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Today we will introduce you to the Book Of Knowledge guild operating on the Darth Nihilus server thanks to its Guild Master BlackFox

History of the guild?
A game doesn't end just when it gets to the end, for us it has to end from all angles (costumes, weapons, achievements, bonuses), fans of old games like Resident Evil or Zelda must know what I'm talking about .

One day during the Gree event, I had to fight a player from my own (Imperial) side who was trying to kill me with his Gree orb because an achievement called for it (commit suicide by holding the Gree orb while killing our opponent ). I suggested that he organize himself to be successful in his turn. And there, the enlightenment: "If alone it takes a considerable time to have some successes, what if a specialized guild helped each other to have them all?"

The idea of ​​the guild was born!


Why this name?
For us, the one who has obtained all the successes of a certain type (planet, mission, PvP, partners, ...) proves that he has some knowledge in this matter. In our guild, respect is not earned by equipment, but by the amount of knowledge accumulated (by proof of success). So our power is knowledge and which object best represents knowledge than a book?

Especially when you think about it, the allied codex with all the successes of the game form a sort of giant encyclopedia. We can translate "Book Of Knowledge" in English by "The book of Knowledge".


Orientation (PvE, PvP, RP)? In-game activities?
The goal of our guild is clear: to become THE benchmark guild in the pursuit of success and therefore to ensure that our members have as many points as possible. If the Trandoshans are always looking for points for their point goddess, we are always looking for success points to have the highest score possible.

Since our end goal is to own ALL the achievements in the game, the question does not arise: we are PvE and PvP players.

Moreover our guild is both on the side of the empire and the republic:

  • BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE (Empire / Main Guild)
  • BOOK OF KNØWLEDGE (Republic)

For our activities, we do a lot of things (around success of course):

  • Sharing information to make certain successes easier
  • Outings (to chain 55 Republican and Imperial monsters for example)
  • Mutual assistance (Hotspot, Operations, ...), the goal being to set up our players' equipment quickly.

Guilds wanting to ally themselves with us for success or the destruction of 55 monsters from the enemy faction are always welcome (a hello to the Arkanges guild who helped us a lot on the Republic side). When the time is right, we will begin our advance in High-Level Operations (several of our members have experience on the subject) then PvP Warzones and finally Galactic StarFighter.


When you enter the guild, you will be a "Recruit". To prove your worth you will have to take a test (among a choice) which will prove your patience, your dexterity and ESPECIALLY your curiosity. Here are some examples :

  • Find the Cartel Bazaar Sniper
  • Find Makeb's datacron + 10 stamina

These trials show us who is genuinely interested in successes or not, most of them seem simple, and yet I have seen many give up and get worked up. If you pass these trials, you become a "Hunter". If your equipment is high enough (at least full 72 or even 78), you can obtain the rank of "Dark Council" demonstrating that you are ready for high level combat. My role (GM) is to organize the outings with my right arm: I assess the land with him and observe which are the best places to farm without being disturbed.

Apart from that there is no hierarchy of success points: a person who has only 10.000 success points will not be treated in less than nothing and a person who has 30.000 will not be on a pedestal. A member who leaves in the middle of a farm just because he finished his success before the others is very frowned upon, whatever his status.


For the organization: the guild is EXTREMELY limited. Understand by this that it will have 11 members (5 dps 3 tanks 3 heals) or even 16 (in the event of a second confirmed roster) but it will NEVER exceed this number.

The reason is of order:

  • Practical: for the installation of equipment during operations (fewer people = faster), this also makes it possible not to drop anyone when a Litigation Area or Operation request is made.
  • Social: we prefer a guild with few people but everyone knows each other rather than being a guild of 100 and becoming a sort of traveling forum.


You recruit ?
The roster is in theory complete but because of players who constantly decide to stop playing without warning (players not connected to the game for at least 50 days), we are constantly forced to recruit to replace them. So places are currently to be filled.

We prefer to avoid double guilds so as not to create conflicts in the schedules. It is also recommended to have a character on each side: so that this person can enjoy 100% of our outings. Other than these two restrictions, anyone looking to own all of the game's achievements is welcome.

We are also recruiting for a potential roster 2 but the priority is to consolidate the base team.


Reviews of the game?
Just extremely sad that there are so few players interested in success. When you recruit, they all respond in the same way "Why do it? O_o" or in a more dry tone "No absolutely not interested".

And I believe that's why the developers decided to earn special furniture for Galactic Strongholds through Achievements. Our guild, which is starting to make itself known, will certainly take off again with this expansion.

We're also a little frustrated with some weird choices from the developers: most notably the Party Jawa achievement that prevents Tatooine from being 100% completed (meaning we have 99% in score) while the Party Jawa PvP achievement is quite achievable by anyone).


An anecdote about the guild?
A young recruit wanted the Rancor at all costs in the Nar Shadda casino. He ended up having it after many millions spent BUT broke the machine (success +50) very quickly, just like my right arm by the way.

Me it was the opposite: I got the rancor very quickly but I had to spend about 4 million credits to see the broken machine.

So you will notice a friendly rivalry between us!


Thank you the Book of Knowledge guild for presenting its rather atypical mode of operation.

If you too want to participate, talk about your guild or yourself, it's all here.

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