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Djecko, from the Heaven Of Spirit guild, on Mantle Of The Force, offers us a guide on the Smuggler Maverick.

Loved the Star Wars The Old Republic intro cutscene? Did you think the smuggler was too classy with his two blasters? Well this little guide will allow you to assemble your character in the best conditions.

The role of the maverick is to defend the widow and the orphan (ok, especially the widow) by putting his DPS at the service of the Republic. Ranged DPS, you will have among other things in PvE two possibilities to approach your character: single-target or multi-target damage.

  • Single target oriented "Precision shooting" tree,
  • "Sabotage" tree to happily toast mob packs.

Only the “Marksmanship” tree will be detailed in this guide.

Here is the program :

  • Companions
  • Crew skills
  • Statistics
  • templates
  • gameplay
  • Datacrons
And here is the guide in its PDF version.


Following the principle of the game, your companions will be there to support you in your adventures. Tank, healer, contact DPS or ranged DPS are on the menu.

ATTENTION REVELATIONS ! If you want to surprise yourself during your adventure, skip the following descriptions of your future companions.

  • Riggs course : your first partner that you will meet on Ord Mantell, can play the roles of Tank or DPS. Wearing heavy armor, wielding rifle or blaster pistol, her base stats are aim and toughness.
  • Bowdaar : your second partner, a slave of a Hutt that you will free on Nar Shaddaa (the wookie, not the Hutt!). This Wookie, "Bowie" for close friends, is a wonderful tank or even a DPS on contact. He wears heavy armor, his base stats will be Stamina and Stamina.
  • Risha : third partner, who will join you on Alderande, will be able to help you with dps in single-target or in zones on multi-target, at a distance just like you. She wears medium armor and her base stats are Cunning and Stamina. With it, you will have a beautiful collection of jackets if you try to seduce her, good luck!
  • Akaavi Spar : fourth partner who will intervene in your quest for class on Balmorra, this Mandalorian Zabrac, who breathes the joy of living, will be effective DPS melee. She wears heavy armor, basic stats are aim and stamina.
  • Cast Tuno : last partner, the gangster! Met on Hoth, this Squid, slightly mythological around the edges, will be your appointed healer. Packed with hilarious anecdotes, like the one where he tells you he juggles lightsabers in underpants (quote!), He wears medium armor and his stats are trick and stamina.


If small gifts keep friendship alive, update 2.0 will make your job easier because for each gift you will have an indication of the gain of affection directly on the screen: no, small, moderate, important.

It's interesting to have good affection from your partners, because when you send them on missions (no more twiddling your thumbs in the ship), the greater their affection, the more likely you will get rare materials. Anyone like me who has a hard time getting Mandalorian steel will understand what I just said!

A double choice in the tables below indicates the gain of affection in the event of a romantic relationship.


Crew skills

You will have the opportunity to choose three Crew Skills following the following principle: Crafting Skill / Gathering Skill / Special Mission Skill.

Before you start the race for equipment at level 50, these skills will be an opportunity for you to make yourself custom equipment. While you are quietly eating your little milk chocolate schoolchildren, your partners will be at work. What might well stick to a DPS Smuggler:

  • Weapon Creation / Recovery / Investigation : to make blasters for you and guns, vibroblades, etc. for you partners.
  • Armor Crafting / Salvage / Illegal Trade : history of not arriving in fluorescent underwear in front of Karragga. Besides the skin, these confections will be an opportunity to improve your secondary statistics (critical index, influx, etc.).
  •  Cybernetics / Recovery / Illegal trade : modifications to your blasters, outfits, etc.

Concerning the competence " Piracy », It poses a problem because if it is interesting for the components that it allows you to collect (the technologies hacked to manufacture improvements), it will not allow you to manufacture anything insofar as it takes the place of the skill of harvesting. In short, you will have plans to manufacture critical improvements, for example which require the weapon skill, but you will not be able to manufacture them because you will not have the materials for (metals, recovery compounds, etc.). Hacking will be very interesting for a reroll therefore, allowing you to take advantage of its advantages while bypassing its disadvantages.


For each character, according to his class, we can define main statistics, secondary statistics and finally auxiliary statistics. For the Smuggler, the main statistic is theTrick.  secondary statistics are the Precision andInflux index. Finally, the auxiliary statistics are the Engime, L 'Critical Index, L 'Alacrity and Endurance.

