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I want to warn that there is no question of lawyer here. Don't you understand the report? He says it's okay. A new Cartel Pack has been announced for September 26, in the Bounty Hunter Cycle. So let's see what new toys this new bundle brings us.

The pack brings the same categories as usual. Let's start with the armor. That's good, I wanted to do a history lesson today, and the lore armor here is doing very well with two very colorful characters. Atton "Jaq" Rand is difficult to categorize by the rigid criteria of TOR, he has had several lives and each could have a class. Republic Soldier when Revan faced off against the Mandalorians, he followed this one when he turned Sith. He underwent special training to become an assassin (in the Imperial Agent sense, even though he never served the Empire). He will eventually desert and become a smuggler. It is during this part of his life that we discover him in KOTOR II, and it is this outfit that will be added to TOR. Eventually, he would become a sentry Jedi and a recognized master of the reconstructed Jedi Order. A hero of the Republic, then.

Lore's other armor dates from the same era, just a few decades away. Don't be fooled by the name, Cassus Fett doesn't have much to do with the Jango and Boba from the movies. Fett means farmer, in Mando'ad, the language of the Mandalorians. Jango's father was one. For Cassus, it was a disparaging nickname given to him by his rivals in his clan. Recently arrived compared to them, he nevertheless hoisted himself well above them. Like the Parmenion, to whom David Gemmel attributes the transformation of the Macedonian army into the first military force in the West (in the cycle of the Macedonian Lion, which I recommend you read. Yes, I am the literary critic, so what? will keep you busy during maintenance.), Cassus Fett reorganized Mandalore the Ultimate's army, restructured it to turn brutality into discipline. His work was lost because his army was finally defeated. But he won so many victories with that he was considered one of the greatest strategists of his time. Several sources say he fell during the reconquest of Taris, from the hand of Revan himself. But no one can prove it. Cassus Fett's armor was that of the army he created, a golden neo-crusader armor, embellished with a cape that was the only symbol of his rank. Simplicity and power. Quite a symbol for a Mandalorian.

Other armors await us in this pack, in the continuity of the previous ones. With for example the cybernetic set 512. It seems identical except for the color, but many details make it lighter: more fins, no epaulettes, thinner gloves ... Only the boots are heavier. Would more models make these implants less rare and therefore less expensive? Me in any case I would like. There's also the vintage brawler (Yes, I work with multiple web and explorer pages open at the same time, so I don't play my laptop and run such a greedy game just to check translations. And then I like the name. in English, he makes me laugh. You can have fun with nothing.). Look at this gladiator with protruding muscles ... Yes I recognize that in the picture the torso is empty. But think about your character! Plus, I find the decorations here starting to remind of the Tales of the Jedi comics, whose particular looks were ditched by Bioware when they made KOTOR to get closer to the elements of the movies. It would be nice if differences came back to widen time with these older aspects ...

Let's finish the complete sets with the two champions, the sleuths and the luxury dresses. Each time there are variations in the lighting effects.

Two training vests can also be added to complete, plus a trophy mask. A mask which, we must admit, really has fangs.

On the weapons side ... Well, I don't really know what to say. The pictures speak for themselves. Only the blaster, by its color seems to stand out from the crowd. And some new crystals present too.

What do I still have left? Sorry ? Am I not going fast enough? Speeders, thank you! We remain in the tradition of the latest releases, with even new models for collectors. And a varactyl, of course.

Mini-farts now? A new astromechanist? A lobel then? A nekarr cat or one of those exobars? Or will you leave with nothing less than a true Imperial Cruiser? Gourmands goes!

And finally, emotes and titles? Here it is:


Image credits: Dulfy and reddit.

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