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Welcome to a new Share Your Fortress! Head to PvP server Darth Nihilus today for the 3rd fortress there! (You have to wake up Nihiliens! You are under-represented!) And for this third fortress, it is on Tatooïne that we will go, in the domain of Lady Xånå!

Buckle up your seat belts, put your lights on and place your PvP flag, we're off for the visit given by the hostess!


Let's start with one of the reception halls ... the casino. Intended to party with the other Sith Lords (and fill their pockets a bit at the same time). There is everything: music, bar tables for a drink, slot machines, dejarik tables ...

Nothing is missing, Twi'lek dancers directly from the best merchants of Nar Shaddaa. The Rancor de Giradda is there to show the former owner of the place, a Hutt close to this one (his portrait, as well as his body are still in the fortress, we will see them later).

The view of the estate is of course part of the show.

Two small rooms are adjoining. In the first room, this is the back room, where you can plan quietly (always under the watchful eye of the security cameras), there is supplies, to be ready to defeat your enemy (but be careful , as in the Sith academy, you should not be seen killing anyone except a villainous Republican).

And on the other side, the personal hospital, with kolto making. Cryonics contain bodies intended to accommodate the spirit of the Dark Lord Xånå (much like a certain Emperor thousands of years later).

We then move on to the dining room (or reception room) For this room, the hostess was inspired by the large rooms of certain castles (yes, Xånå came to Earth, and did some damage in the process). There is therefore a more modern "library", since it is here about data acquired on Tython during a military campaign. In the center, a large table (3 tables placed end to end) for official lunches with Darth Marr and some members of the council. Different landscapes of the distant Galaxy can also be seen on the walls, as well as war zone landscapes.

At the end of the reception hall, there is the elevator that leads to the Domaine du Seigneur Noir: once we have reached the ground, we find the exhibition hall of the various trophies recovered from Belsavis, in the Rakata prisons. Also, we can see the skulls of the two bugs defeated by this former slave, with bare hands (Yes, it is not for nothing this rise in power!).

Following this wonder, we continue to the lower courtyard: here, nothing special, the statue of our emperor proves one thing, that we are awaiting his return (or that otherwise, Xånå proposes herself as a ruthless Empress, and there, it will laugh less!).

On the walls, a few luminous panels, they were already there, when the Lord imposed himself in this fortress.

The upper courtyard is ... very "green": it is a peaceful place, made to hide the atrocities and the dark side present in this fortress. On the program, several fountains, perfect replicas of the Jedi Temple of Coruscant (Ah memories ...), Holocrons modules on the wall (belonging to various Jedis crossed during piracy), various trees of Rishi or Yavin. There are also some sculptures: the serene pilgrims given generously (in exchange for their lives of course) by House Thul of Alderaan, a temple niche of Yavin (who screwed up the painting of the Lord's Fury during its transport) and more recently acquired: a Rishii Idol, proof from these people that they have adopted the dark lord as their Goddess.

We spoke of the dark side, here is a part: the official office of the black lord (the quarters of Korriban are not to the taste of this one).

The Bounty Hall: Hunters who tried to take down the Dark Lord are now hung on the wall.

Then comes the inner courtyard, the market: we meet a lot of Jawas, they have decided to come and settle permanently on the estate, we also come across from time to time a sand chariot, which brings back equipment for these good little ones (suddenly, I took the opportunity to get rid of 2V-R8).

In one of the troglodyte rooms is the room of the mistress of the house, with a decoration obtained entirely thanks to the Voss, where the dark lord was able to teach a lot of things to the Mystics. There are two paintings from the personal collection of the Three, the banners are here for an aspect of neutrality, so as not to disturb the lord's sleep.

We go to the room where the dark side is really located: seed of rage, altar of dread, thrones that once belonged to the masters of dread. Everything to make your lightsaber (sold separately), crystals of different shapes, some are synthetic, others are pure.

And the last room in the inner courtyard, a small room, where an Imperial Secret Service agent came to install his machines. A protected central unit, Rakata machines, computers of all kinds, I don't know what he's up to, but I feel that his project will come to an end!

The tour will end, with a few more sights: the War Room, where my team is in direct communication with a Slayer-class Destroyer, they've chased Gray Secant.

Outside, a small view of the Podracers ready for the race (the bets are on, Xånå is red, the Vectron is in Dark Marr, and the last one is in Lana Beniko).

A small, quick view of the Hangar (where the body of the previous owner is in the carbonite), my ship, and a small bundle of stolen storage crates.

And finally, a little view of Revan, just because I find this image poetic: a red sun on one side, a white sun on the other, good and evil at the same time.


What I took away from this visit: I particularly enjoyed the casino and its slot machines arranged in a circle. The market in the inner courtyard is also a place that I really liked because of its overall organization, it allows to use all the space of this courtyard which is quite rare despite everything. Several other pieces marked me by their richness and at the same time their simplicity like the one for dinner. But what I remembered the most here is the triple table voss in the room! A basic combination of three identical decorations, but which gives a magnificent centerpiece ... I will steal this idea for my fortress!


Did you like the photos of this fortress? Do not hesitate to visit it on the Darth Nihilus server in public interfaction listing!

If you also want to share your Fortress or Guild Vessel with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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