SWTOR - The Hunt for 10: Chapter 5

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It was time, more than 15 days after the previous chapter, to finally release chapter 5. You can read chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4 before starting on 5. Enjoy your reading!

Chapter 5: The Link


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Night has fallen on Dantooine. The call Lana receives indicates a position near the ruins to the west. We're sneaking out of the Fury class ship. With a swift and slender step, we reach debris walls, aged by time. Crossing them with great blows of the saber is no difficulty.

We enter the Jedi remains, a huge library. "Girls, this is where I leave you.
- What? But I thought you were leaving tomorrow!
- It's more complicated than that, Master Tifa. And then, what's going to happen, eh? Are you afraid of something?
- It's just… it's going to be empty without you, Lana confesses.
- Empty? While I speak the least? While I'm a stashed Jedi?
- What? But no !
- Are you staying in the area? Tifa asks me.
- I do not know. We can stay connected through the communicator, until a certain point - I don't know when - when I will notify you of my inaccessibility.
- Understood. "I then watch Lana and Tifa leave without me. I wait ten minutes for the silence, to turn to a ray of holocrons.

A quiet corner out of sight, and I sit down. Beginning my meditation, I immediately feel a great disturbance. Damn, we're not alone. Jedi ships landed as we helped Lana form her lightsaber crystal. And a few more from other factions all over the place. In short, it will be damaged in a short time. In the heap, I easily spot the presence of other followers of the Force, starting with the Jedi master Kala Riyannu. Finally… There you are. And? Oh ? Are you looking for a ship to go to ... Link ?! Shit. This one, you will not have stolen it. I would have you at all costs! But before running, to catch up with my ambition, I try to isolate the information I perceive, and focus on Lana and Tifa, to find out where they are.

Having traveled a certain distance, they reach various rooms, quite large, all in the dark. "But why would this thing give you a signal, eh ?! Admit it stinks of the trap!"
- But master! He didn't do it before, and we're not going to fall into such a banal trap, anyway!
- That's what we're doing, Tifa retorts.
- Pfff… admit it's strange.
- What?
- That KirĂ ly gave me that.
- At times, you shouldn't ask yourself questions: Jedi are morons, that's why they are Jedi. If they were smart, they would have become Sith, Tifa tells him.
- It's reassuring ... so we got beamed, three against one, what's more, is an idiot.
- I remind you that he founded an organization to kill other Jedi, called the Hands of Force. And that ... either it's stupid or it's fit for a Sith.
- Oh yes… I forgot that point, Lana remembers. Which makes us one more reason to believe in him! And so to follow where this pendant is trying to lead us!
- You know, however, that no one can be trusted, Lana ...
- I trust you and Phobias!
- Yes, but we are a special case, explains Tifa. RĂ´Ă´Ă´h, and then shit, here we go, to your thing. I don't care what can happen.
- Have you changed your mind ?
- Of degree of curiosity, specifies Darth Tifa.
- Well, well anyway, we were heading there. "They open a large airlock door, to arrive in a huge room.

Empty of light, the room gradually fills with the light coming out of the passage opened by the girls. "Where are we here?
- In the Jedi academy. Very lost, by the way ... "Tifa answers him. They move slowly to reach the possible center of the room. Their footsteps echo in the room, and their loneliness is disturbed at a perfectly unexpected moment. Everything is suddenly immersed in black. "Shit" Tifa protests, but there is only a small sound of footsteps a little further.

Neons surrounding the huge dome illuminate, and illuminate the room with a faint glow. On the ground is a large disc, in which the girls have just stopped. At the other limit stands a young woman with pink hair, in a simple but elegant outfit. "Kiràly was right… she mumbles.
- Who is this one? wonders Lana.
- I don't know, but the trap is for now "Tifa whispers to him, moving away. Barely a meter further, Tifa feels the Force trying to prevent her from leaving. Since my meditation I can feel the curses she would spit out, but Master Tifa restrains himself, before turning around.

Lana, curious, and far from being impressed, raises the tone and proclaims to her interlocutor: "Who are you ?!" The young woman then comes forward. Calmly. She stands up straight, determined, and stares at Lana with her whole body. And his word seems filled with truth.

"Léana… I am Ariana, your sister!"

Her voice still echoes in the huge hall. Trying to recover from these emotions, Tifa answers him while yelling: "To others, you do it, okay? Us, it does not take!
“The two girls on the pendant,” Lana mumbles.
- Are you the Sith Darth Tifa? KirĂ ly warned me that you will undoubtedly be the biggest barrier to cross.
- Oh ? What a wonderful metaphor to tell me that you want to fight against me! she comments full of irony.
- Not especially, but such a reaction does not surprise me, coming from the part of the culprit, explains Ariana.
- What do you mean ? Lana is interested, still in general surprise.
- You are a Jedi, LĂ©ana! Ariana informs her, raising her voice. Some of them must have recognized you, before realizing that you were no longer the Jedi they knew!
- LĂ©ana is a Sith! Her name is now Dark Lana, is that clear ?! Tifa yells at him. Are you done trying to manipulate her? !!
- If there is a manipulator here ... it's you !" The last syllable sings for a good ten seconds, before Lana reacts: "Tifa… what's the matter?
- You're going to give me the pleasure of killing that liar, okay?
- What? But… ! No… Tifa, explain to me!
“You disappoint me a lot, Lana!” Saying this, Darth Tifa pulls her away slightly with the Force, and walks forward, staring at Ariana. Lightning flashes from her hands, and the Sith flips them from one to the 'another, increasing the intensity as the tone of his speech becomes harsh: “I think there is one too many girl here. And it's you ! You will understand, girl, what it is to provoke the wrath of a Sith! "With a wave of her hand, Tifa projects her energy in the direction of Lana's sister. With a lightning leap, she dodges it. assault, before unsheathing his lightsaber in a jungle green tone. "Oh? A Jedi, too! I love good surprises !!! "Darth Tifa then draws his weapon, and rushes on his opponent. The shock seems very violent, when the Jedi, with a gesture of the palm, makes the Sith fly backwards, which catches up without difficulty. "Do you prefer the Force, too? So eat! "A torrent of lightning rises from Tifa's arms to reach Ariana. She positions herself so as to intercept the electricity with her saber, but she feels that she cannot. Finally, she lets go and backs up two. meters by the shock. Tifa takes the opportunity to strike a new series of lightning, just to leave her on the ground, to remove the saber and to have time to throw herself on her. Her enemy being in bad posture, Tifa leaps by the Force, red saber forward, to impale Ariana.

A shock of appalling intensity interrupts her course, and throws her back, against the wall of the room thirty meters away. Lana shouts in surprise, before noticing another person's appearance: “Make sure your enemies don't have a Guardian Angel before you kill them.” Kiràly! But what the hell is he doing here? !!! Ariana gets up with difficulty before joining the Jedi. "Your kick is still saving, master!
- You, you ran into Luraë, for calling me that again.
- Uh… Kiràly? But…
- Don't worry, LĂ©ana, or Lana, as you wish. I wouldn't kill anyone here.
- That's it, don't care about our face! You don't want to kill Sith, but then, when they're Jedi, you don't deprive yourself! Tifa retorts when she arrives.
- Sorry to have been so violent, but it was the only way to stop you in time, apologizes KirĂ ly. But I don't intend to kill Jedi any more than I intend to kill Sith.
- Forget KirĂ ly, we saw the holocron on the foundation of the Hands of Force, warned Tifa. It won't take. Ariana, he's the kind of guy you should avoid if you value your life.
- What? Some guy coming from across the galaxy to save me, should I be afraid? This time, it's you who want us to swallow anything! smiles Ariana back at him.
- Across the galaxy? asks Lana, between the two camps.
- KirĂ ly, you did something stupid coming here! A saber less, and I, even more powerful than at the time. This time, I will not let your life save !!!!
- Always war ... you will never stop to talk? KirĂ ly answers him with a sigh.

- Talk about what? You are Jedi, and we are Sith! The only thing that can be between us is the battle! Tifa shouts. Two masters, two apprentices, if I understood correctly ... Lana, it's time to show them what we are doing! I'll take care of KirĂ ly!
- Okay ! Lana answers at first. But ! Ariana?
- I did not come here to lose you again, said the latter.
- Again ?
- Lana, don't listen to them! You saw the recordings of the holocrons! You know what deceptions the Jedi are capable of! reminds him of Darth Tifa.
- Very good idea, compliments KirĂ ly. I am going to make you the pleasure of showing you the holocron which was in the possession of Master Kala Ryannu.
- Huh? Is that a joke? ”Adds the Sith Lord, surprised. White Sabers then throws a pyramid holocron at her, which she grabs without difficulty. After a moment of reflection, she takes out the key to the nothingness, and opens the artifact.

A training room that Tifa immediately recognizes. An Imperial statue indicating that the two individuals in the center of the room are in Sith territory. A decorative structure that both Tifa and Lana rub shoulders with every day: that of the Korriban academy.

In the center stand two women. One has a pale complexion, brown hair, the other has a hairless complexion, and dark hair. The latter, red saber in hand, thunders the Jedi several times, in an intense fight. The statue, after a few minutes of repeated assaults, gives way and collapses. Then it is the Jedi's turn to bow to the might of the Sith. The latter's lightning bolts are of indomitable power, and knock the Jedi down.

Then a calm man approaches, in Sith clothes, who asks: "Is she still alive?
- Yes, she is in stasis. "The victorious clarifies to him. And after a Machiavellian smile, she adds:" We are going to erase her memory, and take her as an ally ... "The man picks up the inert body of the poor woman. Jedi, and brings him out of range of the recording.

We change rooms, to arrive in a torture room. On the operating table lies the Jedi. The one who defeated her utters unintelligible words, except for the speaker, then adds in basic:

"You are a Sith named LĂ©ana.
You are a novice in the service of Darth Tifa and Darth Phenhor.
You have a disproportionate hatred for the Jedi who killed your family.
You will be trained at the Sith Academy to become a true Sith. "

The Jedi then gets up, and, in a tone of high submission, replies:

"Yes Master !"

The hologram then goes out in front of the eyes of Tifa and Lana, who both recognized each other. Lana, in the grip of the most complete doubt, slowly turns her head towards her master: "Tifa ...?
- KirĂ ly, you dared ...! Tifa spits at the Jedi.
- That is true ? resumes Lana in tears.
- Yes. These recordings must remain secret, in the eyes of the Sith, to fear that the truth faces collapse many of them, informs KirĂ ly.
- You would never have joined the dark side without being forced into it, adds Ariana.
- You will shut up, yes ??? !!! " mouth Tifa. But she's lost all her credibility now.

Glaring at the two Jedi, she finally turns to Lana, who, her eyes flooded, understands the betrayal. Nodding, she steps back, in front of the helpless face of her master, to end up running in the direction of an exit. Tifa screams her name, but nothing can stop the distress of the one who has just lost all confidence.

With a burst of basic survival, I leap to the ceiling, ceasing my meditation, before turning around, catching up on me, on my guard. In front of me is a Jedi, who just missed a proper execution. A second later, and my head would have been severed by the two pink blades it wears. I then recognize Jedi Master Kala, who had thrown me out of the ship onto Dromund Kaas. With an expression worthy of an evil genius, she confesses:

"I knew very well that if I came here, I would find a Sith to kill !!!"

I immediately draw my two sabers, red and white, and face Kala's two pink sabers. "Huh? A white saber ?! Now you shame the Jedi!"
- If you only knew ... I suppose you recognized me, Miss Kala? I retort.
- You are the incompetent who was on Korriban. The one I threw to the ground ... like this !" and she uses her Force waves hoping to trip me over. But this time it doesn't take. With a bound, I move out of range of the gust she sends me.

"Mmmh, I see that we learn from our mistakes," she comments with a haughty look.
- Don't worry, my victory over Ascleyos taught me a lot.
- Your ... victory ?!
- Yes: Ascleyos died by my hand, I deliver to him. If, like him, you only think of looking down on me, I would kill you like him.
- Lie ! Ascleyos was mighty in the Force! While you ... you are just shit !! she spits at me.
- You are already starting to underestimate me. Do I understand by this that you no longer value life?
- I do not underestimate you: I consider you, what like the other Sith, at their fair value: that is to say nothing at all! "
This is too much for me. I rush straight in front of her, sabers crossed, before hitting her. But that damn Jedi is holding up. "You were really hoping to beat me at this little game? We play it for others, but not for me!
- Like who, for example? Lévél Bebud? He died pitifully, too!
- Stop with your lies, Sith! He was invincible!
- Lana defeated it on her own. He was almost easier than Ascleyos to knock down.
- Tss ... LĂ©ana was a powerful Jedi master. That hardly surprises me. What surprises me more is you!
- Hey ... I'm full of surprises! "Acrobatically, I dodge the blow she just gave me, before landing at a high distance. I then look at the room I'm in. And above all, the lights. They are few. Very few. I extinguish my sabers, and with a wave of my hand, increase the combustion of the lamps, burning their filament, and plunging the library into darkness.

