main spearhead of the opposition to the return to power of Vitiate. Will they all have this reliability towards the Empire? Nothing is less certain when it comes to the Sith. Always keep an eye out for those who might betray ...

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