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As every week, we try to honor the community through the Word to the Community section. This week, we introduce you to the Rakton Intervention Division Guild through a roleplay presentation.


OH ! Hello faithful Imperial patriot! I introduce myself as K7-DV, Major General Gregorr Peywin's private official protocol droid. You must be the imperial moral officer Arius Loran from the famous "Patriot's Diary"! What an honor! Welcome aboard theInflexible, true testimony of our power! Please follow me, my master has done me the great honor of choosing me to answer your questions, however vast and inappropriate they may be! Oh-oh-oh, my brain-motor wriggles just thinking about it!

Râââh enough droid, stop your fuss and tell me about the founding of the Rakton Division, and leave no details!

Well ... Following the latest events on Yavin 4 during the Revanite conflict, the Dark Council, in its full power, made the decision, aware of its new technological advantage thanks to the possession of Isotope 5, to start the creation and development of different Task Forces, predominantly infantry, made up of troops specialized in airborne combat and air assault, whose priority vocation is emergency projection in order to provide an initial response to a situation of crisis.

Thus, the 108th Intervention Division, commanded by Darth Xariuss of the Sphere of War and Major General Peywin was called to take up arms. As a true symbol of fear and efficiency within the Empire, it took the name of the famous General Arkos Rakton, one of the most brilliant imperial strategists. It is within this Division that the most courageous soldiers of the Empire continuously train to strike hard on the Republic ... It is without a doubt the ..


It will be fine, it will be fine, don't get carried away. It is I who must glorify the army here. So just do what you were designed to do .. Well, now tell me about the equipment, weaponry and forces you have.

Oh ! This is easy! As Lieutenant Tannen likes to say, "Our soldiers have the best of Imperial technology!" Their armors are equipped with an ammunition belt, boots and covers that will save their legs from shrapneling, control tools on the gloves, as well as an adaptable HUD ... In addition, the breastplate is equipped with a system medical access latest version! A real wonder! All this arsenal is stored and protected aboard this vessel, as well as at the military garrison located on the outskirts of our beautiful and great capital.


It is indeed beautiful material, has it already proven itself in the field?

It is obviously obvious! And this more than once! Our soldiers are always deployed to ensure victory for the Empire! Currently, a large part of our forces are gathered in the Maxian sector, more precisely in its very heart, because they do not stop fighting on Stakan Secondus, the most populated planet of the sector. It is a crucial strategic asset. But it turns out that she is undergoing a massive attack from Republican vermin, which, no one doubts, will be quickly routed by our valiant soldiers! Here are the photos of one of the camera droids present at the scene. As you can see, Republicans are no match for Imperial superiority.

Impressive ... Really impressive. Either, with this information and these images, I would have enough to make a very good article which will flow quickly. It should motivate the population for a while. Take me back to the Hangar, Droid.

How, are you leaving us already? But, I could still tell you about the great figures of our division! Incredible statistics and success rates of our men! The implementation of solicitations for the enlistment of the most reckless men and women of the Imperial space! Some ...


It is not this kind of information which reassures our citizens, droid, nâââân ... They need impressive images, victorious videos, sensational information. Statistics are trafficked. These are not numbers that keep patriotism alive ... 

Oh, yes, you are right, you are the expert! Here is your hangar, may you continue to defend the values ​​of our indisputable power! My master sends you his greetings. Glory to the army!


Glory to the Empire.


To finish this PCM here is some non-PR information of the guild:

Great defenders of the Imperial cause, we have, through the initiative of several gamers from the early days of the Battle Meditation servers, started the development of this new guild intended for a 100% military adventure.

The primary difficulty being the low number of incarnated non-Force user characters, as well as the complexity of grabbing Imperial armor, it is essential for us that our guild be able to offer each newcomer an adaptable armor. (visible in the center of guild armor) that he can wear regardless of his level to avoid "discrimination" towards less advanced players. The Rakton Division also has a strong PvP encounter, although PvP events are also welcome.

Having the will to be able to participate actively in the life of the RP server community, the guild and its officers give their best to provide their members with recurring roleplay and always in agreement and respectful of the Lore of SWTOR. It should also be noted that it is obvious that none of the representative officers are or have become deep nationalists and / or fascists, only the pleasure of embodying a faction which, it must be said, really imposes.

Either way, the file enrollment system is already operational and ready to be completed by you. The Division forum remains at your disposal for enrollment, project or partnership:


rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com

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