Kala seems very unsettled, and keeps her two lighted sabers. 'not smart, I see. This is the best way to get spotted. Too bad for you ! I use the Force to dampen the sounds emanating from me, as well as darken the surroundings of my body. So even near her, I will remain invisible. She walks without knowing where to go. I jumped about five meters from her. Without a sound, I approach her. When at last she turns her back to me, I light my sabers, which inevitably pierce her. The image dissipates and I find myself alone. A decoy! "Failed, ball!" she shouts at me, leaping towards me. I turn around, and in my tracks, throws my foot right in her face. Taking the blow without understanding, she drifts to the left before sprawling on the ground. I leap to impale her to the ground, but she rolls over and knocks a steel beam down where I strike now. "Tsss ... junk! I'll get you!" She yells at me.
- At the same time, you looked for him! "I see her in full flight in my direction. I realize the difference that there has been with KirĂ ly. She is slow. Very slow. Compared to him. I do. take the opportunity to play her game. I lift my arm, and send her back. And it works. Unable to stop my Force attack, she falls back, before catching herself on a shelf in the library.

She looks at me with an eye filled with hatred, before yelling: "Whatever happens, you will die here.
- Oh dear ! What am I afraid!
- The battle which takes place above the clouds and is ceasing, to join the front on the ground. You will not be able to do anything against the forces of the Republic!
- Republic forces? You make me laugh ! I saw that there were only Imperial ships left ... except un"I told her, remembering what I saw. My opponent's face shows that I had him right on target: she trusted the radars and what she was seeing. And so, only his ship was Republican. " Well then? Did we lose our tongue? Yet she was well hung!
- Asshole !!!! " She leaps at me sabers forward. I jump to my right to let it land on the ground, before continuing with a return attack. Kala bends down to dodge, rolls away, and stands up, facing me. I position myself, sabers in scissors, vertical, while staring at her. "I am absolutely not afraid of you. And if you blame me to death, I would kill you without problem.
- Hey ... Tell me, why would I fear someone who doesn't even have a name?
- Do you need a name to tremble in horror? Well... I am Phobias.
- Phobias ... she mumbles, full of surprise. Phobias. "Then she smiles, and I understand her joy:" Destroying the Link would be such a shame, wouldn't it?
- WHAT? !!!! " I push my sabers aside, causing friction between the energy blades, and a fiery trail appears, for a moment. "What do you plan to do?
- A Jedi knows many ways to kill a Sith. Nothing prevents me from letting them betray you, given what you did to them ...
- I forbid you to ...!
- About what ? she cuts me off. Because you really believe that I'm going to obey you?
- If you care about life, yes.
- This time, it's you who is underestimating me.
- In the meantime, it's you, who, for fear of losing in a fight against me, plots to kill me from behind ... as cowards do!
- That's what we'll see! "She takes a stand, and rushes towards me.

What a bitch, that's what it's like to respond to provocation. Having easily noticed that she was vulnerable in flight, I stop her dead with one arm, crushing her throat. She comes to a stop in the sky, defying the law of gravity. The shock causes him to drop his sabers, which resonate when he strikes the metal of which the ground is made. She tries as best she can to breathe, but nothing helps. I stifle it slowly. "This is what it is to face a Sith! Before you die, know one thing: you should never wrongly estimate your opponent, lest the surprises he has in store for you sign your death warrant!"

As I feel Kala Riyannu's life slipping away, a thud is heard above, followed by the ceiling exploding. Not wishing to die crush, I stop my killing, and move away quickly. The metal beams crush everything in the passage, to the point of digging the ground, giving access to the three lower floors. Whore ! But where does it come from ?! I look up and see the sky through the roof: a ship is bombarding us, and it is not alone! The battle apparently descended into the atmosphere.

I take five seconds to locate via Force Tifa and Lana. I quickly broaden my field of identification. Arrived at Khoonda, I listen to a discussion: "Well ... it does not seem to go, my child!
- You ... are you the pilot? Lana asks.
- Yes. Can I take you somewhere?
- Bring me here, please! I don't ... don't want to stay ...
- Don't look like that, reassures her Caeli. I'll take you there. "Oh? So here's the famous destination that was on the pendant ... Reassured that I understood where Lana was going, I get up and go looking for Tifa.

After ten minutes, my communicator rings. It's Tifa: "Master!
- We're in deep trouble!
- I know ... the place is swarming with Jedi. I suggest you leave here as soon as possible.
- Lana has left us "she informs me finally. But I remain without answer. Finally, I propose to her:" She may have joined the Fury. After all, it's the only way she can get off the planet, unless she's planning to steal another ship.
- I especially hope that she will not steal ours! she confides to me.
- All the more reason to go quickly! "Tifa nods and we turn off our holotransmitters. I then head for the surface, which I wait in leaps and bounds, through the holes caused by the bombardments.

The roof of the ruins is not the best idea, after all. Dozens of vessels run in tussle and fail to mow in the process. I quickly decide that going through the floor is a better idea. I then arrive in the library earlier, and notice that the shelves have moved. Someone passed this way. Or rather, got up. I will have you next time, Kala Riyannu. With that, I hurry outside the remnants of the Jedi Academy, to land on the plains.

Damn, we're fully uncovered here. Ships duck anything that moves, and I'm in a good position to be the next target. I take the time to erase myself from the sight of the others, to then cross at full speed the hills which separate me from the site of the ship.

After barely five minutes, I see it in flight, ducking the few hunters who would approach a little too much. He remains almost motionless a good ten meters above the grass. I try to get in front of the cockpit, and wave to the pilot. I see Tifa who brings down the Fury, and opens the catwalk. I jump to reach the ledge, get up quickly, and joined the airlock. The door closes and Tifa flies away.

I finally arrive in the control room. "There you are! Lana isn't here.
- I suspected it, I answer him honestly. What do we do now?
- I don't know, Phobias ... Except getting out of this quagmire.
- Let's get out of the atmosphere first. ”She accepts my proposal, and we begin to climb.

Up there in the dark, spatial chaos still reigns. Tifa then exclaims: "We must look for a lonely vessel!
- You stick to your idea, eh?
- Like that, at least, we have something to do, she confesses.
- Hey ! Isn't there a Fury, at the top, who stays still? I notice.
- Yes ... indeed. So it must be a Sith, who caused all of this.
- And not one who is loyal to the Empire. Otherwise, he would just help these. There, it's just the kind of guy who really thinks only of his pear!
"All Sith thinks of nothing but their pear, Phobias," Tifa reminds me.
- What? No, not us, right? "I easily detect my master's gene. Seeing that I have embarrassed her, I take the initiative to get her out:" You want to do what, for this Sith?
- RUN INTO THE TAS !!! " She pulls the lever down, and Fury dramatically increases her speed. Then, the pilot shoots unrestrainedly against the stationary ship. The latter then notices our presence, and ... stands in front of us ??? !!!!! He imitates us and heads straight for us, lasers out. The instant the ships should have collided, Tifa disengages and shifts us, while the other continues straight ahead, increasing his acceleration. "But he's sick ??? !!!!
- You too, admit it ...
- But I moved away! He, who gives you !!! Either he is not afraid of dying, or he ... OH !
- What ?
- Phobias! We have to follow this bastard! He must know a way to survive a space shuttle explosion!
- Where is he? "Tifa does a loop and looks around for the ship while I probe the radar." Raaaaah! He's not here anymore !
- The radar detected entry into hyperspace. Every time, it's him, since we dislodged him.
- Hey ! Look outside! "I obey Tifa, and approach the window." We see Imperial ships now! And there are even Gormaks !!!
- And the Republic has not disappeared for all that ... ATTENTION !!!" Tifa lowers the controls early enough to dodge Republican features, before telling me: "'We have to get out of here!
- Do you have a specific destination?
- We lost the other motherfucker, so if we could follow him ...
- Unfortunately, we have no coordinates, I warned him. He can be gone anywhere.
- Raaaah! Curse! It's really not my day ...
- Give me the orders. I know where we're going.
- Ah? Uh ... where are we going? she asks me, getting up.
- Where I needed to go. "

The hyperspace paths are of a very variable length, to the point that sometimes, we suffer from not having arrived. This problem would not arise with any other means of locomotion, because, in a vessel, everything is inert in the silence of the infinite space. Without Lana, we can tell that a little something is missing that set the mood.

Tifa tried several times to make me spit it out, but now I can't tell her where we're going. And then, anyway, she'll find a good thing once there.

Conclusion: my master sulks, cloistered in his room, probably studying holocrons on the Force. Even if that's not it - she's having fun scrambling the auras, and I can't Force spy on her - she seems particularly busy. Just like me. The meals, which we take together, are as quiet as can be, and end very early.

At the end of the fifth day, for lunch, I finally dare to ask him: "Master, you look worried.
- Phobias ... I'm not stupid, she retorts me but calmly. I suspect you saw what happened between Lana and me. And so you gotta know what the fuck I'm in.
- I did indeed see you with Ariana, then KirĂ ly, but when Lana ran away, I was attacked by a Force Hands Jedi, Kala.
- Ah? You missed the best, so ... Well, Jedi way of putting it, she confesses.
- Besides, how did it go with KirĂ ly?
- Oh, well ... I was bitterly surprised. Let me tell you all about it. "She settles down a little better, spreads her place setting, and prophetically, begins," I saw Lana go, and I wanted to chase her. This is where Ariana called her to join her, to no avail. I picked up the pace, and KirĂ ly's voice stopped me dead.
- His voice ? I ask him, astonished.
- Yes, he just told me "STAY HERE TIFA". But it was strange, on the one hand I felt the injunction, and on the other ... like it was the right thing to do. His authority made me turn back, and I turned to him. I screamed scandal, because of his fault, etc. And so he spoke to me ... but I still can't believe it!
- What do you mean ?
- As if we knew each other, if we were friends, really simple, frank and friendly. Needless to say, it feels weird, coming from a ... Jedi, she said, insisting hatefully on the last word. He asked me about the holocron, what I claimed to have seen, what. I told him about Malgus' holocron, and there, right away, he cut me off to say: "But, I never saw Darth Malgus!"
- What ?!
- And yes, I was the first surprise! So I took out the holocron, and he asked me to open it. We saw Darth Malgus, and immediately, he got on the defensive, to claim that he never touched this holocron. I wish I could show Ariana the rest, but she seemed to trust him more than me. Tsss, I'm still angry!
- What?
- Not only does he want to kill Jedi, with his scheming, but in addition, he lies and everything in front of the proof of his bullshit!
- But if it was true?
- Wait, it was he himself who gave the holocrons, and the Jedi left afterwards! So he saw this holocron, of course !!! He knows it ! reminds me of Tifa.
- Wait, with a message like this from Malgus, there's no chance it was examined sooner, right?
- Yes why ? she asks me in the void.
- Where did they find them? I try.
- It's true that those archive shelves are meant to be full of trivial stuff. While there, direct, with Darth Malgus ...
- So there is indeed a logical problem there, I point out to him.
- Yeah. But you know, if they haven't even opened the beginning, it makes sense.
- And what happened then?
- He wished me a safe trip.
- Is that a joke?
- No no ! He really said "Have a nice trip, Tifa" and he turned with Ariana to leave.
- Gnééé ?! And what did you do?
- You know me, I can't really stand that, me. So, I threw a barrage of lightning, which he parried with his saber. But I had time to surprise Ariana, who fell on the buttocks. Calmly, KirĂ ly turned to tell me, "The hour for a fight has not yet come." Needless to say, I shouted the opposite, especially since he had one less sword ... But he didn't answer. He took out the handle of another saber, and lifted it towards the ceiling. I looked at him, puzzled. And I shouldn't have.
- Why ?
- He must have had fun manipulating the light, or whatever. In short, he lit it - and I confirm: his second saber is white - and the light intensified ... but something crazy! I was dazzled, as impossible, easily for ten minutes. And of course, they left.
- He manipulated the light?
- Yes, Phobias ... Does that intrigue you? she asks me in a completely different tone.
- Well, I thought the Force could just ...
- OlĂ , I'll stop right away, my dear, Tifa cuts me off. The Force can really do anything. With it, you can touch all the elements, to make the world change under your will.
- Aha. Is that what you do with Force Lightning?
- Exactly. Lightning is a thing of unimaginable power, destructive energy in its raw state! A concentration of burns, which usually ends the life of my opponents. If I put in enough power, of course.
- And we can handle something less powerful?
- I suppose so. Do you have any ideas?
- Well, during the fight against Kala, I rubbed my two sabers, causing a small combustion of air. It stopped in a second, but I was like ...
- You don't aim high, you know? Fire ... well, yes, in absolute terms, it's powerful, because it burns and everything. But wait, if thousands of Sith have learned to harness the most powerful version of energy - namely lightning - why fall back on ... fire?
- You think...
- You.
- You ... could you teach me?
- Okay, go ahead, show me. "We get up to go to the training room.

