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The seat of the Empire is on Dromund Kaas, its political capital. Yet another planet is treated with just as much care. It has only been part of imperial territory for about forty years, but the academy founded on it is devoted to an elite. It's even the only other planet where the Dark Council meets. Its history makes it the best-known Sith world, and most of those who claim to be of this order wish to take control of it in order to legitimize themselves. Korriban therefore finds himself with a very special role in the galaxy.

Sith historians have managed to trace history back to about 25 years ago. Few people know that much. At the time, Korriban was dominated by the Sith race. High dignitaries were what are now called wizards on the Dark Side, and no one was more powerful among them than King Adas. His legend still endures, as he faced a particularly dangerous enemy: the Infinite Empire of the Rakatas came to conquer the planet, and Adas managed to repel and defeat them. Better yet, he manages to seize a few ships with which the Sith would in turn conquer their closest neighbors. At his death, after more than 000 years of reign, Korriban was the scene of a coup. The nobles and generals were rejected by the caste of priests, who deified Adas to make sure he had no heir. Treated as the living incarnation on the Dark Side, his return was prophesied as the Sith'ari. If for some the name of the king has disappeared in the meanders of time, the Sith'ari has remained as that of the legitimate and undisputed heir of the Sith. The title that one covets but for which one does not dare to declare oneself because all the other contenders would bind themselves against each other. Thus, taking advantage of the mistrust and animosity among their rivals, the council of priests ensured that no one would have a sufficiently united army against them.

Only known representation of King Adas of the Sith.

The rule of the priests lasted several thousand years, but did not prevent the period from being dotted with civil wars. The Sith Kingdom became a powerhouse in the sector. But the damage caused pushed to relocate the capital on the planet Ziost. Then after the centuries of expansion, it was those of the fall. Many systems were lost. Korriban is once again the capital. And, about 3 years ago, it once again became the only planet under their control. A century later, strange ships appeared in orbit. On board were Jedi exiled because they had rebelled against authority and had lost. More gifted than the priests in the Force, they learned from them all that was necessary to keep them out. The term Sith ceased to designate a race to include all members of the new empire thus created. For 500 years, from Ajunta Pall to Naga Sadow, the natives of the planet experienced their golden age and their maximum expansion. The political capital returned to Ziost, but the Dark Lords (a title taken by the new rulers) had plans for Korriban. All of the rulers except the last one were buried in what soon came to be called the Valley of the Dark Lords, the planet's main attraction. Some other high dignitaries also enjoyed this privilege. All major rituals took place on Korriban. Until Naga Sadow declared war on the Republic. Lost war that ended this version of the Sith Empire.

The Republic took very badly the attack of which it was victim, and the reprisals were terrible. The battles had already wiped out some of the Sith people, but the Core officers ordered the bombing of enemy strongholds. Korriban became an abandoned graveyard, the only living creatures being animals partially feeding on the Dark side. The planet was not yet freed from its influence. The tombs of the Dark Lords were focal points and strongly influenced the planet. Fallen Jedi Freedon Nadd and Exar Kun passed this way during their Sith Path training to receive their approval. A colony baptized Dresdae was built, the little frequentation of the planet allowing the smugglers to take some ease there. Then there was Darth Revan. Using this small settlement as a base, he transformed an ancient building dating back to the glory of the Empire into the Sith Academy. He organized excavations in the Valley of the Dark Lords in search of artifacts and forgotten spells. After having usurped power, Darth Malak continued these practices. But when he died, the Sith under his command turned on each other. Everything was abandoned and Dresdae destroyed. Worried about the planet's appeal to Sith suitors, and warned of the existence of the Dromund Kaas Empire, the Republic decided to install surveillance in the system. A space station was installed in orbit.

But these measures were insufficient. The Empire sent several agents to the planet to weaken the Dark Lords in their graves. The Emperor suffered no rival, not even ghosts. Then, when it was decided to attack the Republic, Korriban was the first target. The space station fell in the first assault under the orders of Darth Vindican and his apprentice Darth Malgus. The first stones of a new academy were immediately laid, a new building crying out in the middle of these old ruins. Acolytes sent there to finish their training and become apprentices. The remains of Naga Sadow were brought from Yavin IV to the tomb once intended for him, a clear desire to establish continuity with the ancient Dark Lords buried here. Many privileges were quickly granted there, which older planets did not have. For example, the Dark Council used to meet there, which it usually only did on Dromund Kaas. Korriban could be considered the second planet of the Empire. The Republic quickly recognized its importance, and planned a raid on the planet during the last war. A failure. Still, with all the casualties since the Battle of Corellia, a successful raid on Dromund Kaas, and the current push in favor of the Jedi allies, would things stay the same if they tried their luck again?

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