SWTOR - Summary: the equipment at 50

This article is the conclusion of the first two articles: Making PvE Gear at 50 and Making PvP Gear at 50. The information was provided by Owen, Thief 50, on Hrakert Rift. I completed and laid out to bring you the maximum of tips and help you equip yourself as well as possible.


Quests [Daily] and [Weekly]

For both Flashpoint Dailies, if you have a good group, your best bet is to do "The False Emperor" (on Illum) on Hard:

  • this will validate the 2 daily quests at once (well, sometimes ..)
  • Hk 47 gives Epic Weapon (Rank 2) and Malgus gives Epic Torso (Rank 2)


For the daily Ilum, try to do the weekly straight away if you see that it is crowded and the points are lost / regained quickly. Because that will give you three bags of champions immediately. Take advantage, Update 1.1 is coming soon and will bring major changes to Illum's PvP (such as the requirement to kill enemy players in addition to taking objectives).


Ilum / Belsavis Daily Quests

Rakata Ears and Implants (Rank 3) can be purchased with Daily Distinctions obtained through daily quests on Ilum and Belsavis. Through these quests, you also get Epic 22 Armor, Mod and Sophistication every day.

The ideal is to go in groups of 4. This allows you to go faster and gain more rewards (there are more loots in groups). Alone is long and you will not pass the heroics which are nevertheless important (heroic 4 gives 3 daily distinctions). You need 120 distinctions per object, so allow at least 5 days per item (you can make up to 27 distinctions per day).


Mission terminal

Many players cannot pick up quests at the Mission Terminal. Here is a tip given by Yuna, Trixilixie and Naroon:
- put yourself on the left side of the terminal, then spam at the bottom left end.
- invoke a partner and spam at the same time on the terminal.


War Zone Distinctions

Consider spending your Warzone Marks! I've covered this before, but you can't have more than 1000 Warzone Marks. It's very silly, but it will quickly forget. As you now know, a Champion Bag costs 800 Marks (200 Warzone Marks + 200 Mercenary Marks = 800 Warzone Marks)

There is always a PvP merchant at the start of a war zone. You can quickly exchange some distinctions if you are ever limited.


Set bonuses

At this time, set bonuses are not displayed when choosing from a PvP or PvE vendor. However, these sellers are linked to a class, and not to an advanced class. Thus, you will have sellers offering sets with bonuses concerning healers, tanks or dps ... or you simply will not be able to wear certain parts (ravager = heavy armor / marauder = intermediate armor).

Also do not hesitate to ask the other 50 levels who will surely know how to answer you. It would be silly to get the set bonus wrong or confuse this cute double-bladed lightsaber with a single blade.

An article is in preparation with the set bonuses


PvP set before 1.1

Rang 0 : Level 50 blue PvP set. This set is no longer available, the merchant was removed from the game in update 1.0.2.

Rang 1 : Centurion Set: Purchased with Centurion Honors. We get the centurion distinctions in the bags of champions (by 3).

Rang 2 : Champion Set: Purchase with Champion Distinctions or a Champion Token. We get the champion token in the champion bag (if we're lucky!) And allow a direct exchange. Champion accolades are obtained from the Battlemaster's Bag (requires Rank 60 in Bravery).

Rang 3 : warlord set. We get the Battlemaster token in the Battlemaster bag (always a matter of luck) otherwise it will be champion distinctions (the bag requires rank 60 in bravery)


PvP set after 1.1

Rang 1 : no change

Rang 2 : no change

Rang 3 : beware, we will obtain more war master tokens, in the bags of the same name, but war master distinctions, always with champion distinctions requiring rank 60 in bravery.

As the equipment evolves, the set bonus remains the same, only the stats change (a lot).


Set Pve

Rang 0 : epic level 50 gear. Recovered in normal level 50 instances of Ilum (quite rare) and on exterior "World Boss" such as Belsavis.

Rang 1 : Set Tionist. Trade in for Tionist Distinctions and Crystals. Crystals can be found on the bosses of hard mode instances, distinctions on the last boss. Can not be recovered anywhere.

Rang 2 : Set Columi. Can be exchanged for Columi accolades. These distinctions are earned in normal operation (Raids) or as a reward for the daily HM quest. Recover in HM on the last bosses (and some bosses, like the optional ones - with bonus quest, or some specific ones like Hk-47) or in operation.

If you want to recover a particular piece of equipment, here are the instances you need to do:

  • Black greenhouse HM = Columi armband
  • Boarding party = Columi Head
  • Foundry = Columi boot
  • Directive 7 = Bottom Columi
  • Battle of Illum = 2nd hand Columi
  • False emperor = Columi torso

Rang 3 : Set Rakata. Can be exchanged for Rakata tokens which can be collected from certain Operation Bosses in Hard or Nightmare difficulty.


Raid attribution

It's a surprise the first time we go on a raid. Impossible to put a traditional loot master (with an almighty ML who assigns), the items are distributed directly to the players, there is no dice roll.

We tried to change all the allocation methods but there is no other solution than to use this inflexible solution. According to the developers, this allows a fair distribution but it leaves us rather skeptical. Especially since this also concerns the non-set equipment and therefore we had players much more spoiled than others during our evenings.

However, I have been confirmed that Classic ML is available for Hard and Nightmare modes.



Epic Grade 50 gear (purple), crafted from Crew Skill Crafting trades is BETTER than Tier 0 gear or any gear with level 50-51 mods.


Recipe learned from skill NPCs

Epic quality recipes can be learned directly from the trainer. This allows craftsmen to create items of index 126 to 140. Items of index 140 belong to the Rakata set (rank 3 PvE set).

So get in touch with your guild craftsmen now, it makes some great parts to start with, especially if they are critical. In effect, this will add an upgrade slot where you can add an epic level 49-50 upgrade to it. In short, something to have imperatively to replace your ugly green parts.

Epic equipment from recipes from requires a blue item (as above on Bioemetric Crystal Alloy) which can be looted from the last boss of hard mode instances or from operating bosses.


Recoverable recipes

There are also recipes that fall on the last bosses of hard mode instances that allow you to create a level 50 out-of-set item, index 126. You not only need the Biometric Crystal Alloy, but also an Auto Energy Cell. powered, epic item, which can be recovered from the last boss in hard mode (the loot is quite rare).


 An article is in preparation with the types of objects created by profession



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