Once in the middle, I unsheath my blades, and rub them against each other. Again, light flames appear. "Mmmh, I see ... did you feel their presence, in the Force?
- Uh ... to be honest: not really.
- Well, try again and focus on it. "I do so, and the flame arises. But nothing. I'm doing it again, but still nothing." You were against Kala, right?
- Yes.
- A bitch, right? she adds.
- A little, on the edges, yeah.
- Was there a little ... hate, Phobias?
- On his part, downright!
- And not yours ?! Tifa worries.
- Ah? Uh, yes, why?
- And there, no, I suppose?
- I have nothing to hate in this vessel. "Tifa then prepares to answer me, when she stops dead. She completely changes her posture, and I contemplate the dismay that takes hold of her when she sits down. Ah. Apparently not being hated does her… “good.” I walk over to her, sit next to her. Without saying anything, I try to pick up any reaction. After ten minutes, she finally asks me: "Phobias ... how ... what are we going to do, for Lana?
- You would have preferred that no one saw this recording, mmh?
- And you, the camouflaged Jedi, you can't even hate me, even after that ...
- What do you want me to do? These are no longer my business. Keeping her with us is the limit that concerns me.
- And so, you have nothing more to fight, now ... "I remain silent. Tifa then looks towards the ground. She finally whispers:" I ... I can't do it anymore, Phobias.
- Pardon ?
- I'm weak, she explains to me. I always managed to hide my feelings, to be strong, but there ... impossible. I can not stand it anymore...
- It will pass, I guarantee it, I try.
- But yes of course ! she said to me in a desperate tone. We won't get anywhere. And now that I'm weak, all I have to do is watch out for you to betray me.
- I would never do that. And you know it, I point out.
- Since when does a Sith need weak? she asks, thinking to herself.
- Without you, I would never have survived all the hardships we went through. Yes, trust sets in, and we help each other. If we had each started on our own, would we have held out against KirĂ ly for so long?
- Even three, hand in hand, we were treated to several days of unconsciousness, I remind you ...
- And we even got robbed in Fury, I add to push us all. They are still idiots!
- Who is that ?
- Well, those who took the fuel and the sabers from us. Okay, that's useful, but we also had the holocrons, under their noses, and no, they didn't do anything!
- It was in a locked hiding place, at the same time ... "I nod, then realizes a fact:" No!
- What?
- They were on the dashboard! I explain to him.
- From? The holocrons? Not possible, even Lana does not know my code!
- When was the last time you used it, the hiding place? "Tifa turns to me, and then realizes the thing. Taking a new energy, she gets up, and runs to her room. I follow her and enter her cabin.

She lifts the bed, under which hides a flat chest of drawers. A key allows him to open the box in the form of a piece of furniture, and then a single compartment appears. Tifa removes the false bottom, and we arrive at the door of a safe. Destroyed. "Who could have done that?
- Except after the fight against KirĂ ly, the ship has always been safe, Tifa informs me.
- So somebody stole them?
- And returned! she emphasizes.
- KirĂ ly told you that the holocron in question was ... impossible?
- Bah ... KirĂ ly could have met and survived Malgus, given his talent in combat, she points out to me.
- What if ... the holocron had been tampered with?
- To steal the initial information from us, and give us that one instead? complete Tifa.
- Exactly.
- Hypothesis ... highly probable, she concluded. But the second?
- Nah, this one, it is fair. No modifications.
- What do you know? ”Once again, I show him my capacity to be reached of profound silence.
As I go to go out, Tifa has a fit: "Enough the secrecy, Phobias!
- We'll be there in three days. You will know once there.
- Why, who is there, over there?
- When we get there, I'll take authority. For the good of all, it will be better that we remain discreet, even Jedi, point of view of respect for things.
- Why would I do that ?!
- For Lana. "

I don't particularly have the impression that my order will affect Tifa much, but hey ... During the remaining three days of travel, I practice feeling the ephemeral flames that I produce by rubbing my blades. That, as well as saber training, of course. When I notice the difficulty I have to manipulate the fire of Force, while she does what she wants with her lightning ... I tell myself that she is still far ahead of me. If so, she just needs to use her same techniques on contact, and she would beat me in melee as well.

Finally, the ship leaves hyperspace, and finally arrive at its destination, lost in the deep void ...
Lost ... not quite. Although there is no planet or sun nearby, there is a mass of matter in front of us.

A gigantic metal structure, the visible ruins of which can be seen, as well as large-scale patchwork. Tifa then recognizes an Interdictor-type cruiser, three hundred years old. But there is a glaring difference: the beak which forms the central structure of the vessel is not empty: gigantic panels close the jaw, to form a bubble of life. It seems to contain an ecosystem, because from the cockpit, we can see a semblance of nature.

"What is that ?
- A miracle. "Tifa begins to realize that the time is not for questions, and I thank her for it. With the levers in my hands, I direct the Fury towards a hangar. The airlock door opens, and the trains leave. landing do their job. A short minute of waiting, the time for the partition to close, and the void to fill with air. We finally get out, and I guide Tifa to our left. The mazes are all-in- actually borrowed, but strewn with debris, when it is not entire walls that are bare, wiring out and still electrocuting anything too curious.We finally arrive at a hexagonal door, the interstices of which are filled in by vegetation. "How is it done? asks Tifa, who was not expecting it.
- Just look outside. "In doing so, I press the open button, and we enter the bubble.

A plain. Woodland. A few houses in the distance. And even sluggish figures. If we don't pay attention to the colored walls, we might think we are on the surface of a planet. I advance, and, not knowing what to do, the Sith master follows me. Almost amazed, we read in her eyes the attitude of a young girl who discovers wonders. For once, I really feel like I have an eighteen-year-old young woman by my side. As we approach civilization, she asks me, "What is this place?
- A place of peace, balance, serenity, for the lost.
- You sound like KirĂ ly now, she notes.
- I regret to tell you that it might be the other way around.
- Huh? "Seeing that I continue on my way, Tifa postpones these questions, to start others:" This place has a name?
- The link.
- What? It's here ? That's it ? The same place that Therin Kalo'ks described? Tifa asks.
- Exactly.
- Do you know this place?
- Indeed. And I thought I would not come back to it. But that's not what we're here for. Let me remind you of something: don't act like a Sith here ... please. "Her gaze tells me that she hadn't forgotten, and that she would like to understand the why. I turn away and approach arrives at the level of the houses.

Two people, under a tree, seem to be discussing. One of them gets up and waves to me, before coming forward. I stop and send him back, in my own way: a brief wave of the hand at the level of the forehead, two fingers shifting to the side. Tifa stops in surprise, and observes the young woman who comes towards us.
"Phobias! I thought you never came by here! It's a miracle!
- More like a nightmare. But I will fix it. Do you have any news from the latest arrivals?
- Not really ... Ask Mélona, ​​she usually takes care of that.
- You're confusing with Sahino. MĂ©lona is blind, how do you expect her to take care of the paperwork?
- Ah? It's Sahino who sees, ok, I remember! "She sees Tifa and adds," Oh, hello, excuse me. I'm Clasona, are you?
- Uh ...
- Tifa. Tifa Aora, I cut it. No need to proclaim my presence everywhere, I'm just passing by.
- What a shame. Let me know before you go, then!
- If I could ... thank you, and ... I have to go, so: see you!
- Yes. And thank you again ! "Tifa and I move away, while Clasona watches us go. Finally out of reach, my master comments," I feel like I've seen her before.
- You've seen her before.
- Can you light my lantern? she asks me.
- Clasona Bright, former Climp'star waitress.
- Ok. "I resume walking, when suddenly Tifa realizes:" Hey !! But you didn't kill her !!!
- Didn't you see his ghost? I say ironically.
- But Lana had seen her ... blueberry juice in the toilet, she proclaims, resuming the expression.
- It was not.
- Pardon ?
- I have indeed covered the walls with blueberry juice, before opening an emergency exit, to get her out of the forced prostitution she was enduring at the hands of Colonel Toniu Tarka. "On hearing the news, Tifa stops immediately, eyes wide. She blinks two, three times, before catching up with me and continuing the questions, in the middle of the buildings in communion with nature: "You ... saved her? When all we wanted was to find a lead?
- I could not leave the situation like this, I explain. I had noticed his lack of enthusiasm for the attempted rape - which I did not do - and, after getting my answers, I widened my curiosity. Toniu Tarka allowed herself too many things, and she could not leave, because that would ruin the bar: the colonel being the best customer, if there is no longer his favorite prostitute ... Anyway, now she is here, and trying to find herself. remake.
- Wait wait! Did you get her out of this situation, for free, like that, without asking for anything ?! But where do you get Phobias from? ”I look at her, then resume my way to the central building.

As I progress towards the temple, people come out and watch us with joy. Tifa, feeling embarrassed in the midst of the looks, approaches me while staring at them, and then notices, as a surprise, mixed with a thank you, recognition, and other feelings that one never meets in the Sith. She then asks me: "Are there many that you saved, like Clasona?
- If only you knew ... "I leave Tifa in this silence, who then understands the notion behind all her eyes.

Tifa runs to my side, not sure what to do, as I enter the central building. I avoid the large corridors, just to go unnoticed. We go up a floor, and I run into someone waving to me. I ask him where Sahino is, and the man replies that he saw her in the administrative room. I go there through discreet passages - to Tif's surprise - and finally enter the room.

A spherical hologram in its center, archival shelves, and computer desks. On one of them is a young woman of eighteen: Sahino. She gets up when she sees me, before joining us: "Phobias! You've finally decided to come!
- But ... I have the impression of having seen you before, don't I? Tifa throws him.
- Indeed, she often goes to Korriban, I answer. Sahino, I have things to do, and we'll organize something to finish this one.
- Ah. I see. What is happening ?
- Has Caeli's ship arrived? He must have preceded us by just a few hours.
- Yes, she just arrived. She told me she missed you, but finally ...
- She has a load, I cut it. I know: this is what I'm here for. Where is she ?
- Caeli advised her to go to the starboard woods, story to fall on Luraë, she explains to me.
- Thank you... Who is that ???!!!
- Luraë. Ah, yes! It's true, you never saw him, since you never came back ...
- Isn't that the one you told me about, Phobias? asks Tifa.
- Yes. But I had no way of confirming anything. Tifa, let's go, I said, leaving at a brisk pace.
- She has a gazebo in the clearing! You can't miss it, even if you can't see the way! Sahino shouts as we leave the room.

I hasten, and approach a window. I open it. Nobody. Tifa looks at me, trying to understand. I jump to the bottom, and continue on my way. My master gives a little cry of frustration, before joining me. Having avoided the crowds, I move away, and rejoin the starboard woods. "These trees look so… like they've always been there.
- However, it is not the case. The Link is only five years old, I warn him.
- Oh, and trees were imported on the carcass? I conclude that the Force is present in this place, for having had such an effect.
- Sure, I say.
- On the other hand, Phobias, there is something wrong: Interdictor cruisers do not have an internal structure, like this forest island.
“Gigantic metal debris, put end to end, until it keeps the panels airtight,” I explain.
- Are these solar panels from cruisers ?! Tifa is surprised.
- Yes, from which we removed everything that was now unnecessary. In short, windows a hundred and fifty meters high for the largest.
- Bug ... How much did they set out to create such an airtight zone on such an old structure ??!
- A. "

While the vegetation has completely taken its rights, a path curiously opens up to us, as if a light was pushing the plants aside, and guiding us, ever deeper. The concern might be felt, but it is not. By locating myself in relation to the ceiling, I notice that we are taken towards the tip of the ship, in the dense forest. From here, I see a small house among the trees in the distance. It is surely there that she is hiding.

Soon reaching the goal, Tifa lets go and asks me: "If we are in Link, all the people we have met - or almost - are people with mental instability, as said Therin Kalo'ks, the imperial agent. .
- I don't like that name at all. But in a way, yes.
- You know the agents, apart from the quantifiable data, they are unable to understand ... Hey!
- What's the matter ?
- He said in the recording that the Link was founded three years ago, right?
"He may have said so, but he messed up," I inform him.
- You confirm that it was not three, but five years ago?
- Indeed. On the other hand, that there are Jedi, and they think that they are the masters of the Link, it is possible that this is the case two years later.
- Your knowing so precise about this worries me, Phobias.
- No problem".

The cruiser having approached a star meanwhile, a light dazzled us through the branches and columns of the belvedere. I catch a glimpse of a figure, which hides behind the walls. Tifa and I move forward, to enter the structure. Wooden chairs, some furnished furniture, climbing plants invaded the room. A whole bunch of small objects litter the place, proving that one lives there. A feeling of well-being is mixed with that, making those who pass through it feel confident. The belvedere is a real dwelling: it breaks down into small chapels around it, which enlarge it, thus creating other rooms.

