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Reputations take an important place in our playing time. Indeed, count hours and hours if you want to increase them all to their maximum. The principle is simple since you just have to finish quests that reward with reputation items to use. To lengthen the mechanic, you can only gain a certain amount of reputation per week, which requires you to spend several weeks on each one. They are divided into 6 ranks (stranger, newcomer, friend, hero, champion, legend) which will give you access to certain rewards.



  • The Voss
  • Makeb's Imperial Forces (Empire)
  • Citizens of Makeb (Republic)
  • Galactic Solutions Industries
  • Empire Forward Command (Kuat)
  • The Republic's First Fleet (Kuat)


Daily quest zones

  • Sector X
    • The Imperial Guard on Belsavis (Empire)
    • The 5th Republic Assault Battalion (Republic)
  •  Oricon
    • The Dread Executors (Empire)
    • Oricon's intervention squad
  • CZ-198
    • The Artillery Acquisition Corps (Empire)
    • Adjudicators (Republic)
  • Rishi
    • The people of Rishi
  • Yavin IV
    • Coalition forces on Yavin IV
  • Space missions
    • The 1st Imperial Mobile Fleet (Empire)
    • The hyperspace armada of the Republic (Republic)



  • The enclave of the Gree
  • The OHNR (Hyland Organization for the Neutralization of Rakghouls)
  • The Association of Premium Brokers
  • Jeelvic


Cartel Market

  • The contraband resale company
  • Bounty Hunting Supply
  • The interplanetary component exchange
  • Binary Stellar Properties
  • The Filibuster Union
  • Esstran Exports


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