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Rattataki are chalky-skinned close-humans varying in hue from dirty white to dark gray and bald by nature, leaving them with large areas for their tribal tattoos. They have average build and size roughly equivalent to that of Humans, but the pervasiveness of war in their history and the resulting selection has provided them with a physical predisposition to combat seldom matched by other relatives. -humans.


  • I. Appearance of the Rattatakis
  • II. Continuation of their story

The appearance of the Rattataki is old since it seems that they came from a republican expedition forgotten for several millennia. This time spent on a planet with few resources and savage storms forged the bellicose character of the settlers which was exacerbated when the surface of the planet was invaded by unidentified monstrous creatures, the tribes had to take refuge underground in the sprawling caves. of their world to survive. But this underground exile further limited the available resources and disputes between tribes, frequent before, became omnipresent. To survive, the Rattataki sacrificed the sick and the weak, and even indulged in cannibalism because there was so little food.

At that time, the Rattataki believed that surface creatures were gods they had to destroy in order to reclaim their surface lands. It was the appearance of a powerful warlord called Rattatak that started the long-awaited war. The latter united his people, built impregnable fortresses in the mountain ranges and drove out the creatures. But he died during a fight on the surface, not without leaving a mark in the culture of his people ...

The return to the surface allowed the Rattataki to come into contact with the rest of the galaxy through slavers who ultimately failed to make the desired profit, the Rattataki being belligerent by nature and extremely difficult to subdue. rather, it was a business of mercenaries and bounty hunter that established itself. Despite everything, their internal quarrels took off again ...

The Rattataki remained fairly anonymous and they were never a center of attention until, during the Great Galactic War, a young Sith Lord of the Second Sith Empire: Darth Vich, learned of their war past and recruited a hundred tribes. , including among them Force users. This army was defeated, enslaved or killed by the Black Council. But it was around this time that the rumor arose that a small number of Rattataki began training among the Sith and their participation in the conflict was later found to be true. Elsewhere in the galaxy, other Rattataki remained neutral like Kaliyo Djannis.

After this episode in history, the Rattataki sank into a cycle of internal wars fueled by the profits of mercenarism. At an unknown time, a Rattataki belonging to one of the few neutral tribes, decided to make a profit by diverting the violence of war into arenas. And so the conflicts calmed down in favor of bloody and ultra-violent shows where gladiators from all walks of life, volunteer or slave, clashed with each other and against predators all more dangerous than each other.

Among these arenas, there was one that stood out from the lot by its size and the intensity of the fighting that took place there, it was the Cauldron. Any winner of this butchery was admired as a hero and became a kind of warlord if he were free.

A turning point in the history of the Rattataki was the action of Asajj Ventress, a Dathomirian who landed on the planet as a child in the midst of a conquest. Orphaned and taken over by Jedi Master Ky Narec, whom she partly considered as her father, she began her Jedi training when he saw her potential in the Force. The two of them ended a global civil war, but Osika Kirske, a rival Vollick and warlord, eventually got his way and killed the Jedi Master. The psychologically damaged Ventress concluded that they had been abandoned by the Jedi Order, and she decided to seek revenge.

Constantly training in the arenas, she became one of the best fighters in the Cauldron where she was spotted by Count Dooku. The latter challenged her and made her his apprentice. Asajj Ventress later returned to lead an army, subdued a number of warlords, and settled in an impregnable mountain fortress. Osika Kirske was captured, tortured and then killed during an escape attempt with Obi-wan Kenobi and the Alpha-17 clone.

The Clone Wars continued and left the Rattataki alone. We do not know if the stability obtained by the arenas, or the action of Ventress to rearm his adopted people, allowed any change in mentality. Either way, the Rattataki were independent enough to live in complete ignorance of the affairs of the galaxy, so this surely allowed them to go unnoticed during the Galactic Civil War and the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

  • ​​Spoken Languages: Rattataki, basic (common language)
  • Size: 1m60 - 2m
  • Technological level: Medium (no mastery of space travel before the arrival of the Sith, but use of firearms).
  • Character traits : The Rattataki have a culture based entirely on violence. They were divided into several clans, until the unification achieved by Rattatak. Originally alive in caves, the Rattataki emerged at the instigation of this powerful warlord. They are quickly becoming much sought after mercenaries or bounty hunters across the galaxy, due to their toughness and tenacity. Rallied with the Empire by the Sith Lord Dark Vich, then exterminated in part by the Black Council after Darth Vich's betrayal, the Rattataki are today feared enemies of the Republic.
  • Social power: Warm Up - Performs a series of punches, blocks, and counters in a vacuum in preparation for future fights.
  • Associated classes:
    • Republic: None
    • Sith Empire: Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent

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