I then hear footsteps approaching, and a young woman ... Ooooooh ...! I remain speechless. A young girl, fresh, with pure skin, her face adorned with freckles, and shapes to make Tifa and Lana green together. Her hazel eyes are filled with tenderness, with a glimmer of almost superhuman intelligence. She walks naturally, before bowing to introduce herself: "Hello, Phobias. And welcome to you too, although I don't know your name. I am Luraë Kivansag, but no need to use my name. family. "Tifa then steps forward, and swings at him, eye to eye," I'm Darth Tifa, and this is my apprentice. But apparently you already know him.
- Oh, you don't need to address me, resumes the beauty. Finally, if he has a requirement, I would do it in return.
- Uh ...
- The voice, after the fight ... was it you? I ask him.
- Tuto me, will you? And yes, indeed.
- Ah, that's how you met, I see, realizes Tifa. So now, Phobias, could you explain to me why we came here, huh? And you ! Finally, who are you?
- I came here three years ago, to remove the few Jedi who had taken the place. I waited for the founder, but apart from Sahino and Mélona, ​​I saw no one in the "administrative field".
- So, like the other Jedi, you took their place, my little one? concluded Tifa.
- No, I followed the ideas of the origin, and as I intended to see it, I preferred to wait here, doing what had to be done.
- Another Jedi, I suppose? Raah, those are all the same, always taking care of the weak, Tifa spits.
- The war between the Empire and the Republic takes dimensions that it should never touch, completes Luraë.
- I beg your pardon? tries to understand the Sith.
- Today, the only people who really disagree are the upper echelons of power, explains the young woman from Le Lien. The peoples, themselves, suffer, and when they go to the front, they fight without knowing why.
- Republican side, I agree. But the Imperial Warriors all have a purpose in this battle! challenges the imperial.
- Ah yes ? You suffered by the Mighty Hands, to the point of having to kill them all? Luraë retorts.
- That ... no, but ...
- They took things, so all you want to do is kill them? Bravo the punishment, ironically compliments the young woman with hazel eyes.
- There is no injustice in this world! reminds him of the young woman with blue eyes.
- She's not wrong, I add.
- Alas, you are right, concedes Luraë. The current justice in your world, as in mine, does not deserve to be called that. That's why it's up to us to do it.
- Arf! Ahahahaha! Stop it, she looks like a Jedi! Tifa laughs. As if it would be of much use!
- What would be the right solution, for Lana, in your opinion? "With these words from Luraë, my master is silent, stands up, and stares at Luraë:" What do you mean by that?
- What to say to a Sith that she was a powerful Jedi, and that her current master - and friend at the same time - in fact manipulated her to reduce her to this state?
- You.... !!!!
- Tifa, calm down!
- You, Phobias, shut up! You've had enough of all that, these secrecy, these "I command my Sith master", and so on! Tifa yells at me. Now you buckle it ... and you! "She cries, taking Luraë by the collar. Noticing that she has none, she places her hand on her soft skin, and continues:" You are going to tell me where you are going with this!
- I'm in the same shit as you, she answers him calmly. But if you see Lana again, what's going to happen? Do you really hope she's going to throw herself into your arms?
- Tifa, please, now is the time to act Jedi. Otherwise, I might as well not come, I remind him.
- It's a shame! Now the Jedi have left the Link, for the good of all. And you want us to take their place or what?
"The Jedi have never left this place," Luraë adds.
- Now is the time for lies! Did the Jedi come to do their bullshit here or not, after all ?! tries to understand Tifa.
- Jedi without wisdom, I fired them, announces the threat.
- So there's more now!
- Only a handful left. And one of them has aroused doubts since she got here. "Surprised, Tifa removes her hand from Luraë's throat - who has not suffered - and smiles at me:" It's time to to please yourself !
- Would you kill the one that will allow you to regain Lana's confidence? "Luraë and I add at the same time. Tifa is amazed, at the fact, then widens and blinks. Finally, she adds:" Pardon?
- Lana is here, she was taken by Caeli Amentia, a smuggler with special cargo. She took over ten thousand individuals to the Link, including Lana. The coordinates announced by the pendant are those of the Link. She's here, and if I understood Luraë correctly, she must be right now looking for herself, to answer all the confusion in her head. "Tifa takes the time to ingest the mass of information, before asking me: "But how do you know all this?
- I've been here before, I repeat.
- Although he never came back, everyone on the Link knows him, at least by name, explains Luraë.
- Ah ... this is the only place where you have recognition! Tifa swings me more happily.
- Tifa, I can prove you the presence of Léana, or Lana, provided that you do not disturb the things in nothing, proposes Luraë to him.
- I'm not an idiot, I can't see her putting up with my presence right now, understands the young woman with black hair.
- Follow me. "Luraë announces. We leave Luraë's house, to walk in the forest, and find Lana.

A few minutes are enough to reach another place: the end of the bubble, which leaves a vast spatial landscape. On the point of land, seated, legs dangling, we easily recognize Lana, her head bowed. Luraë turns around and whispers to us: "I'm going to see her. Stay out of reach, until she's reconciled with herself ... and with you." We nod, and Luraë resumes: "Phobias, you should go see Master Jul'an. He's in the dome. "I bow my head to affirm, and the young woman goes to join the poor on the end of the Link.

I motion for Tifa to come over, and we emerge from the thick vegetation.

Going straight ahead, you reach the belvedere relatively quickly, and avoid going over the entire starboard forest side of the destroyer. Arrived in the open, I turn to Tifa: "You know what to do?
- You wanted to show me where Lana was, right? she suggests.
- I thought I would leave you alone here. If you have one thing to do, it's find yourself a reason.
- I beg your pardon ?
“Your recovery of Lana has to be legitimate, for it to be genuine,” I said.
- You dare to talk to me about legitimacy! But ... no, it doesn't have to be like that! It's obvious, it's ... it's ...
- Your suffering was justified, that's why I know, that everything will be sorted out ... "I leave her alone to meditate, heading towards the central dome.

This time, I do not make a detour, and go through the central routes. I am recognized by some, who all have a similar discourse to me. So, is that you ?!, You are our savior !, You have accomplished so much. If only the big world knew. But my answers are always the same: we can't. Faced with this last question, I remain adamant, and leave behind the few individuals who hoped to take the Link to a higher rank. Twenty thousand individuals concerned is already enough.
I progress to find this Jedi in the dome, and the mob leaves me only once I climb the stairs.

Atop the transparent dome sits a still, focused Jedi in the center of the tallest room in the structure. I approach when the Jedi calls me: "You are Phobias, aren't you?
- I guess you've already told you a lot about me, so we're not going to dwell on it. Who are you ?
- Master Jul'an, eminent protector of sacred places. The Force made me come, and I quickly understood that the Link is unfortunately not completely hermetic, he tells me.
- What? What do you mean ?!
- Do not worry. Leaks are low. I created barriers, which greatly reduce the problem. As long as I watch it, at least eight hours a day, the oxygen in the vegetation will be enough to replace the leaking one.
- May you be right. I think something's going to have to be done, if we want the Link… "What I see through the windows cuts off my momentum. Jul'an then opens his eyes, and looks in the same direction as me.

Outside, not behind the dome, but also beyond the Bond bubble, in space, a metal monster has just appeared in front of us. "It's an Interdictor destroyer! Warn me the Jedi.
- But how could he come across us? !!!
- I don't know ... but ... by Force! I feel he has come, to destroy us ... "

As the Link drifted through space, the cruiser on the port side had been waiting in front of us for a good ten minutes. The time to alert and prevent its presence, the ship acts in a very surprising way.

The upper and lower parts of the vessel, forming a beak, begin to open, like a jaw. That's when something happens that I never thought possible: stellar lightning. Sound flashes cross the void between the two mandibles, in a crimson light. They are intensifying, and their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. This electricity is deployed along the length of the mouth, their frequency increases, and you could almost hear the sound intensify. Finally, all the accumulated energy tightens back, then rushes in a single forehand on the Link, in a bewildering din. Like a blade, stellar lightning has just cut the Link in two, and the bubble with it.

"MEEEEEERDE !!!!" Here I am a few yards from the crack, and the ship begins to fall apart, sucked into the void of space. Master Jul'an joined me, and sat down dry, in a position of concentration. “What are you doing?
- I'm trying to hold the Link in one piece, but I won't last long! You can still run away! he orders me.
- That ... never !" I step aside, and head for the bow of our modified Interdictor, at a pace never before achieved.

The people I meet are in total panic, and I can only be satisfied with "Go to the original part of the ship, close the airlocks and wait!" When it is not "Take refuge inside the parent structure! ".

I find Tifa in the plain, trying to figure out what's going on: "Weren't we supposed to be in the middle of nowhere? !!
- Basically, yes. The only way a ship can find the Link is to know where it is. So someone warned this ship.
- Wait, don't tell me you suspect me!
- I didn't say it, I reassure her.
- And unless he or she is suicidal, he or she is not on board, adds Luraë arriving. How's Jul'an?
"He's trying to isolate the Space Link, by Force," I explain to them. But he will not succeed, according to him.
- Alas, it is effective in the long term, not all of a sudden. Let's go see him! "Luraë orders us, going towards her direction. We follow her, but, worried, I remind her:" We must evacuate the bubble, at least!
- If you want to. But given the number of ships that pass in the area, they will die anyway, summarizes Luraë.
- If I can prove that I had nothing to do with it, I can help you as to the nature of the attack, announces Tifa.
- Nobody takes you for an enemy, Tifa, adds Luraë. But tell us what you know.
- I am almost convinced that this is a Force attack from a Sith. And he must be able to pilot a ship like Darth Nihilus could.
- I see the topo, agrees Luraë. Phobias? Go get Caeli, she'll take you aboard that Interdictor, and take care of him.
- I hadn't waited for you to tell me, but I'm running. "I jump on a building struck by lightning, and rush towards the hangars of the Link.

Luraë and Tifa stop in the center of the bubble, where the energy has hit, and see Master Jul'an. "So he's one of the Jedi from here, huh?
"But he won't be able to hold on long enough," Luraë specifies, who begins to trace a circle with her foot, brushing aside the debris.
- What? But what is it for then ?! Damn Jedi, incapable until the end! Tifa spits.
- Go give him a hand. "Tifa pauses for two seconds, before turning back to her, still focused on her actions." But are you okay? You never put a Jedi and a Sith together! Do you really want to kill him? "But the outer beauty doesn't respond. Seeing that she won't say a word from him, the Sith approaches Jul'an.

Sitting in a suit, he sweats profusely, and it feels like he's running out of considerable energy. As she was about to say something to him, the Jedi Master fell back in a breath. "Thin! Hey, what's going on ?! Tifa worries as she runs to him, before squatting.
- I can't… anymore… ”Tifa looks up, and contemplates the destruction that surrounds her. The crack in the bubble panes opens, and the void is in the Link. The end! In a few moments, we will be sucked into the void. We can already feel this force that will soon lead us into nothingness ...

Behind it springs an incomparable light. A wave of Force arises from the center of the bubble, and joins the destroyed walls of the vessel. A white glow covers the interstices, and all feel the power that emanates from it. This flame of hope then blocks the space, and prevents the heart of the bubble from being sucked into infinity. Seeing this miracle, all understand the unquenchable power at work at this time.

Tifa turns, and sees the origin of this: an immaculate Jedi, in a state of luminous trance, levitating a meter from the surface, now protects us. "Luraë ??? !!!!!" The Sith gets up, realizing this identity, and draws her lightsaber. "That explains it all ... you're just a Jedi, too!
- And what do you plan to do, once you've killed her? Take his place so that no one on board dies? Jul'an adds to the ground. With an expression of annoyance, the Sith admits that her life is in her hands, and alas, she is quite unable to do the same, for now. Putting her weapon away, Darth Tifa adds: "And you? If it can do your job, what are you for?
- I will hasten to prepare a continuation of trance, that is to say that I will maintain its power in place. However, he seems so powerful that it might be harder than expected, admits the Jedi master.
- How long do you think she'll last?
- As long as it takes. Alas, this can end in an irreversible union with the Force. So the Link will be protected, but we will lose Luraë ... "He then begins to rummage through the rubble of the central dome, hoping to find his Force artifacts that will allow him to sustain the necessary power.

For my part, I reach the wall of the bubble leading to the structure of the vessel. Behind me cries Caeli: "Hey !!! How did you get here, Phobias ?!
- Caeli, we'll take another time for the reunion, will you? Can you take me to the other cruiser?
- It should be doable, but what do I do with the Link people? Luraë being in a trance, they are all looking for me to know what to do! she warns me.
- Just drop me off, then, and get back there right away. I managed once there. At worst, I'll call you to pick me up.
- OK. "We run through the corridors until we reach the hangar where the Hotel of a Thousand Stars rests.

Caeli throws himself on the controls, and immediately starts the engines. The footbridge barely closed, we go out into space, and Caeli executes a loop to arrive in front of the other Interdictor. Surges of electricity escape chaotically, and seem to disturb any approach. Caeli warns me it's going to heat up, but I'm confident, and calmly watches the ride. “Where am I dropping you off?” Caeli asks.
- Good question. If you were the only pilot, where would you be?
- In the cockpit, it seems obvious to me.
- It works. "The pilot therefore orientates herself in front of the bridge. She pulls the levers and announces:" Take çaaaaa !!!! "A slew of torpedoes come out of their tube to explode against the windows of the bridge. While the fire is still present, Caeli rushes straight into the cruiser, crossing the hell she has just created , and taking advantage of the combustion to sink into the very interior of the building. Two, not three walls farther, the Hotel with a Thousand Stars covered in debris, stops. I take the footbridge, and descend into the cruiser out of nowhere. The bulkhead not having anything hermetic, I run towards the first door-airlock that I see, cross it and close it. Caeli re-ignites her engines, and leaves suddenly. through the window, she waves to me, then returns to the Lien.

So where are you hiding, you bloody murderer? I sit down and dive into meditation to look for it. Just to hurry, I focus on strong aura, possibly accompanied by a threatening air. WHAT ?! I find one very quickly, but on the Link!

