SWTOR - The Datacrons on Quesh

This article is taken from Sith'a'faim data, courtesy of Elyndra following her decision to stop publishing.

Here are the 3 datacrons available on Quesh:
- Stamina +4
- Endurance +4
- Tip +4


Stamina +4

The first datacron is at the Three Families Camp, go to (425, 1801). Walk along the edge to the end and go right, the datacron will be in front of you!


Endurance +4

This one is in the Yuna mine, the entry is made in (449; 786) on the Republic side and in (-10; 714) on the Empire side. At the bottom of the cave you will arrive in front of a room with a terminal, once the terminal is activated the room will be filled with gas and you will have to go to deactivate two opposite terminals to deactivate the gas and open the access route to the datacron. Normally the datacron is programmed to be obtained by two players but you can overcome this pre-requisite by standing at the edge of the room when you press the first terminal, you just have to be very fast when activating the two internal terminals , at the end of the open road is your datacron!


Tip +4

The access route for the last datacron is at (717; -194) Climb on the large pipe in front of you then on the ledge above, then along this ledge until you reach the second high pipe which was behind you , walk along the second small ledge until you reach the raised area, then head south until you see an area surrounded by a fence, go around the fence to the right until you find a hole in it , go through it to reach the datacron.

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