In this case, for Marksmanship, you will have to favor them in the following order:

  • Trick : the trick is the main statistic it will increase the damage and will also influence a little your chances of critics.
  • Precision (110%): Accuracy increases your chances of hitting your target and beyond 100% reduce their armor.
  • Influx index (75%): this stat increases the critical score multiplier (not the critical chance, but the potency of your crit), which improves your damage by the same amount on a hit.
  • Power : la Engime, or Engime technology, increases the damage bonus of your attacks. The bonus contribution between Might and Technological Might is the same.
  • Index de critical (28%): increases your chance to critically hit the target.
  • Alacrity : Increases the regeneration of your energy resources and reduces the casting time of powers as well as the cooldown of powers.
  • Endurance : increases life point capital. Very important whether in PvP or PvE to take maximum damage without dying.
  • Aiming : ok, i didn't mention this above, but this skill does affect your damage scores a bit. No question of equipping yourself with modifications, but why not look for the datacrons (ie a +30 bonus!).


The template for playing remote single-target DPS is the precision shooting specialty. Unlike the Sabotage branch, the energy management of this tree will be easier. In addition, when you face a pack, no need to worry about stunned mobs, you will not wake them up (except targeting error, it can happen ...).


Your DPS cycle will evolve over the course of your leveling, if " Double shot "Will allow you to do DPS while boosting your energy," Cunning shot Will be a must! Use as often as possible as soon as you get it (around level 30).

  • Damage
  • Buffs

Sweep Shot

  • Energy: 10 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 4,5 sec

Double shot

  • Energy: 20 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 15 sec

 Cunning shot

  • Energy: 5 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 9 sec

Accurate shooting

  • Energy: 15 units
  • Activation: 2,5 sec
  • Reactivation time: 15 sec

Burst fire

  • Energy: none
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation delay: none

Burst charged

  • Energy: 20 units
  • Activation: 1,5 sec


  • Energy: 15 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 12 sec

Double shot

  • Energy: 20 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 15 sec

Burst flight

  • Energy: none
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 45 sec

Cargo XS

  • Energy: 30 units
  • Activation: 3 sec
  • Reactivation time: 60 sec

Burst shooting

  • Energy: 35 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation delay: none

Saboteur's Charge

  • Energy: 25 units
  • Activation: instant
  • Reactivation time: 30 sec

Smuggler's Luck                                                 

  • Energy: none                                                         
  • Activation: instant                                           
  • Cooldown: 60 sec     
  • Your next " Burst charged Is critical! Why deprive yourself of it !?                                  

Cold head                                                               

  • Energy: none                                                         
  • Activation: instant                                           
  • Cooldown: 120 sec                                                  
  • Restores 50 units of energy.


DPS cycles begin after the Maverick takes cover in order to benefit from instant activation of his skill. Burst charged thanks to talent Dry shot (level 3 of the skill tree).


Cycle DPS express

This simple version of the cycle is fast and efficient enough to be a good fit for low level opponents, such as you will come across during your leveling.

In principle, at this level of the cycle, your opponent (standard or elite level enemy) should be gazing at the ground ("is he sleeping? No, I think he is dead ...").

You will notice that it is imperative to insert a Cunning shot as soon as you have the chance and re-roll the buff Sweep shot to maximize your damage. The competence Opportunism It can only be used if your opponent sees his life drop below 30% (which should quickly be the case in principle).


Cycle DPS long

Is your opponent a tough guy? A champion who stubbornly refuses to let you go? If this were the case, here is what the long cycle gives, to be started as the short cycle after taking cover: 

Same philosophy (Hey no! Don't run away! We're not going to do an essay!), We use Cunning shot as soon as possible and we restart the buff Sweep shot to maximize damage. Combos 2-3-4 et 9-10-11-12-13 are interesting mini cycles for the damage they cause, like paprika crisps, it is to be consumed without moderation!

Tips and tricks

Here are some ideas for maximizing the benefit of your skills:

  • Before opening the ball, you can ask a Cargo stop XS and quietly start your cycle afterwards,
  • When Opportunism et Cunning shot are available together, first use your Cunning shot then your Opportunism, this will reward you with a Cunning shot additional in stride.
  • At the end of the cycle, consider moving to benefit again from a Dry shot (available every 6 seconds) which will instantly activate your next Burst charged.
  • To benefit from a Accurate shooting at the reduced activation time, it must be preceded by two Burst loaded, not necessarily consecutive, thanks to the talent Quick aim (level 3 of your tree).


Mob pack

In the case of a group made up of several targets, with no stunned mob, it is possible to use the following skills to do area damage:



List of Datacrons and matrix cubes that will be useful for you to have, whatever the chosen spec:

You can also take Sight datacrons (see Soldier datacrons).

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