The alert was given to me by Tifa: I felt this damn sensation at the same time as her. Tifa hears a voice right behind her that she barely recognized - but me, clearly more - through these words: "Finally! I found a way to distract Kiràly from Luraë, and as a bonus, I go avenge the death of Ascelyos, killing two Sith! "Tifa gets up and sees when she turns around, the Jedi master Kala, next to the one who keeps everyone alive. One sword aimed at the latter's neck, the other ready to parry any assault, Kala weaves a delightful smile on her face, and adds:

"It's too late to say your prayers, lower bands! "

Straightening up, Tifa takes a calm demeanor, steps forward, and adds: "Are you planning to kill a Jedi?
- And all the Sith here! Kala shouts at him.
- But know that you are not the only one who wants to kill this girl, you know?
- Pardon ?
"If you too have noticed this ... inconsistency, this misplaced superiority among the Jedi, know that we haven't noticed it in ages," Tifa points out.
- Are you ... a Sith?
- Immediately, the major considerations! Take a look at the facts beforehand and you will realize this truth that has been hidden from you! adds Tifa.
- I'm not going to ...
- The Sith are much more tolerant than the Jedi made you believe. Look at me !
- So you are a Sith, I remind you that I have to kill you!
- Oh, there, I'm afraid! If you espouse our cause, I would have no reason to kill you, postulates the Sith. But tell me ... if you are so keen to prove your power to KirĂ ly ... I guess you would be ready to become more powerful than ever?
- Obviously! she answers quickly, before taking a moment to think. Wait ... how ...
- Phobias Orrodia. The one who baffled you, you know? Bah, he's my little apprentice, and have you seen his level? So imagine me, his master!
- The ... IL !
- Do you have something against Phobias? Well, now's the time to embrace the dark side, killing it, and taking its place. "Tifa suggests. Jedi Master Kala doesn't know what to say. Almost devastated by what she just heard, she lowers his blades, and extinguishes them, looking serious.

After a few seconds, and sits up, proud, and looks at Tifa: "Do you kill Jedi?
- We are killing all the morons that inhabit the galaxy.
- So let me prove my will to you! Before killing Phobias ... I'll take care of that one !!"Kala rekindles his sabers and in a human tornado, attacks Luraë to his left.

No time to finish. Purple lightning sends him three yards away. "Oops! Sorry! But I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the concept of betrayal!" Tifa adds, smiling. Kala gets up, anger in her face, and, eyes injected with hatred, yells at him: "Bitch !!!
- But it was a pleasure! "And Tifa rushes towards her opponent, sword forward.

Kala has no difficulty parrying the assault - given the distance to cover - but she realizes too late that the contact of the lightsabers allows her opponent to shock him directly. Letting go of her weapons, Kala flutters backwards out of reach, and follows up with a wave of Force. Tifa jumps to her right to dodge, and taunts her with a nod. The Jedi levitates her sabers to her hands, before running towards her enemy. Tifa pulls back while facing him, before sketching a beautiful smile of satisfaction. Kala then stops, and hears a sound of Force, just behind. A protective Force bubble has just formed around Luraë, apparently built by Jul'an. "There you go, now you can't threaten us!
- BAD !!!! " The Sith simply sticks out her tongue, accompanied by a middle finger, in response.

The Jedi with the pink sabers rushes towards Tifa, and pulls aside in time, before sending back a good dose of lightning. The Jedi collapses to the ground, jumps up, and scans the area in hopes of finding Tifa. She sees him plunging into the starboard forests. "That's it, run away! You coward!" The sentry of the Hands of Force pursues her in turn.

Having lost sight of her, Kala stops, contemplates this new combat zone. She lifts her arm, and slides her sleeve to reveal a large ornate bracelet. Runes turn, and finally point in a direction - alas, since my battle meditation, I have been unable to read! - which the Jedi easily interprets. A smirk, killer eyes, and she walks in a random direction, almost. Then I see her disappear. Shit ! She knows how to replace sight! I mentally trace the direction she took, and find, twenty meters further, my master. She in turn seeks her opponent ... in vain, since she remains invisible! I remain then without being able to do anything, to stress, contemplating the future attack of Kala.

After ten minutes, the Jedi emerges from the shadows and brandishes her blades at the Sith, like a grim reaper of darkness. Having only had time to draw, Tifa barely parries the blow, and finds himself face down on the ground. Kala plunges just above, aligns her blades at her enemy's neck, and spits on them, before adding, "This is where the dark side takes you, being inferior. And I'm going to slay you!" I notice a monstrous weakness in his defense, and shout it out with all my might. I realize then that my words are being heard. But yes ! Combat meditation! Tifa having apparently heard me, she changes her attitude, and sends her foot into the crotch of her opponent. Well, of course, she is also a woman, but that is not painless for all that, and has the advantage of surprising. Sheltered from the blades for a moment, Tifa takes the opportunity to slip out of Kala's reach. With a flash, it withdraws from its antagonist the impetus to counter-attack, and takes the opportunity to get back into combat position, sword in hand. I then see Kala hiding again. Thin ! And now ? Tifa is constantly on the move so as not to have a blind spot, but I feel that this will not be enough. Searching the area in my turn, I notice footprints encrusted by themselves on the ground. Hey ... I'll give it a try then. Tifa, at three o'clock! She turns, and in time dodges Kala's assault, which emerges from nothing. I then advise Tifa on the posture to take, and where to direct her blow. My master complies and manages to rout his target. It works ! I continue my advice in real time, and thus allows Tifa to easily manage against an expert in melee. Left, down, up, right. His attacks get more and more powerful, and Kala begins to feel that the situation is no longer turning to his advantage. Attention, the thigh! and Tifa dodges. She attacks your head. And follows an elegant parade. There, use the Force. And for once, the Sith lets loose !!! A lightning storm hits the Jedi, who finally realizes she can't win.

The latter then sinks into a last word: If I can not kill you physically ... I would do it mentally!
- Oh yeah ? And can you tell me how you plan to do it? inquires the Sith.
- I always know where to be ... "And in those last words, she slips out of our sight.

Tifa, I'm looking for her, as soon as I find her, I'll let you know. Unable to answer me, she nods in the hope that I see him. I then walk through the woods, by sight.

I didn't remember that they were that tall. And spotting a tiny detail is a real pain ... I travel distances, not knowing if Kala is potentially below my gaze, or if I am lingering too long on an empty area.

I go from one grove to another. A noise makes me go elsewhere. Failed, they are birds. Higher up, a branch cracks. Still no one. Damn, it's not true !!! Impossible. Nothing. Niet. What a slab. Nada.

Let's see, let's try to put ourselves in the shoes of a Jedi. If I were KirĂ ly, and ... no. KirĂ ly is not a killer. Well, he can kill en masse without problem, but there ... Noooo, he wouldn't try to annihilate Tifa, that's not possible. And then he would have done it on contact. I have to put myself in the place of Kala who ... crack?! But ... now that I think about it: Kala, like Ascleyos, behaves in a slightly ... offbeat way, compared to usual. Finally, to the Jedi, as we have seen them. Well, BĂ©bud, it was a special case, it ended in fourth gear. Yeah ... in hindsight, Lana is still way ahead of me, maybe. She beat BĂ©bud much faster than I did against Ascleyos - and again, I was helped - while ... Lana? I must not forget that she is on the Link! Where exactly is she, anyway?

I scan the forest, pointing to the bow, and find the Sith lost, sitting, curled up, not knowing what to do or think. Lana? ... "Go away!" She cries. Good news, she hears me. Bad news: she hasn't recognized me, and still isn't getting better. I close my thoughts then, to concentrate, and, still with my eyes closed, I reopen in this area. I try to feel every bit of ... yes ... the flames of the few rare combustion ... the flow of life ... the metal that resonates ... the earth that speaks to me ... I see. I then try to refocus on Lana, and I literally see that in her end the doubt, the worry, the fear ... everything.

And next to her is another person. I withdraw this second state to see who it is. FUCK !!! It's KALA! Lana! Listen to me ! Kala is right next to you! "

Phobias ... no ... traitor! "Kala raises her sabers silently, ready to strike.

I swear you must trust me, Lana !! Your life depends on it !!

"You betrayed me from the start ... raah! And why do I think of him like he was there!" The Jedi charges her two blades with lethal energy.

But here I am, talking to you! Lana! "

Stopped ! Lana, you have to stop thinking about him, okay ?!

"Lana, stop convincing yourself of this! Behind you, she is there !!!

"Noooo! I can not stand it anymore ! Leave my head alone! "

Lana, move! Get out of here! Don't stay there !!!

"No ... I don't want ..." And with a delightful look, Kala knocks down her blades silently.
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A monumental collision. The characteristic sound of the member hitting with incredible violence, its poor target, who did not expect it. The wave resonates in a vacuum, for several seconds, showing the intensity of the shock, followed by the crash to the ground. The Force follower has just taken a hell of a blow, the most powerful she ever thought, with a force drawn from the emotions of her assailant. Eyes open, it takes Kala two minutes to realize what has just happened:

KirĂ ly has just shot him down three meters further.

Lana, who therefore felt nothing, opens her eyes, and discovers on her right the Jedi with the white sabers, and on her left, the Jedi Kala who has just been kicked in the face. But the Sith remains speechless, without understanding. The Jedi barely raises her head, and stammers: "M ... m ... but ... but!
- This person must not die. I would do everything in my power to make this stay true. "KirĂ ly answers. The rescued woman turns, staring eyes, in the direction of the Jedi. The latter advances to stand in the way of Kala, if she still wants to end Lana's days. "Get up, and get out of here.
- But finally ! Master KirĂ ly! She's a Sith!
- What I see here is a beautiful young woman, beset by doubts, who cannot fight. And would you dare to kill her in cold blood? resumes Kardfehér.
- I ... I prefer that, rather than seeing her kill me in cold blood when it came my turn, or that of another!
- It's called premature revenge, my dear, comments the immense Jedi.
- But finally ! We cannot afford to be loyal to those who kill us as soon as our backs are turned! Kala protests.
- It is by making others discover the right way that you will make allies of them, Kiràly replies. Take the example of Luraë, Kala.
- What ?!!!!!" The beaten, surprised, grinds her teeth, frowns, and stares at the ground. The Jedi then spits out this damn name, with unspeakable hatred: "Luraë ... Luraë ... Lu Ra Ë" Finally, she seems to finally understand, and stands up, facing the other Jedi. "It's just for her, eh?
- Kala, jealousy is a bad fault, says KirĂ ly.
- Admit that she pleases you more than me!
- Objectively, I can not see myself putting up with a woman who would yell at me like this, he defeats himself.
- Making fun of !!! You never wanted to recognize my superiority, thanks to my artifact, over this ... bitch.
- Kala, I hope I don't have to repeat myself.
- Well go ahead, repeat yourself! "The Jedi then draws her pink sabers, and takes up a fighting position." If only death can open your eyes, I will! Now, I understood why the subsidiary council appointed me in this low organization that are the Hands of Force!
- To die there. "The information flies like a gleam between the two individuals. It was said. They were clear on it." Yeah. From you, yeah. We've all always wanted to kill you, KirĂ ly. And I will allow myself ... this privilege !!!! " But the great Jedi reacted quickly: he took out a single saber from his belt, and raised it to the sky. Kala, who was about to run over him, stops and covers his eyes, to dodge the famous intense flash.

Except that a purple lightning occurs to knock the Jedi, who did not expect it either. Hitting a few electronic components on the Link's internal structure, a small explosion follows, followed by smoke, allowing the other two individuals to escape. The last runaway takes Lana in his arms, and transports her elsewhere. The latter, already partly lost, does not know at all how to react. Its wearer puts it just a little further away, hearing a leap. The time that Kala leaves the smoke from the air, and does not fall on them, the savior lights his saber, to parry the assault. Mission Successful: The Jedi's charge is stopped by a red glow. The illusion spell dissipates, now revealing Tifa, who with one hand produces another barrage of thunder, sending Kala back from where she came from.

