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Yesterday evening, Bioware offered us an article, the first opus of a new series, the partners from A to Z. Each week, we will learn more about a partner of our heroes (it's okay, they can last a while) and c It is Kaliyo Djannis who inaugurates this series. Future secret agents should avoid going any further or risk spoiling certain discoveries.


General information

  • Départ
  • Breed
  • customizations



Kaliyo has 8 different customizations



  • The player
  • The other companions
  • Motivational
  • Amour

Kaliyo considers two possibilities with the Agent: take advantage of his credulity (and his credits) or take up a new challenge with (in front of?) Someone intelligent.

Kaliyo doesn't easily make new friends:

  • she respects Vector despite her weirdness
  • she doesn't trust doctor Lokin but loves to play lying game with him
  • she considers Temple a good pear (unless it's Temple using her?)
  • Scorpio, she'd rather not talk about it

Kaliyo thinks of her first. She loves anarchy and respect, but can turn on the Agent if she feels cheated. The Empire is only a means for her, resources, a good salary and the possibility of being forgotten by her former enemies.

The beautiful Rattataki is not very concerned with loyalty and commitment and any romantic relationship is likely to be tumultuous.


Two links to finish. You can find more details about Kaliyo on his dedicated holonet page. In addition, you can discuss here on the official forum between agents of the beauty or help choose which partner will be put forward next week (knowing that it will be from the Republic in order to respect the alternation).

I have a quick question for you, if you play Agent, do you like Kaliyo or do you prefer to take another companion?

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