SWTOR - Livestream Producer 03/06: summary

Yesterday evening was the livestream of producer SWTOR for the month of June! Eric Musco (Community Manager) was alongside Ben Irving (Lead Developer) and Charles Boyd (Lead Writer) to talk about the state of the game and its near future. Here is the summary of the interesting things! If you want to see the livestream for yourself:

This way !



  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter XIV: Mandalore's Revenge
  • Subscriber rewards
  • Dark Side vs Light Side event
  • Chapter XV: The GEMINI deception


State of the Galaxy

In recent weeks, community discussions have focused on:

  • Chapter XIV: The Vengeance of Mandalore, which is now available. Players are happy with the good launch with no major bugs or the like.
  • SWTOR Cantina Tour 2016. The SWTOR team (the three of this live in particular) will be at Celebration Europe III in London in July. They'll likely be at New York Comic-con later this year as well. For more information, see our article on this subject.
  • The Eternal Championship. The sprint race is over and a winner has been named, he will be in London with the SWTOR team.
  • Large luck cubes and bronze rarity items. Insofar as some were disappointed to no longer have new bronze items, from chapter 15 the packs associated with the chapters that will be released will have large chance cubes AND bronze items. The odds ratio between big cube and bronze will probably be around 50/50.
  • Class changes.
  • Musco's livestream marathon. Eric thanks all those who connected and accompanied him during the livestream, some during the 15 hours that the marathon lasted to complete all the chapters then released.

As during each livestream also now, they put forward the community and its creations. I would only focus on one of the three highlights of this month, because it's a friend of mine: NastasiyaFun on twitter who made a superb cosplay of Lana Beniko.

Lana Facepalm


Chapter XIV: Vengeance of Mandalore

  • Now available and free to all subscribers.
  • A small trailer:

Spoiler on the story

  • Assault a massive enemy stronghold, with the help of Shae Vizla, Torian Cadera and the Mandalorian clans.
  • Discover the secret behind the Eternal Fleet. A critical secret.
  • Recruit warrior Talz Broonmark on the path to bloody revenge.
  • Khomo Fett seems one of the most popular characters in this chapter.
  • Music was dear to Charles Boyd for this chapter, that particular music is in it. I would tell you what music they are talking about, but not having done the chapter I don't know, can we find some Mandalorian songs from Republic Commando?
  • The Avenger Cartel Pack is now available. We can find in particular a saber in the style of that of Kylo Ren.


Subscriber rewards

  • Subscriber rewards for June are now available:
    • Eternal Empire Patrol Speeder.
    • Early access to Chapter XIV.
  • For subscribers on July 1, they will receive:
    • Fortress decoration "Victory of HK-55". This is a propaganda style poster in a minimalist design with HK-55 featured.
    • Early access to Chapter XVI.


Dark Side vs Light Side event

  • New event on June 28.
  • Join a galactic event and earn epic rewards to celebrate SWTOR's fifth anniversary.
  • Choose the dark or bright side. The choices will have an impact.
  • The general idea is this: During the duration of the event, the light and dark choices made by the players are counted, and the final balance between the two will have an impact on the sequel. Example: a new unpublished companion will be added after the event, it will be a companion more oriented towards the dark or the light, with in particular visual changes, depending on the average inclination of the players during the event.
  • This event will be over several months, with multiple objectives and six levels of rewards. The more you participate, the more rewards you will have.
  • Over the past six months, the bright side led the way with 59% light choices.
  • There will be regular updates to show which side is leading and with what lead.


Chapter XV: The GEMINI deception

  • It will arrive on June 28 as well.
  • A trailer has been shown, you will find it at the end of the livestream (see the beginning of the article).

Spoiler on the story

  • Lead a daring assault on an Arcann warship in a risky gamble to take control of the entire Eternal Fleet!
  • Discover more secrets about SCORPIO and the other GEMINI droids.
  • Guss can be recruited.


So what are your thoughts on this news?

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