Lana looks up to stare at her master. Alas, this sight also reminds him of tons of memories. But the apprentice does not have time to say a word:

"I know Luraë would have preferred to let you think alone ... but I'd rather you hate me while still alive! "

Darth Tifa does not dwell on his apprentice, gets up and positions himself in front of Kala. The latter crosses the sabers and adds: "I told myself that KirĂ ly was more powerful than that!
- Stop it, you believed it all along. It's too easy to say that after the fact! "The Sith points out to him. The Jedi does not answer this truth: she charges, sabers forward, towards Tifa. I guide the latter, to send a good shot of juice during this short span of vulnerability. Trapped once again, the Jedi collapses to the ground after the shock. Tifa steps forward slightly: "I have resisted KirĂ ly, and prove that I can rout him, lies Tifa . And you dare to imagine being able to beat me?
- I always know where to be. So, I always have the victory in my hands!
- Yes, of course ... it was already a bad idea to come to the Link ... and not just for you ...
- You can claim whatever you want, Sith! It was in YOUR ship that I arrived here! And thanks to ce bracelet. So do not neglect such power!
- What? How? 'Or' What...
- Through empty rooms, dodging every time to meet you or the other con.
- Did you modify the holocrons? !!! cried Tifa.
- Huh? What holocrons? "The Sith remains suspicious. But apparently she had nothing to do with it. And honestly, she wasn't on Taris, so ... Finally, the Sith picks up on another topic:" And now, Doesn't your bracelet tell you to go to hell? "Kala remains silent, pissed off by this remark. She quickly looks at her bracelet, and seems in bad shape." Oho? Is something smarter than you now? You border on the ridiculous, dear Jedi!
- I would kill you, by any means !! "And there, the Jedi accomplished something illogical at first sight: she walks towards Tifa, sabers lit. Yes! If she leaps towards Tifa, she will take damage. flashes, and she has finally understood it! My master also understanding the thing, she decides to play a trick too: she changes her appearance to take on the features ... of Kala! The real one suddenly stops, and asks: "Are you really hoping to confuse the original?
- Yeah. "A single sword in her hand, she runs in the direction of the real Kala. The latter parries the assault, and continues with a return kick. The transfigured bends down, letting her assailant pass over her, back to her. back, to try a croc-en-leg. The Jedi falls, but catches herself, arms pointed towards the grass. With a pumping motion, she jumps up and, rocking back to catch on her own back Darth Tifa. The latter, in Kala form, tries to reposition herself for this fight, but alas, the Jedi seems more gifted in this area. Her flexibility allows her to place these limbs in places where, with an outside gaze, one would not have believed that they could be there. The Master with the pink sabers then lets go to strike with her hands and her feet, freeing Tifa's red saber from the grip of the Sith. roll in the imported grass, and the two fighters now string together low blows, holds and dodges, to the body tobody, literally. But no one is fooled on this point: the warrior is much more talented than the inquisitor. Tifa then takes several hits without being able to respond correctly. The last one makes them both fall, entangling them one in the other. Miraculously, they stand up, and Kala notices a magnificent posture for her. She lowers her guard time to send her leg right in the head of her opponent. For this first shock, the Jedi then loses all control over the situation. Indeed, his member has just hit her. Or rather, that of Tifa, herself in the guise of the Jedi. Taking advantage of this brief moment of confusion, the Sith breaks free from the fighter's embrace.

“Sounds weird, doesn't it?” She comments, resuming her normal appearance. Who ever thought you'd be fooled by something like this?
- I'm going to cut you up !! "Kala then stretches out her arms in the direction of her sabers, to take advantage of this advantage as long as her opponent does not have any. But neither her right nor her left saber arrives. At their destination. In fact, neither are leaving, even. The two women look at each other, before turning to the position of their sabers. Lana is there now, confident, standing, the three sabers in her arms. "You want me!" the Jedi orders her, accompanied by a wave of Force. However, before she reaches her target, she is intercepted by a second Force manipulation, from Tifa. "You won't do anything to him.
- LĂ©ana, don't you notice that you are helping the one who enslaved you !!! "then tries the Jedi. Destabilized, Lana lets go of the three swords, which do not even have time to hit the ground: the two fighters recover them by Force immediately.

Oddly, the Jedi does not launch an assault immediately. She takes a posture that I have never seen before: the body almost in profile, one sword towards its opponent, and the other, in the opposite direction, forming an arc of a circle if we draw a line following the sabers and arms. Tifa raises an eyebrow, then her shoulders. In balance its famous dam of Force. The lightning bends towards the target, which remains without flinching, at the sight of this energy. The lightning then touches the saber, and seems to be sucked by it. The electricity visually travels the blade, then the handle, and finally reaches the arm. At the same time, the Jedi, affirms her wave gesture, to accompany the flow: the lightning passes from one shoulder to the other, then her other arm, and finally her weapon. In this last gesture, she shoots him down in the direction of Tifa, thus returning her signed attack.
The purple features return to his caster, ready to annihilate him. This is a magnificent tactic, used at the perfectly opportune moment, thus guaranteeing the success of the maneuver, although experimental. But Tifa then spreads her fingers, to reclaim her own power, and destroy Kala's efforts.

"Uh ... what were you hoping for? I'm a great Sith, mistress of the dark side. So it's not something like that that's going to stop me." The disgust can easily be read on Kala's face, who now stays here not knowing what to do. However, after a moment's reflection, it is no longer that feeling, but hatred, now that you can read his eyes. "I'm going to kill all those Link disbelievers ... starting with you!
- I confess that such an organization is what I could call myself a gateway to treason. But I won't: I have a friend to meet there, concedes Tifa.
- You won't find anyone! " The Jedi then rolls back her sleeve, and tears off her ornate bracelet. She throws it to the ground and then impales it with her two pink blades. A black wave emerges from it, and projects the two Sith to the ground, while Kala remains inert. From the crystal which composes its heart, a thin dark thread floats escapes, and rises towards its liberator. From an inspiration, this substance enters into communion with Kala, and a sudden modification follows. Her gaze changes, and a flame of fury illuminates her. Likewise, runic lines weave under his skin. The Kala that we have known seems to have faded in the face of this new identity. "DIE! "With a leap of superhuman speed, she strikes Tifa, saber against saber, and sends him to the ground, her head taking a nasty blow against a boulder. As the assailant prepares to finish her target on the ground, a flash of Force sends the sabers of each in the air. But the madwoman does not hold it against, she then attacks her enemy with claws, slashing the face of the Inquisitor. blood, but projects a new series of energy. Missing her target which has just jumped elsewhere, she at least managed to get out of this bad posture. Tifa gets up and sees the black grass streaks on the ground. Kala's movements kills plants. A brief moment is enough for her to find her, hanging from a branch, as the leaves decompose in her presence. A dash of purple energy makes her run out of here at an unattainable speed and she s 'stop against a rock, which explodes on contact with this force.

“What is this bullshit?” Tifa asks out loud.
- This is the power that only light can give me, Sith! explains Kala.
- What ?! Impossible ! You who always advocate ...
- No more chattering! "Kala charges the inquisitor with a flight, and crushes her to the ground. No longer having a weapon, she attacks herself with her fingernails - even claws now - for rip off her skin. Having a person sitting on her, and unfortunately hands trapped underneath, tries to wrestle with this madwoman, whose face is filled with the blood of the Sith. The cruel lifts her lips in envy. of murder, to satisfy his impulses, laughing and skinning his victim: "Look at me ! Now who's smart ?!

Look at this superiority that you can never achieve!
Weep for your despair at not being able to see the light, to be inferior!
I am the real victory of this war!

You hear ?

I alone !

As she was about to plant her ten fingers in the chest of the Sith, a red blade pierces her at the level of the spine, and emerges between her attributes. Stopped in her movement, Kala loses all her ardor, and collapses on her left, the blade finishing cutting her. Behind her stands Lana, who, in a surge of recognition, the beginning of beading tears, confesses:

"I don't want to look like this ..."

Now that the threat has just been cut by Lana's sword, I decide to leave the girls in their emotional reconciliations. Anyway, I'm directing my meditation in the destroyer Interdictor that came out of nowhere.

No sooner have I started than I hear footsteps not far from me. I leave my state to listen on my own. Indeed, it is not far. I get up and silently approach the door to my right. Yes, over there. I open it and arrive in front of the ship's elevator. But it has been destroyed, and only an empty, descending cylinder is offered to me. Well ... well, I guess I have little choice. I cut a wall using one of my universal cutting tools, to let out a good quantity of cables. I bring out one that can undoubtedly be undone. I let it scroll to have a good headroom, and prepare to abseil down. I don't like the reminder at all. So I suddenly jump in history that it passes quickly. Bad idea. The speed that I take does not not reassure at all !!! I light my red saber to stick it in the wall and slow down my vertiginous descent. Aha ... useless, man ... the sword goes through steel like it doesn't exist. I then look for a place to jump. The door to the floor below is behind me, but is coming soon. I wait a bit ... The speed increases ... Preeeesque ... Now !!! I jump back, doing a somersault, to catch up on this lower floor.

Or rather, on someone downstairs. The power of the fall knocks us both down, and makes me roll a few yards away. "Oucheeeuuuuuh !! "complains a female voice. Huh? I jump up, and then see Ariana. She turns to me, and adds:" Aha ... finally, that's good, I was looking for you. ..
- Me too. "I unsheath my blades, and leap at the one that brought this terror to the Link. She lights her saber just in time to parry the assault, but remarks," What do you mean, you too ?! You didn't even know I was there!
- Correction: that it was you! I suspected that someone was piloting this ship, anyway! Otherwise, I wouldn't have come! But I never would have suspected that it was you! "I push her by unfolding my arms, and reposition myself. She let herself go and remains inert now." But I am here to kill whoever was handling this ship!
- Ah ?! You too ?! Um ... at the same time, considering the shot he made, that would be strange, from a Jedi, I admit.
- Now ... the Sith here is I ! she concluded, pointing her gun at me.
- What ?! But I don't know how to pilot a ship by Force! Nor do lightning, for that matter!
- That's it, yes ... "Not believing me, she projects a wave of Force which sends me away from her. I get up, and leap with all my strength to reach the clinch. Too slow . Rebelote, and here I am at the edge of the elevator tunnel. Raaah, that's not true! " Tell me anything, but I'll prove it's not me!
- You will make sure you are unable to do what you did. Forget it, says Ariana.
- And if it really wasn't me, how would you like me to prove it to you?
- It's okay, you used the subjunctive ... because it's you! " She grabs by the Force a metal tube which litter the ground, before sending it to me. I cut it in four when it arrives, and I take this opportunity to move forward as much as I can. She picks up other metal pieces from the crumbling ship, and throws them at me one by one, while I do my best to move forward, dodging them, when I'm not slicing them. But even so, my progress remains slow.
Another generator. I place my blades in a vertical chisel, and divide it in half as it approaches. The friction of the blades creates a few flames, which set the contents ablaze in an explosion. On my stomach, carried away by the breath, I slip to the edge of the ground, my feet and lower body in the air. But I felt it now. It becomes obvious to me ... Ariana, who was already further away, barely bent over. She comes forward now, in a strong position. "So what's it like to be in trouble now?
- You will not have me like this! "Using the Force, I leap forward, my scissor arms closed horizontally. But I do not give him time to push me again: I open my blades to create a flaming wave, and this time, I control it, so that it reaches my target, which, taken by surprise, cannot defend itself. Luckily for her - and her worshipers - her skin is not burned: my flames are still weak. I land straight on the metal, as it rises from this secret boot. I prepare to make a new one, but ask a question before attacking: "I know that you are Lana's sister, or LĂ©ana, rather.
- And I don't care who you are! "It reproduces an intense wave of Force. In my turn, I execute my Force fire, and the two masses of energy approach ... and ignore each other! Seeing this at the last moment, I move in extremis to dodge, and Ariana seems to have just as much trouble doing it. Waves passed, I chain several of these scorching waves, tracking down Ariana. She runs. , jumps, rolls, changes direction, as blades of fire try to catch it.I advance in my turn in the next room.

Hidden behind an infirmary table, I blow everything up with fire, thus putting it on the ground. "Look, I don't want to kill you ...
- And you think I'll believe you? Dumbass !! she cuts me off.
- Caeli was the one who brought me here, okay ?! Caeli, Amentia, do you know? I ask him.
- She does just about anything for money. And you master the Force, it could have been a breeze to bend your will!
- What? This is libel! Caeli is much smarter than that! She won't be fooled by the first Jedi or Sith to pass!
- Well, let's see! "She repositioned herself, and began to concentrate a strong energy in her hands." Just before I died, I would have a little curiosity: what's your name? History to write it on your grave, next to "knew how to pilot an obsolete cruiser just by the Force."
- I never pilot this ship! However, my name is Phobias, Ariana. "This latest news stops her dead." Phobias?
- Yes.
- Orrodia?
- There aren't thirty-six. "Then it takes a while before she gets over it. She puts out her saber and goes on:" Shit, so ...
- You see, when I told you that I had nothing there to do in this story, I point out to him.
- But you could have told me right away, idiot ! "she said to me releasing her Force attack on me." Here, that will teach you! "I get up from this fall, which was accompanied by some debris." Hey well ... you don't like it! to be wrong...
- Keep it up, and I'll make you wish you were a Sith! she shouts at me, putting her gun away.
- You don't mean a word of it, I noticed. How did you get here I continue, putting my sabers in my belt.
- We came through the defender. But impossible to find the pilot of the Interdictor.
- " We " ? I add.
- Yes, Master Kiràly is here too. We broke up for research. "Ah. Kiràly Kardféher is on the ship. Well ... uh ..." But how long have you been there?
- We entered the hangar just before it went into hyperspace. And you ?
- Ever since he attacked the Link. That is to say a few minutes. I have come to stop the one who threatens all this.
- Logic ... I must continue the research, you ... go where you want.
- That won't be necessary. "A very recognizable voice comes from an adjacent room. The huge Jedi walks in, and sees us both here. At my sight, he nods," Phobias Orrodia.
- Uh ... am I to understand that flight is my only hope?
- No. We must return.
- You killed the Sith responsible for all of this?
- No, Ariana. He fled, KirĂ ly informs us.
- Did you recognize him, master?
- It seemed to me that he did not like that title, right? I comment.
- How do you know that ?! Ariana turns.
- It was him. "These words of Kardféher seem filled with importance. But personally, it does not help me absolutely. Ariana notices my annoyance, and whispers to me:" A really powerful guy, and it is not the first time that Kiràly sees it.
- All right ... In fact, you tell me that I came on the ship for nothing?
- No, we will have to defend ourselves now, crippled KirĂ ly.
- He wants to kill us ?! Ariana is surprised.
- No. Nothing to see. A picture will be better than any word. Follow me. "The Jedi then leaves. Ariana beckons me to follow her, and she hurries to join KirĂ ly. I step up to her, and we advance through the corridors of the Interdictor.

