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This week for Share Your Strongholds, we're heading to Mantle of the Force and Coruscant to visit Isten's Jedi Academy! Enjoy your visit ?



Rarely open to the public, the various Jedi academies of our Galaxy are nevertheless a source of admiration, dreams and desires for many of our citizens.

For the Coruscant Gazette, I, Kasci Ja'davac, had the privilege of visiting one of the most famous academies in Coruscant, which train future generations of peacekeepers.

This academy is headed by Master Isten Valas


Visit to the Jedi Academy of Master Isten Valas on Coruscant

So we arrive at the top floor of the Coruscant Peace Tower, where this temple was rebuilt after the Sith attack.


This hall shows us that despite the power of the Jedi, they are of service to the people of the Galactic Republic.


The great corridor

The Treatment Room

During this war, many people are injured by a conflict that overtakes them. The Jedi Temple Treatment Room allows us to recharge our batteries, to enjoy the calm necessary for total healing. You are also taken care of by the best doctors and healers in the Galaxy.


The Research Room

The Jedi Masters are known for their great knowledge, as well as their immense wisdom.

The Padawans must be put in the best conditions to assimilate all this data. For this, they have the Research Room. A room reserved exclusively for the study of Jedi knowledge. This room contains all the works published since the creation of the Order.


The meeting room

This room, reserved for the Jedi masters of the galaxy, makes it possible to organize the life of the members of the temple. Thus, is decided in this room among other things the future of the Padawans, the assignment of the members of the Order.

The masters present were talking about a planet called Illum ...


The study room

The study room is the place where the Padawans store the knowledge necessary to become Jedi: Knowledge of the Galaxy and its various customs, diplomacy, mastery of the Force, and handling of the lightsaber.


Council space

The Council space is the place reserved for the 4 members who make up the Jedi High Council of Coruscant. This space is only accessible when convened by the council, but we had the privilege of being able to take some holocaptures of the places.


This is the courtroom of the High Jedi Council of Coruscant



Here is the quarters of master Isten, very harmonious, this room was decorated thanks to donations from the mystics Voss, a civilization user of the Force.


here is meeting room with members external to the Order, it provides a link between the Republic and the Order. The establishment of perfect coordination is played here at all times for the success of operations.


The balcony

We finally arrive on the balcony of this academy. Very green, it is the place of residence of unexpected animals. We will also be able to see one of the two Holocrons of the Masters there, containing all the wisdom of the Masters since the creation of the Order. The other relic can be found in the temple of Tython.


It is in this high place of knowledge that our valiant defenders are therefore trained!





What I took away from this visit: My general impression of the fortress is very good. There is a harmony of colors and impressive decorations! The decorations of the last pack surely help in this, a blessing that they are out? The fortress is well divided into several sections that could look alike but have different uses in the end! I particularly like your treatment room, with the chairs for rest and the separation of this room in two.


Did you like the photos? So enjoy even more, visit the fortress directly on Mantle of the Force from the public listings!

You too can share your fortress with us, or that of your guild. If you feel like it, contact us!

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