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The Force gives Consular Jedi the power and wisdom to shine on the battlefield and on the diplomatic scene. Thanks to years of intensive training and meditation, Consulars show as much skill in resolving a difficult situation as in wielding their lightsaber in the face of a horde of enemies. Whether they unravel the ancestral mysteries of the Jedi, raise armies to defend the Republic, or face off against the Dark Lords of the Sith, their deep attachment to the Force enables them to fight any battle with fullness and serenity.

Favoring agility both on the battlefield and during negotiations, Jedi Consulars avoid the heavy armor worn by many Jedi Knights. Such dense polymer or cortose outfits would only clutter them up. Their preference therefore goes to light capes and decorated dresses, more suited to their lifestyle and combat. However, wherever they go, Consulars never part with their lightsaber, a symbol of their membership in the Jedi Order.


Its strengths and weaknesses

The Jedi Consular is the best healer in the galaxy and his party bonuses are second to none. He turns out to be an exellent distance thanks to his telekinetic powers. The consular is a bit like the Swiss army knife of the republic. Sometimes tank, sometimes heal, he can also be a very good melee dps. He has a stealth spell depending on his specialization.

This character can only be equipped with light armor, so he is extremely fragile; He has different healing spells to overcome this defect… You still have to use them well so as not to use his concentration too much!


Class Info

  • Permitted breeds : Humain, Mirialan, Twi'lek, Zabrak, Miraluka.
  • Standard bars : The resource bar of a Jedi consular is made up of force. Each of your abilities uses this strength, and it regenerates over time. This regeneration is continuous and stable, you have a maximum of 100 strength points.
  • Authorized equipment : Light Armor.
  • Authorized weapons : Lightsaber, Double Bladed Lightsaber, Training Saber.



  • Ombre
  • Scholar

Light Armor - A Double-Bladed Lightsaber

A Shadow is at the service of the Jedi Order: its silent observer and, when action is required, its subtle hand. Anxious to evade the reckless decisions of the Jedi Council, the Shadows move stealthily, gathering information and quietly dismissing those who threaten the Jedi Order.
Using Force techniques that cloud the minds of their opponents, the Shadows infiltrate hostile territory and, if necessary, strike their enemies with formidable efficiency.

  • "Infiltration": DPS - Masters of stealth, the Shadows position themselves to take the enemy by surprise.
  • "Kinetic Combat": Tank - The Shadow wields his double-bladed lightsaber to defend himself and his allies.
  • "Balance" - in common -: Improved Force and lightsaber powers.

Light Armor - A Single Blade Lightsaber

The mysteries of the Force are endless. A Jedi Scholar, tuned in to the Force and determined to uncover its esoteric secrets, knows this better than anyone in the galaxy. These Masters of the Force are known for their wisdom and empathy as much as for their powerful healing and defensive skills. In times of turmoil, a Scholar combines the wisdom of the past, a source of insight, with the power of the Force to change the course of events that shake the galaxy.

  • "Telekinesis": DPS - Allows you to distort reality and manipulate waves of energy to annihilate the enemy.
  • "Protection": Healing - The Scholar has mastered the art of the Force to heal and protect his allies.
  • "Balance" - in common -: Improved Force and lightsaber powers.


The ship: Defender

Developed in the midst of the Great War, the Defender was specially designed for the Jedi Order. The Jedi Council ordered it after finding that the Republic's military ships were unsuitable for such special Jedi missions. The Defender's curves are inspired by the base corvettes, but the Defender benefits from a number of upgrades.


Jedi Consular Database

Shadow & Scholar Talent Simulator

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