Wanting to fill the silence, Ariana said: "Thanks again, for the Link. For Lana, suddenly.
- I couldn't leave it that way, Ariana ... But how did you get to the Link, anyway?
- Oh that. It's the beacon system, Luraë gave me her pendant where the coordinates were linked. But without his help, we would never have been able to find him.
- Neither do they. "KirĂ ly's words freeze us. Facing the glass, we contemplate what we have ignored until now: space.

Now it's filling up with the chaotic fleet that floated around Dantooine. The hunters leave the subliminal space, and sink very close to the two Interdictors. We then realize the double nightmare. Not only the Link will be discovered by this fleet. But in addition, the coordinates they received to come are slightly offset: we now observe dozens and dozens of ships sinking into each other, out of hyperspace, and the Link like this Interdictor, are not spared by these multiple impalements.

Something must be done, and quickly! But KirĂ ly overtakes me: "The Lien must be evacuated.
- Clear out ? No ! That would amount to abandoning it ...
- Not in that sense, he corrects me.
- How's that, then? Ariana asks her.
- We have to get him evacuated from here.
- Ah. Uh, but what's the point now: they can always come back ... depresses Ariana.
- No: it has a jammer for classic and advanced military radars. Only prototypes using an ancestral tracking system will be able to see it. And as I just explained, it's almost obsolete, I reassure her.
- We haven't ... "But KirĂ ly then stops. We hardly feel later that we are indeed threatened. With a leap, we move aside, and a Republican hunter leaves hyperspace to come s 'recessed into the wall. Fortunately for us, the time here was very short: Ariana immediately closes a gate to isolate us from the crash. " Thanks, Ariana.
- I'm thinking about it ! I have to do something for the Link! I suddenly realize.
- Well, apart from going there ...
- No Ariana: I know the technique of combat meditation. I can try to limit the damage in progress, then! I inform him.
- Do it immediately, I have to do something else, Kardfehér warned us.
- What ? the Jedi asks him.
- He's still in that ship, then explains White Sabers. Go to the defender: he shouldn't steal it from us. I'll try to intercept it.
- Ok ... "KirĂ ly the White Sabers flies out of our field of vision at an incredible speed. Ariana turns to me, sitting down:" Hey! But what are you doing ?!
- I will guide those who need help. "I then enter my meditation stasis. Ariana tries to communicate with my body. Let it go, I hear nothing." What ?! “My body doesn't perceive anymore, it all depends on where I locate my vision. Go now.” Um… okay. I see her running towards the bow hangars, which is almost the opposite of here.

I now focus on the following: the vessels exiting subliminal space. A real chaos to try to feel who will arrive where and at what precise moment. In fact, I absolutely cannot. Either, I communicate with emptiness. Or, with people already embedded in the background.

I resolve to aim elsewhere: the Link. Personal hunters have apparently already pierced the shell of the bubble. I then try to follow someone in particular. And I find Caeli. Inside the basic structure, it brings the crowd together and reassures. Can you hear me? "Hmm? Oulà ..." Caeli, it's Phobias! I'm talking to you by thought. "What ?!" Speak out loud, I hear you, and I can answer you like that. "Admit that sounds weird. Give me time to step aside." It works. How are the two Sith? Caeli waits until she is alone to answer me: "Two Sith?" Yes, Lana, whom you brought here, and her master, whom I brought here. "Ah bah ... no idea. If they don't. Don't blame the Jedi here too much, they're probably with Luraë and Jul'han. "Alright. Ships are disembarking, I guess you know? "Absolutely. I was thinking of using the destroyer's turrets to shoot down some ships." Uh ... I'm not sure they're all as they are ... "No big deal, the more, the better. ! "Ok I leave you. Good luck. "May the force be with you !" Hmm ... Thank you ... I'm heading towards the center of the bubble, towards the Force followers.

I then see Luraë who has fainted, spread out on a blanket. Lana by his side, and Jul'an seated in Luraë's place. Lana? Lana, can you hear me? “Huh, Phobias?” Yes, I learned to communicate like this, through combat meditation. “Are you still in the other Interdictor ship?” Yes. How is Luraë? "Well ... I'm not a doctor ... neither is Tifa either, but she suddenly stopped, and fell. I don't know what to do now. But she is still breathing." take care of it, even if it means losing something. She can always give it back to you, if she's alive. "Huh? I'm not sure ..." What about Jul'an? "The Jedi? He got into this state, and speaks little, briefly. But I think he's doing something, because I can see the gaping holes in the glass." He has to hold on, while we are gone. Caeli tries to put the crowd to arms, just to have a moment of respite. It will then be necessary to start the Link. I would come for repairs. "Tifa went to get you just now. I think she's going to take one of the ship's rescue shuttles, to meet you." Ah? Okay, well, if she wants ... "Phobias." Yes? "I'm worried about the lightning up there. It's not Tifa's ... and it's completely blocking the Link." What ...? Yes ! Shit. Indeed. The one who produces them is extremely intelligent: you wouldn't have told me, I would never have seen them. "But they're huge! How can you miss them ?!" I can't really see, I feel them. He covered it all up. This is why I had the impression that he had only made one attack: it was wrong, he was holding the Link in this position and ... OH! “What's wrong?” He was the one who called the fleets every time to destroy the Link! Lana, you're holding up, even if a cruiser sinks into the bond. Kiràly and I will take care of the problem. "Kiràly ?!" This time, I don't take the time to answer him: I put an end to my combat meditation, get up and run in the footsteps of Kiràly Kardféher.

Once this him is destroyed, we will remove the Link, and it will be fine. But until then, we can get skewered at any time!

The trouble is, I have no idea where it is ... I then walk randomly along the corridors, never stumbling upon a life form.
I arrive in a large room, the reserve of soldiers apparently, given the prisons that are next door. Suddenly, the Force calls out to me, and I throw myself face down on the ground. An entire hunter landing in real space crashes in the middle of the room, and would have cut me down completely if I hadn't hit the ground. The front of the ship crashes against the opposite wall, and a series of explosions occurs. I get up, jump up, and leave the room as quickly as possible. I move away, out of range of the explosion, and thanks to my pseudo-mastery of the flames, I push aside those who would have wanted to reach me. The blaze ending, I glance over the remains of the room. Everything is charred. Good bah ... we'll look elsewhere, then. I hasten to change direction, and retrace my steps - because I had reached a dead end.
In the course of my research, I hear other spatial elements violently penetrate the Interdictor. Ouch ouch ouch ... I don't want to stick around, me ... As I get into the elevator tube, I hear another sounding footstep. It comes from below. “Hééééééhoooooo!” This is Tifa's voice. "Tifa! It's me, Phobias!
- Where are you ?! she answers, apparently approaching the hollow cylinder. Ah, are you up there?
- Can you explain to me what you're doing here ?!
- Caeli being canarding as many ships as possible from the Link turrets, I thought you could hardly wait for her. No ?
- Lana told me you came by shuttle, where is she?
- On the same floor as me! Come down!
- I must find the Sith who caused all of this! I dispute. It seems that we see lightning around the Link, from the bubble.
- Definitely! Haven't you seen them? asks Tifa.
- That's what surprised me! Lana must have warned me, otherwise, I wouldn't have felt them!
- You're really short-sighted! I took explosives to blow up the destroyer, she warns me.
- What ??? !!! But it does not go !!!
- What do you want to do ? Track down a stashed guy, probably able to make herself invisible, while Lana might stay there on the other ship ?!
- Uh ... it's me where you start to want to save the Link? I worry.
- Caeli forced me to take them ... so let's go.
- It makes sense! Okay, I'm jumping! "Let's see ... thirty yards or so. I think that's going to do it. I take a big swing in the hallway, sprint like a freak, and shoot up the tube, towards the end wall. In the time to reach it, I easily lose ten meters in height. I turn around, feet towards the wall, and arrive on it. Unable to hang on, I push myself back, like a spring, into the wall. opposite direction, but slightly down. Head first, I go straight down the floor below, when I see Tifa directly. Surprised, seeing me pounce on her, she raises her arm, and emits a thundering series. His strength cuts my momentum off, and I fall on the remaining meter, vertically. A little earlier, and I would be in the void. But outch anyway! Once on the ground, Tifa approaches and shouts at me: " But are you okay? !! I thought he was the ship's Sith!
- It reminds me of something else ... I complain, getting up.
- Still, you seem a bit more resistant, recently.
"I have to, otherwise your training would have killed me," I send him back. Wow, will your face be okay?
- Don't tell me. As soon as we return to Korriban, I make sure to recover what this ... crazy, violently snatched from me.
- 'Didn't have time to go into the kolto vat?
- I would have tried, if only in part. But our reserves are empty. It will be necessary to put it back once at home.
- I would think...
- Well. Follow me, I put loads all over the starboard side of the cruiser. We have to finish the port side. "I nod, and we trot to the west side of the ship.

Placing charges only takes a short time for us, as we dodge the few sudden impalements that never seem to stop. Or almost, after ten minutes, an entire cruiser impales the upper beak of the Interdictor in which we are. “Well! Luckily we're downstairs!” Tifa comments. Time to fix the space, we notice that this shock has put an end to the lightning around the Link. "Ah ?! He would have been hit?
- We must take advantage of it, I remind him. Let's put down the last loads, and blow everything up when we leave.
- It's okay. The shuttle is not very far. And we only have two bombs left. It's still stupid, on the part of a Sith, to fall into his own trap, transfixed by what he himself brought!
- Unless KirĂ ly has settled his account ...
- What ?! Kiràly Kardfehér is here? !!! Tifa is surprised.
- I ran into him, yes, I say.
- And you tried to kill him, at least ?!
- Uh ...! I was fighting Ariana, before we understood that we were both looking for another person - namely the one who brought this ship - when KirĂ ly landed.
- You didn't kill her ?!
- But hey, she's Lana's sister! And I think that even you, you know that I will die against KirĂ ly!
- Aha ... so you ran away, like a coward ...
- No, we discussed ... We noticed the fleet in full landing, from a window of the cruiser. KirĂ ly left to hunt down the Sith again, Ariana raced straight to their ship, in case the Sith tried to steal them. And me ... well there you go, meditating to see how it goes, and I was looking for the Sith when I heard you.
- I do not believe it ! You made a deal with the Jedi! cries my master.
- But when are you going to understand this fact ?! KirĂ ly is not an enemy! I said.
- I remind you that he is one of the ten Jedi of Mains de Force, whom we owe it to ourselves to kill!
- Why ? Take his holocron he stole from Dromund Kaas? 'already done !
- But even, he's a Jedi, he must die!
- And Luraë, then, you did not kill her! I point out to him.
- Yes, but without her, I would lose Lana. But when the time comes, I won't miss it!
- Well the same. Without KirĂ ly, I would have lost the Link. So we are not killing any Jedi now, since you took care of Kala.
- What? But wait, Phobias, we get Lana back, and then we break up! she warns me.
- No: we are removing the charges that you potentially laid aboard the Link, before that. "The Sith stops - as we were heading to another position to plant a bomb - and I can read her face that I hit on target. "Lana is very important to you. So I acted accordingly to get it back. Do the same for me.
- Can you explain to me what is your link with the Link? retorts my master.
- I am the founder. "

My answer dismays Darth Tifa. She places herself in combat stance, and lights her lightsaber: "Traitor!
- What do you mean ? I did not betray you !!!
- Already, you returned to vouvoyer me, thus proving your distance. After that, it is betrayal in the face of the Empire!
- It's wrong !! The Link works both ways! There are also Republicans who later joined the Empire!
- I don't believe a word of it. Impossible, with a Jedi at the head! Tifa spits at me.
- The real heads are my sisters and me! Luraë brought her wisdom and her knowledge to accompany the lost. Sahino and Mélona are absolutely incapable of doing this, and no one would have taken my advice.
- Yeah ... we agree on that, concedes Tifa.
- Why do you think I told you to act like a Jedi here? I don't want what I built five years ago to be destroyed.
- So it was you who assembled this ship? Tifa asks me in a more curious tone.
- The carcass, I just sealed it off. On the other hand, for the bubble, yes, it's me. I have thus greatly developed my mastery of the Force since I was twelve years old.
- You only have seventeen? Yeah ... logical. And that explains your level compared to other academics, notes Tifa.
- Please. Or rather, please: put this gun away for me. I don't want to fight you. "Tifa then stares at me, eye to eye. Ten seconds. Twenty seconds. Thirty seconds. Then I feel her discomfort, due to my eyes. She turns her head to the ground, and turns off. his lightsaber. ”Out of the total, I should be able to strike a balance that makes my feeling good towards you. But know that what you did is still ...
- It was that or death. The Link's first customer is me. ”She raises her head, nods silently, and we resume walking towards one final point.
We put this last load, and go to the hangars, where is the shuttle borrowed by my master to come here. She opens the airlock door, and so we see in front of us hangar fourteen, devastated by hunter inlays. "Shit ! Shuttle !!!
- Oh no ... it's not true ... "I add. The only way to get back is now in flames, in front of us. I look up into space, past the hangar, and among the space battle, I see a defender coming out of a nearby hangar. " KirĂ ly and Ariana have just left in their ship, I announce.
- You are really bad luck to me, Phobias ...
- In a cruiser like this, there must be emergency shuttles, escape pods ?! I try.
- Yes, Phobias ... answers Tifa, desperate.
- Well, don't look like that, we'll use one! I said.
- I destroyed them all, Phobias ... I wanted to prevent whoever brought the Interdictor from running away ... "It's not true !!!!! We are cursed !! Obviously, it took a bit of intelligence to turn against us !!! I blow a big blow. Then inhale very loudly. I light my sabers, and in a cry of rage, I cut into the wall next to it. It's no use, Phobias ...
- I'd rather let off steam on that than on you ...
- Yeah, you're right. "She gets up and approaches the wall:" My turn. "She hits it with all her Strength, to let off steam as well. The metal portion shatters, and leaves a passage to hangar thirteen. It also seems slightly cluttered with space elements that have been raining for some time. But in the center stands a Fury class ship, intact. We blink. Several times. Isn't that true? !! "Phobias , you only try your luck once!
- I follow you ! "We then run towards this hope fallen from the sky, or almost. The catwalk is open. We enter it. No alarm, no trap, nothing. Tifa melts on the controls as I cross the rooms quickly. Empty. Finally. , normal, what. No one on board. I go back to the cockpit and say, "This must be the Sith ship. But he's not in it!
- Yeah, it's okay and everything. Well, well, we're not going to deprive ourselves! ”Tifa lights the engines, folds down the gangway, and makes the machine take off.

