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Direction Mantle of the Force for this edition of Share Your Fortresses, we are going to visit two estates, available for public listing, those of the smuggler Grazepussy. We will start with his hotel establishment in Nar Shaddaa before leaving for his Tatooinian home, lair of many pleasures.


* A holo-announcement is triggered as you pass through one of the corridors of Nar Shaddaa Spaceport, even though you have just arrived *

The hotel of the smuggler of Grazepussy, a comfortable hotel to spend your evenings and days, whatever you want, you can find it there. Equipped with its landing platform for small vessels and a speeder park, you can get there without worries.

In a warm atmosphere, you will be welcomed in this modern and bright building with the typical architecture of Nar Shaddaa.

Three room models, for three different atmospheres. Discover the Star Chamber, which will take you through starry kaleidoscopes, and where you can enjoy the pleasures of a hot water shower.

Live the esoteric experience of the Voss room ... will you have a vision during your stay in it? We can provide you with something to help you achieve this ...

Bored of adventure and travel? Relax in our "Luxe" model room with richly decorated furniture worthy of the Senate!

If you have specific requests, the manager will be able to meet with you in his fully equipped office, allowing him to directly order all the things necessary for the happiness of his clients.

But first, why not take advantage of all our equipment? Discover our rest rooms where our museum exhibits on the themes of the Republic and the Empire: the men and women who alone shape the conflict, in the form of a hologram, and the Force of the Sith and Jedi, in the form of 'interactive presentations with reproductions of the holocron, guardians of their mystical knowledge.

Enjoy the sweetness of Nar Shaddaa evenings on our furnished terrace

Made the feast ! In our hall of celebrations.

Or take a moment of rest in our gardens at La Coruscanti.

And of course, the heart of Nar Shaddaa, you will find in our establishment a large restaurant where you can have a drink from our list of intergalactic cocktails, have a gourmet menu listening to typical music and watching a dance performance, to which you can join if you wish, unless our table games are more attractive to you.

Hotel du smuggler, the hotel of your dreams and finally arrived.

Further information and reservations on our holonet site.


* The salesperson cut off the demonstration with a smile lighting up his face and addressed the director of the establishment who was glaring at him without saying a word. His face crumbling he asked hesitantly *

 "So what do you think ?"

- "I hesitate ..."

 "Between ... ?"

- "To launch you from my balcony ... or to sit on the throne of my Alderanian friends, because it could well work on Nar Shaddaa such an advertisement ... Come, let's go for a walk in my domain, I will give you to visit."

* The two were in Tatooine's office, and he brought his "host" out into the crystal courtyard *

"You see that big crystal in the center, a 'keepsake' that my wookie friend here absolutely insisted on putting there, I think you see why I finally accepted?"

* The commercial swallows when he sees the musculature of the wookie *

"Let's go up around the rim a little bit ... I've got some animal mounts there for those who like that, or a collection of desert hunting speeders ..."

"You also have here and there something to rest or have fun with here shaded sofas and there, um, beds for other types of" rest ""

"And of course, you have here my dear rancor who will defend his eggs at all costs? It's not easy to feed such critters, it gobbles up the equivalent of one or two humans a day in meat."

"Here is the guest yard, with the infirmary or the reception cantina."

"And also the congress room of my Alderanian friends, with the throne where you can sit if reservations ever take off after your ad campaign."

"Let's go back down to the lower courtyard, the one reserved for my Jawa friends, and all their mess, I know I can trust them to keep my quarters on the cliff in my absence ..."

"And then one of my associates Zabrak also watches in the hangar ... that's where she maintains her podracers, I advise you not to approach them if you do not want to attract her wrath."

"Let's go up the cliff now, my private quarters, with my personal access to the Galactic Market, and my personal bar."

"I also have a small personal casino on this side."

“See the view and that beautiful sunset… I would like to avoid spoiling this and annoying my Jawa friends with your corpse below. I hope for you that this campaign will work… you can dispose. "


What I took away from this visit: the entrance of the hotel with all those Voss lamps, which looks impressive as well as the landing platform of the ships! In addition, although not very visible in the photos, the lamps are worked to keep an atmosphere specific to each room (orange light in the Voss room for example). And for the Tatooine part, the well representative jawa bazaar, as well as the interesting crystal courtyard, with these well dispersed. Finally the podracers, clearly defined in a sort of "box / stand" each.


See you soon for the next PVF, you can contact us if you also want to share your fortresses or your guild ship.

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