SWTOR - Grim Temples in the Jungle

Located between the Hydian Way and the heart of the Sith territories, the Gordian Breakthrough brings together a large number of poorly listed systems. Three centuries before the Treaty of Coruscant, at the end of the Jedi Civil War, Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa had given a G0-T0 planning droid the task of classifying and reorganizing all information about this area. Sadly, several elements of the series have gone awry, including one who became one of the Outer Rim's greatest crime lords. The major works entrusted to them could not be completed. The best-known system of the Gordian Breakthrough remains that of Yavin, with its prime sun Yavin around which the planet Fiddanl, the captured comet Stroiketcy and the gas giant Yavin revolve. The latter has 26 moons, of which only three are habitable. But only the fourth and its jungles attracted galactic events. And this on several occasions.

The first major element to arrive on Yavin IV was the last Black Lord of the ancient Sith Empire, Naga Sadow. Having been defeated in the Great War of Hyperspace, he came to hide away from pursuers of the Republic or his former subjects who had rebelled. Of his former power, he was left with only one cruiser and his crew. In the local jungle, his Massacre warriors enslaved builders and built temples and statues for him. But the result was only a parody of the greatness he had experienced, empty of the power he had coexisted with in the original models. Eventually, he set up a stasis chamber in one of these temples to wait for an apprentice to wake him when the galaxy was ready to be reconquered. This apprentice was eventually the fallen Jedi Freedon Nadd, who came to learn from him but murdered him when he thought he knew enough. From the Black Lord of the Sith, Yavin IV thus kept these new architectural elements, but also a new dominant race: the Massassis.

But what are massassis? Well, they're pure-blooded Sith. Yes, cousins ​​of the highest nobility of the current Sith Empire. Don't you find them alike? Well, the two have evolved very differently. It should already be remembered that those installed on Dromund Kaas are at the origin of the hybrids. The original Sith people who lived on Korriban once witnessed the landing of Fallen Jedi who cunningly seized the highest dignities of power. They and their descendants mingled with the local breed to create hybrids that quickly became nobility. During the Hyperspace War, other slaves of other races were captured, replacing the pure Sith as the weakest part of Imperial society. Among those who followed the Emperor Vitiate, those who possessed the blood of the original race consolidated their position in the highest nobility, going so far as to massacre those of their people, even their families, who did not possess a affinity towards the Force. All they had to do was claim the title of pure blood.

The Sith installed on Yavin IV followed a whole different path. The term "massassi" was originally a title designating the greatest warriors of Korriban. They were the elite guard of Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow, capable of assassinating their senior officers, including the Sith, at his command, regardless of their survival. Only a handful of them mastered the Force, and served as priests. Left to their own devices in this wild jungle, they lost their varnish to become real wild beasts. Over the course of a thousand years, their bodies have changed to adapt to the needs of their environment, transforming them into mountains of muscles capable of crushing with one punch the templates of those who were their ancestors. But these new barbarians never forgot their loyalty to the Sith, an element that has remained central in their mythology.

Freedon Nadd eventually returns to Yavin IV, but in ghost form. He was guiding the young Jedi Exar Kun, manipulating him into the path of the Sith with the ultimate goal of stealing his body. He relied for that on the Massassi priests who had to break him during a ritual sacrifice inflicted on foreigners. But by fully embracing the Dark side, Kun manages to overcome the ordeal and even banishes the ghost out of reach and danger. He claimed the legacy of the Sith, and the ghosts of the ancient Dark Lords recognized him as their heir. The Massassis took over the bodyguard role they once had under Naga Sadow. The ancient Jedi settled his capital on the moon, and quickly new temples and statues rose to his glory. When his mate betrayed him, he revealed the location of the Brotherhood of Sith's main base, and war came to Yavin IV. It was one of the very last battles of the Great Sith War, and one of the few where Kun and his forces did not have the initiative. It was terrible. Unable to land, the Republic cruisers bombarded the jungle. As for the Sith Lord, he sacrificed some of his subjects to fuel a ritual of witchcraft. Which was countered by the union of all the Jedis present in the vessels. The repelled energy burst into the surrounding jungle in flames. Between the fighting, the ritual and the flames, it was long believed that the Massassis had all been exterminated. During the decades that followed, visitors to the moon found no trace of it. But they didn't stay long either.

Emperor Vitiate began his operations against the Republic after the Great Sith War and the death of Exar Kun. And since the ancient Dark Lords of the Sith had chosen an heir other than himself, one of his first concerns was to silence them. He sent agents to their graves to do this. And since Korriban was guarded by the Republic and the Jedi, he infiltrated his people into the Order and acted through them. The Ovair family was particularly active in visiting graves. Master Barel Ovair was the one who went to Yavin IV to deal with Naga Sadow. A critical failure, which made him lose his apprentice Eison Gynt. Sadow seized the body of the latter and a few years later landed on Coruscant to try to revenge this assassination attempt. It was through the stories of Barel Ovair that we learned that the Massassis were still alive and had reconstituted on their little moon.

Between the Great Sith War and the passage of Barel Ovair and Eison Gynt, Yavin's system experienced a period of underworld relay. The last battle against Exar Kun had allowed him to make a name for himself, and the area had no interest justifying a settlement or tourism. Ideal for people looking to go where they are not looking. They did not place a base on the surface of Yavin IV, its predators being too dangerous even without counting the Massassis. It was in an orbiting station that they found themselves. There was also crime lord Goto, aka a faulty droid from the G0-T0 series, who made extensive use of the work of his serial brethren, including the one who brought together the mapping of the Gordian Breakthrough with all of its little-known and unexplored regions. . Ideal for installing hiding places. He was therefore very active in the area.

Recently a rumor has started that a powerful army has started to settle around the Sith temples of Yavin IV. And even that the Massassis would give them some support. What should we fear? ...

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