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Mek-Sha brought its share of success to 6.0. Some are currently inaccessible due to a temporarily withdrawn quest and an undiscovered hidden achievement.


There is a hidden 5-point achievement in this category, but no source to my knowledge has found the nature of it. A rumor suggests that it would be bugged but without official confirmation. We will correct the item as soon as we find it.

  • Maître de Mek-sha: fulfill the following objectives:
    • Mek-Sha Explorer
    • History of Mek-Sha
    •  Mek-sha Datacron Master
    • Street cleaning
    • Mek-Sha tourist
  • Historien de Mek-Sha: unlock all codices on the planet
    • Dar'manda
    • Harido Wald
    • Huttbreaker
    • Indigo
    • Junker Jott
    • Brothers
    • Mek-Sha
    • Veek the Stealth
  • Mek-Sha tourist: discover, scan or click on the various elements scattered on the map.
    • Taste the "Meltdown Mek-Sha" offered by the house
    • Find bargains at the bazaar kiosk
    • Make a wish at the lake
    • Enter the dance floor of the Cantina l'Huttatombe
    • Find the Playful Flower (scanner)
    • Visit the original location of the Tautaun Steak (scanner)
    • Visit the pier of the last Hutts.

Here are the points of interest of the different objectives to complete to become the "tourist of Mek-Sha"

  • Taste the "Meltdown Mek-Sha" offered by the house

These drinks can be found in many locations, such as at the entrance to the Huttatombe canteen. Here is another one near the bazaar:

  • Find bargains at the bazaar kiosk
Coordinates (-63; 4020; 982) Click 3 times on the console

  • Make a wish at the lake

  • Enter the dance floor of the Cantina l'Huttatombe

  • Find the Playful Flower (scanner)

  • Visit the original location of the Tautaun Steak (scanner)

  • Visit the pier of the last Hutts.


There is also a category for heroic missions. A first line is devoted to the heroic missions in themselves, it will be enough then to do 50 of them to complete the success.

The second line is dedicated to success "The gift". Each" faction "(Wald, Grim Skull, Dar'manda, Nova Blades) will have to be tapped 10 times. To do this, you have to go to the cantina and take a quest that will require us to complete three daily objectives to hire a faction. The objectives change every day and only one can be changed during the day. It will therefore take 3 quests spread over 3 "days" per character to progress. Either 120 days on a single character or 30 on 4 characters and 3 on 40 characters .

Finally, there is a hidden achievement that is easy to achieve because it only asks to complete some of the previous achievements.


Kill them all

The following achievements are in the category Gangs de Mek-Sha. Let's start by going south of the ground camp. You will need to have a character on the republic side to make this success (although the story on the republic side can validate this if you take the time to do it on multiple characters).

  • Smash the brothers : kill 50 members of the gang of brothers. Republic character required. (-30; 3700) near the scrapyard.

For the next three achievements, go to the Well of Brzo area (300; 3900) near the trail medical center. Opponents from all three "factions" will be present, although some in limited numbers.

  • Dent the sinister skulls : Kill 50 members of the Sinister Skulls.
  • Eradicate the Exchange : Defeat 50 members of the exchange.
  • Forcibly le Walde : Defeat 50 members of the Wald.
  • The Wald in particular will be more numerous in the territory of the Wald ... quite logically.

The last are the 50 engineers of Jott in the success set the engineers on fire. You will find them in the area of ​​the junker junction at (200; 3750) (Imperial character required)

Here are finally the 4 elites to eliminate for the street cleaning.

  • Rhallor (191; 4040)
  • Surin super good (-236; 4000)
  • Tearing (-194; 4200)
  • Fen Inor (80; 3900)

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