SWTOR - PVF: Imperial Shrine of Ulga # 1

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New site, but still the same sections! We left for fortress tours on SWTOR with Share Your Fortresses! Today we are not going to a spanish speaking server but it is indeed a spanish speaking person who welcomes us. Direction Tomb of Freedon Nadd to visit the fortress of Dromund Kaas and that of Nar Shaddaa of the player Ulga! Go zou, forward!

Imperial Shrine of Ulga

Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen ! Welcome everyone to our company for a little visit, you have all been selected because you are our best customers. So we deemed it appropriate to show you behind the scenes, how our Sith lingerie goes from the state of fabric to the state of parcel in your letterbox. Well, you are here in the reception room, I suggest you come to our meeting room so that I can give you a little summary of the history of our company.

We are now heading to the shopping center, it is from here that we order all the necessary fabric before sending it to the factory. This one is of course not here. In this building are only the administrative premises.

The next piece is the end of the journey! Our logistics center. From there are prepared and sent all the orders that we process. *low* I believe your last order is ready Miss Billiejean.

Now let's go upstairs.

The landing platform where we load and unload the transport shuttles.

Aaaah, and there you are very lucky because you are the first to discover our new reception hall! It will be used during the launch of new products. You will of course be among the guests of these evenings for the launch. Can we offer you a refreshment maybe?

And finally behind we have the other room which will be used for the launches. The showroom! You can already see our new special huttball collection there with frog-dog and fleshworm lingerie. Only available for true huttball fans!

The last three rooms are private. On one side there is the private reception room of the boss.

On the other there is his room.

And in the center, the office of the owner of which a lucky one among you will be able to access it, our best client Miss Billiejean. In addition to meeting our boss, you will be able to exclusively discover the next "Belle Gamorréenne" collection. So I don't know if it's true or not, but it is even rumored that the boss wants you to be the models of this new collection, in thanks for your loyalty.

Well I let you admire the Huttball collection and enjoy a refresh. I am at your disposal for any questions.


Ulga Holiday Home

No text for this fortress, I'll just let you enjoy the images! Just a word on the build, this is a casino slated to accommodate Sith and Jedi, but separately. Thus, each faction has the right to its side of the casino, in the whole building. We thus find the lounges and meditation room specific to each.


What I took away from this visit: I really like the reception room upstairs at Dromund Kaas, with all that red, especially the "tent". And speaking of Dromund Kaas, the logistics room is also very nice. On the Nar Shaddaa side, I really liked the continuous and clear separation between Empire and Republic. It is also well balanced even if I have a slight preference for the first Republican living room! The balcony and the playroom are also very nice. Special mention for the Makeb awnings above the small balcony lounges.


If you want to visit this fortress, you can find it on the public list of Tomb of Freedon Nadd.


Would you like to introduce us to your fortress or that of your guild? Do not hesitate any longer, contact us!

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