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After a small winter break linked in particular to the holidays, here is a new issue of Share Your Fortresses. For this edition, it's the guild Abyss from the Mantle of the Force server, who receives us in his Tatooine headquarters and on his named ship The Leviathan. The latter cost a small fortune, whether in craft, raw decorations, transfer of trophy-type decorations or even extensions, in addition to the base price. The ship did not take more than a month to be fully unlocked, but rather than sharing it with basic decoration, the guild preferred to wait for the release of other decorations in order to diversify it within the ship. .

The Abyss Guild is primarily a high-level PvE oriented guild, with around XNUMX members making it a family guild. If you want more information about it, you can visit its website.

Grab something and hold on tight, we're going into hyperspace to join the Leviathan!

We start of course with the nerve center of such a warship: the command bridge! This is decorated at the entrance of the achievements collected by the guild, together, the only exception to the rule: the Dread Council trophy in Nightmare mode, a boss that has been set aside in order to focus on the conquest then the new operations of 3.0.

Then the command center itself is located at the end of the bridge!

By advancing towards the cockpit, one can see on each side the consoles and the chairs of the crew personnel assigned to tasks such as navigation, shields, armament or communications!

In the direction of the officers' quarters, there is in the meantime a room filled with all the utilities needed by the members: merchant, galactic market, bunkers, modification station ...

The officers' quarters, just after the elevator, are designed to accommodate the leader raid officer and the one in charge of intelligence, each has in this room shrouded in mystery ... his own throne, as well as a clear view of the hangars. .

The hangars are also accessible by the central elevator, each has room to accommodate a medium-sized ship, a Mante DS-5 on one side and a Phantöm on the other. In addition, the hangars are equipped with the necessary equipment for the maintenance, preparation and supply of vessels.

Again by the main elevator, you can access the medical bay, embellished with a little greenery for the comfort of patients.

The next deck is the crew's quarters. You will find a warm welcome and a space of relaxation between the holo-trees ... as well as another less warm welcome at the end of the corridor.

At the end of the corridor there are four rooms, one for each of the trades within the Empire. Each room has the datacrons linked to its natural tendencies, which allows to give a color tone specific to each.

Information services and all technological gadgets:

The warriors, Sith lords, masters in the art of lightsaber combat:

The Inquisitors, versed in the dark arcana and the devastating power of the Force:

And finally, those who work for the Empire, but are not part of it ... the bounty hunters:

Of course, who says crew quarters also says two things: dormitories ... and a cantina where you can relax!

The last deck of the ship is the one reserved for the higher command. There are three rooms around a central ring of the most intimidating.

The room concerning space combat and clashes between fighters:

A room filled with Gree hypertechnology, it contains hypergate vortices allowing direct access to the headquarters on Tatooine:

And in the middle of it ... the throne room where the commander of the imposing warship officiates!

This one also suggests that we go to the headquarters of the intervention force ... by a shuttle of course, which after a nice aerial view of the area, drops us off on the panoramic terrace: planning and meeting place but in a relaxed atmosphere.

The adjoining rooms are also intended for relaxation, but those of the two officers.

The large room leading to the elevator is the warehouse for many raw materials.

The lower exit leads to the famous hypergate linked to the anomalies maintained in the flagship. It goes without saying that she is in custody.

It also gives access to the docks of a Fury class ship.

In the upper court is a replica of the obelisk of the Korriban academy, allowing to study its wisdom as well as the ancient texts in a favorable climate.

At the end of this courtyard is the alcove of the security guard.

All around the courtyard are various tents erected to accommodate a variety of things.

A utility area for example:

The herd's shuttles:

A relaxing terrace, with vegetation designed to give privacy to the various alcoves:

Or a lush garden:

The upper courtyard also gives access to another courtyard called the trinity for the 3 rooms that surround it:

But to access the trinity, there is only one possibility, to go through the corridor of rakghoules and its sickly green atmosphere.

Once in the trinity, you will have access on the one hand to the VIP lounge.

On the other hand, to interplanetary counter-espionage.

And finally the Hutts Embassy.


This concludes our tour of the flagship and headquarters of this guild. If you want to visit them by yourself, you will find them in the public listing.

Note, a video that will be very interesting. The presentation of these same two elements, but there is some time before the arrival of update 3.0. You will thus be able to see the evolutions undergone by the ship and the fortress.


What I took away from this visit : Let's start with Tatooine, the rakghoule tunnel is really well done with its greenish atmosphere, besides being impressive with the collection of infected animals! As well as the ideally placed hypergate. Then concerning the ship, I particularly liked the 4 rooms reserved for each class. Each has its own identity which corresponds well to its class, even if ... the nuance between inquisitor and warrior remains weaker, agent and bounty hunter are clearly identifiable! The hangars are also simple but efficient. Finally the most striking point perhaps because we arrive by this room, is constituted by the rows of consoles on the catwalk, it is just from my point of view, perfectly placed and adequate for the place!


That's all for PVF, if you too want to share your fortress, do not hesitate to contact us!

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