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Here are the codex - bestiary entries that you will find on Alderaan. Map of the planet with the location where you will find these species. 



Creature giving codex entry: Vicious Lraida (level 28 strong)

Codex entry

The iraidas are reptomammal predators native to Alderaan, known for their exceptional hearing and extreme cold resistance. Although sharing genes with the bolraidas, the iraidas are found to be much more evolved than their aggressive cousins. They are not only more cunning predators, but can also be trained to stand guard or fight in arenas.


Chat manka

Creature giving codex entry: Protective Cat Manka (level 29 strong)

Codex entry

Fierce feline predators, manka cats are likely native to Alderaan, but they can be found on many planets today, given their success as pets or guardians with exotic milkings. Unsurprisingly, these accomplished hunters thrive in virtually any ecosystem that hosts them. Thin and powerful, they are quick enough to chase down small prey, while their protruding tusks and claws allow them to take on larger opponents. Often moving in groups, a manka cat, even alone, can be dangerous. Extreme caution is recommended when approaching their territory. Despite the risks, manka cats are hunted for leisure, as well as for their dentition, which supposedly has healing properties.



Approach a "Thranta sealed" to get the codex entry, climbing on it will take you to a datacron +3 presence too.

Codex entry

Thrantas are a flying species native to Alderaan. The powerful muscles in their wings, along with internal air pockets, allow them to stay aloft while carrying heavy loads, making them perfect aerial mounts. The first settlers of Alderaan made much use of thrantas, both civil and military.

Their popularity on Aldérance generated huge demand from Coruscant. Thousands of thrantas were imported there, but unable to acclimate to the polluted air of the planet city, they did not survive long. Since this failure, the inhabitants of Alderaan refuse to export the thrantas to other planets and their hunting in Alderaan is strictly prohibited. A boon for poachers and other smugglers.



Creature Granting Codex Entry: Fierce Bolraida (Level 29 Elite)

Codex entry

In total contradiction with the peaceful Alderaan, their native land, the bolraidas are among the most aggressive species in the galaxy. These formidable hunters pursue their pears using their powerful forelegs, then slaughter them with their hook-shaped tusks, located on the lower jaw.

It was a shock to the first settlers of Alderaan to encounter these creatures of such violence in lands apparently so hospitable. Bolraidas quickly became a worrying cause of death. Unlike their distant cousin, the iraida, the bolraidas are impossible to train, each attempt having ended in failure.


Tigre in front

Creature giving codex entry: Aggressive Vorn Tiger (level 40 strong)

Codex entry

The vorn tiger is a dangerous predatory feline species distinguished by its characteristic horns and silky coat. He is a solitary hunter by nature, with a very developed sense of territory. Vorn tigers usually stay away from populated areas, but do no favors for those who dare to venture onto their hunting grounds.

Vorn tigers mark their territory by tearing bark from trees with their horns. Zoologists have observed that these marks are both unique and constant; each Vorn tiger seems to carve a pattern of its own.



This species is not listed in the Alderaan bestiary or any planet, but does give a codex - bestiary entry.

Approach the nerf enclosures north of the Cercle du Commerce in the Col du Roi region (See map)

Codex entry

Nerves are massive, long-haired animals, reared in herds for their meat, fur and skin. They are recognizable by their horns, their snarling character and their foul odor. Their tendency to spit on people confirms their reputation as an obnoxious animal, and unsurprisingly, their breeding is considered one of the least attractive professions in the galaxy.

Although originating from Alderaan, the nerves have been able to rely on their robustness to adapt to the different climates of other planets. On most Core Worlds as well as the Inner Rim, they serve as cattle, while herders beyond the Middle Rim prefer to work with more sociable animals.

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