SWTOR - PCM - LaCieTrouille Guild

Today, we introduce you to the LaCieTrouille guild operating on both sides of the Force and on the Mantle Of The Force server.


What is the history of your guild? Why a name relating to halloween?

The guild was created on 12/11/2010 but there is still a history behind this creation. Our founder Vaahn worked in 2009 in the company "LaCie", a colleague then showed him an MMO named AION. Finding themselves among colleagues on the game, they decided to found a guild but looking for a guild name close to the name of their company. Halloween approaching, the name of LaCieTrouille was proposed.

You should know that the guild survived even after the end of the AION game. For example, in 2010, we opened a section for the game Starcraft 2. At present, we have sections for the majority of the games of the moment such as for example: Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, SWTOR, HoS, FF14, Wildstar, ...


What are your orientations on the game? How are you organized?

The guild is predominantly PvE oriented and playing mostly on the Imperial side. Of course, we have a fairly active Republic-side guild where players can meet and continue the story together. PvP is content that we like too, but the problem we often encounter (even in unranked) is players equipped and optimized from head to toe. This makes our sessions closer to the massacre than to the strategy game.

The hierarchy of our guild is quite classic. The only particularity are the names of our ranks corresponding to the universe and to the name of the guild:

  • Gardener: Guild Master
  • Gardener (alt): MG rerolls
  • Vieux Croûton: Honorary officer and former active member
  • Market gardener: Active officer
  • Pumpkin: Active member
  • Missing: Member not logged in for more than X months
  • Weed: Member hazed or "punished" by the GM
  • Pépin: New member freshly welcomed

You should know that our guild has spanish speakers scattered all over Spain but also Belgian neighbors. We have organized IRL meetings in the North and the South, but the geographical diversity of our members is always an obstacle to global meetings of this type.

What is your opinion on the content of the game?

With the majority of our members being Star Wars fans, the game was expected by most of our members. From a storytelling point of view, the game is very successful and fits perfectly into the extended universe. There are many references to mythical characters from the saga as well as legendary places and landscapes.

Regarding the technology used, the gameplay and the graphics, we were able to find elements that have already made the fame of certain other MMOs (like WOW for example) and which really liked although some configurations suffered in front of the SWTOR's gourmet appetite. It is at the level of the arrival of the "free to play" mode that opinions are divided. Admittedly, this mode makes it possible to increase the number of players present but the subscribers gradually lose sight of the interest of paying a subscription when they realize the little difference and the advantages they derive from it.

The output frequency of extensions is very correct although the contents are often quickly browsed and completed (at least, in normal mode). Version 3.0 brought its share of surprises with some bosses in operation ... rather tough but overall, it's very successful and extends the life of SWTOR's content a bit more.


A guild anecdote to finish?

The guild periodically organizes events to bring together either all SWTOR players or all inter MMO members.

The latest SWTOR event let those on the fleet know just how crazy and original our guild is. We had a duo challenge to meet consisting of grouping as quickly as possible 2 volunteers outside the guild ... while being dressed only in his helmet, gloves and boots. The group thus formed had to report to the event referee first to win the challenge. This elicited a lot of laughter from our side even if rare were the players to accept the invitations of these "Village People" in underwear running in all directions on the fleet.


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