We leave the Interdictor, and I see with my own eyes the lightning that encircles the Link, as well as the lightning that travels through the beak of this Interdictor. Finally, the lower part - from which we are fleeing - because the upper part was skewered by a Republican battleship. The chaos of fighting is on the other side, and we stay out of reach. Tifa hands me the detonator, as she approaches the Link. I take five seconds of meditation, to search for the Link commands. Yes, the shield is still active.
"Is it for explosions or shooting stars that we have to make a wish?
- The shooting stars, Phobias. But we can afford it, for today.
- Then choose well! "I set off the explosives. A series of detonations explodes the flanks of the Interdictor, who shatters little by little. Those who reach the Link are stopped by the shield, and Tifa dodges those who do. would come a little too close to us. Just to fill the silence - and to show that she is able to pilot and do something else at the same time - Tifa asks me: "What will we do with this ship?
- Well ... the Empire shouldn't get it back, right?
- Right away, the other ... I thought you had the same idea as me, on this subject, she retorts, lowering the handle.
- That is to say ?
- Rename this ship, and officially make it yours. I think you deserve it.
- Ah well uh ...
- You're not going to tell me that you want to miss the opportunity? she emphasizes.
- It works. "We contemplate the explosions of the Interdictor occurring out of nowhere, as the immobilizing lightning fades. Tifa leads us to the hangar next to that of her own Fury, and lands there.

I immediately climb into the Link's control booth, Tifa following me closely.
Once in the room, in front of the glass, facing a dashboard, we recognize two Jedi: Ariana and KirĂ ly. The latter calls out to me: "Hi Phobias! We've just arrived, and KirĂ ly is trying to get the Link out, but ...
- There is a security system, I cut it. Leave it to me, I say to them, approaching.
- Please. "Kiràly answers me. Tifa remained five meters from us. While I type the codes on the console, she stares at Kardfehér, who sends her back once she feels spied on." No fighting here, I tell them.
- All my greetings, Miss Tifa, adds KirĂ ly, bowing.
- I guess no one is ignoring Empire-Republic relations at the moment. So you will all understand my feeling about this situation.
- The only one you can kill here is Ariana, unless you go after your own apprentice.
- What ? Do you think she can beat me ?! Ariana is surprised.
- She's much more powerful than you think. But my presence here is enough to make people listen to reason.
- And we have no reason to fight, I said.
- Besides the usual formalities of war, adds Tifa. If starting a fight would be suicidal for me, there's nothing stopping you from doing so, Jedi!
- Me, yes: you stole my sister! Ariana adds.
- Let your sister be what she wants to be, I inform her.
- And bah precisely! I remind you that Darth Tifa manipulated her, and erased her memory to join you, you and the ... well, the Sith, what, corrects Ariana.
- Let fate do the right thing. The legitimate links will come back on their own, advises him Sabers Blancs.
- On this point, I have nothing to complain about, adds Tifa.
- But ... it's my sister, anyway !!
- You didn't understand anything about family ties, sighs the Jedi.
"You can explain it to him again later," I warned him. What is written on the console on the far right?
- Uh ... fuel gauges, and the like ... describes Tifa to me after approaching. Everything looks in order.
- Hang on then, interprets KirĂ ly.
- I was going to say it, I complete.
"Let's get out of here !!" Ariana finishes. I fire up the hyperdrive motors, and point in a completely different direction. Just at the other end of the solar system, just to take a short break.

After coming out of the subliminal space, and the original structure of the Link, we join the crowds of the Link, to reassure everyone. My sisters begin to bring the world together, reassure, and the like, as the Force-worshipers come to the center.

Although Tifa is distant and follows us, I feel that she does not support this situation very much, and that at the same time, it is the best relationship that she has had with Jedi, to my knowledge. Lana not included. In the distance I see Jul'an, seated, and a few meters further on, Lana, watching over Luraë. This one sees us arriving, and hails us away: "Youhou !!
- It's us! "I answer. But she has just seen the two Jedi following us. Ariana turns to me and inquires:" Is she ... my sister?
- Go see her "KirĂ ly and I tell him. Surprised by this coordination, we look at each other for a moment, before resuming the walk. Ariana increases the pace to join her sister. Once next to her, she kneels down and says to her: "You ... well, I ... raaah! I don't know how to say it ...
- Then just say it! Caeli swings as he arrives from the other side.
- Is ...
- Don't worry, Ariana, Lana reassures her. I found my answer ...
- How's Luraë? Kiràly worries when she arrives.
- Uh ... well, she is ... stammering the one who took care of her.
- She's fine, complete Master Jul'han. I took over in time. But I wouldn't last forever.
"As long as you stay long enough before we break up," Tifa sends him back, raising an eyebrow.
"We'll take care of the repairs in the meantime," I inform everyone. We must do without the barriers of Force.
- And how do you plan to do it, smart guy ?! reminds me of Caeli.
- That's right: there are no workers here, Ariana adds.
- No shipyard nearby, well, I think, Lana adds.
- No need ! Far from it, if I am to believe your words, protests Tifa.
- Yes, I will take care of the repairs myself. "My proposal makes more than one laugh, but KirĂ ly resumes, seriously:" The Force allows many things. If I can lend a hand, don't hesitate.
- If I have something to say in this, it is that I would need some support to sustain myself. With that, I would last a week, but not more, warn Jul'an.
"That will be more than enough," I warned him. Okay, uh, I'm changing the subject, but ... but is there anyone among you who could heal wounds? It's not really for me, it's especially for the one who fought well, and deserves her facelift.
- What? Ah well, uh, yes, good ...
- Don't worry, Tifa, continues Kiràly. Luraë will take care of you and anyone who needs it.
- But she hasn't woken up since she went into a trance, Lana worries.
- She is a Ysanna, she is from Ossus. She is a descendant of the Jedi of the Great Sith War, Kiràly explains. Her people possess instinctive Force bending, and if she feels it, her body will awaken, alerted to the use of the Force. "He blows lightly with the Force, guiding this wave with his hand. Luraë appears to be moving slightly, and finally regains consciousness. " Everything is fine ?
- I thought that a council of incompetents had forbidden to see me? she retorts, smiling.
- And although they growl, if they want to ... "Luraë gets up with the help of the huge Jedi, and sees us all gathered." No need to look like this, I'm fine!
- You scared me when you stopped your trance, you can't even imagine! Lana concedes.
- Oooh yes, I imagine, she corrects, looking at the one supporting her. Okay, give me two seconds ... "She performs a few movements with her hands, and Force gleams appear around her. Those streaks of light spin around her skin, and upon contact, return to her body, her original vitality. In an instant, Luraë has recovered all her form. She stands up straight, then turns to Tifa: "Hello everyone! It is going much better. And you, come! "Tifa takes a little reassured step forward, and Luraë stretches her arms up to her face. Other gleams are born from her palms, to erase the scars on Tifa's face. This time again. , Luraë heals with remarkable skill. " Are there others? Phobias?
- Nah, me, I just took it in the face, but it's okay ...
- That's right, just say I'm a poor opponent! Ariana replies.
- Did you fight? Lana is surprised.
- Some people are still full of surprises, and I advise you not to tempt them, KirĂ ly told him.
- Or: how to tell you nicely that you are weaker than him! launches Caeli.
- All the same, there's a hijacking of words there! Jul'an remarks, laughing.
- Don't worry, we'll get revenge, me too, I'm trying to become stronger than him! Lana adds.
- Well, you know what. The other hysteric of the Hands of Force is dead. I've had my dose, I'm going to rest, Tifa concluded as she left.
- It was about time, adds KirĂ ly.
- Huh? But did you really want her dead ?! Lana adds.
- Kala hasn't been a Jedi for some time, Luraë defends him.
- Uh, is it me, or am I the only one who understood his words like "it was time to go to rest"? I point out.
- No, I thought he couldn't stand Tifa any longer! "Ariana quips with a burst of laughter. And indeed, laughter is contagious. White Sabers then comments:" I am appallingly humiliated ...
- But no ... at worst, it does not matter, the facts remain there, reassures Luraë.
- Well, that's not all, but I thought I heard that some things had to be fixed, right? resumes Caeli.
- Thank you ! Right, I'm going there right away! I remember.
- I follow you, adds KirĂ ly.
- Those who are not at the top, come see me, history that I look after everyone. Including you, Phobias.
- Well, uh, I warn everyone with Caeli and ... KirĂ ly? I hesitate.
- Don't force yourself to look for a mark of respect, I don't need it, he said to me, realizing my embarrassment.
- Well, I'm going to the gazebo, she warns me before going there.
- Well, well ... I'm not going to change my plan, I smell, announces Lana.
- Yeah, great! I have a little kitten to take care of me! joking Jul'an
- And we have things to say, completes Ariana.
- Thanks, girls, I add before turning him to the Jedi. Jul'an ... without you, the Link would never have stood.
- Don't thank me, Phobias. Come on, go. You've got a week, if not, I'll kick your ass before space does!
- It works! "With that, begins the repairs of the Link.

As soon as we have started to gather people, Caeli asks me to go for treatment. Finally, my injuries what. Kiràly knowing exactly which they are, I could not hide that the few falls did not maintain my form ... The pilot warns me that she begins to prepare repair plans, just to see and everything, how to organize all of this. Reassured that things are in good hands, I then head for the belvedere of Luraë.

I avoid the passage of people, to get there, and reach the structure in the forest in about fifteen minutes. I then take the time to contemplate the architecture for which I have nothing to do with it. Natural curves, very relaxing, and united with the flora that surrounds it. As I get lost in my dreams while visiting the house, a very familiar voice now calls out to me: "I knew you would come back.
- It was Caeli who insisted on it, I inform Luraë.
- Yes, she cares more about you than you might think. Without implication, of course!
- Yes, she's too free to get attached ... especially to a guy like me, I admit.
- Come on ... Come here, sit down, she asks me, pointing to the stone ledge where she has already sat.
- Okay. "I sit calmly, and I feel my shyness taking over during this little moment." Relax, Phobias. "I try to breathe a bit, but she and I notice that it doesn't change much. As she Force searches for my few injured spots, she asks," It's because that I am a Jedi?
- Huh? Uh ... no ... It must be ... well, no, I better shut up.
- I understand, reassures me Luraë. Finally, I don't know much about you.
- Ah? I thought I had become famous when I came to Lien.
- Oh that. Yes, well, we know. But knowing a person, having talked to them, and everything ... it's different.
- I agree...
- So, Phobias. It seems that KirĂ ly gave you one of his sabers?
- Yes, while I lost, he could have finished me - and our aim was to kill him at the time - but he gave me his overkill weapon. And even today, I thank him for it.
- You have to consider it entirely yours, okay? she adds.
- I think I would have a hard time getting used to it. But I don't like to talk about myself. You, what ...
- You can talk to me, as well as KirĂ ly, Phobias.
- Yes, excuse me, Luraë. Anyway ... and you?
- Me ? I spent my time on the battlefield treating the wounded. In short, that was it, or the administrative corridors before the fighting, where I read vague reports. Interestingly, I ended up finding the Link. I met your sisters, and threw out some Jedi who were meant to make it a Republic stronghold. Your sisters called me for help, and after reading the stele, where you carved the ideas that made you build the Link, I told myself that I couldn't leave it like this.
- I should have stayed to take care of it ...
- It's okay, Phobias. We cannot go back. Anyway, I got rid of the Jedi quickly, except for one: Jul'an. He seemed more open, and more stubborn, too. So I made him read the tablet. He hung up immediately, and told me he will have to stay, because of the leaks. Caeli, who had brought me the first time, continued back and forth.
- Yes, it was she who discovered the ship, and who allowed me to survive during the construction of the bubble.
- Here. I continued the development, so that it gives what it is now. Okay, are you better now? "I turn my shoulders and move slightly." Ah yes, it's all gone. Thank you very much, Luraë.
- You're welcome ... I feel you want to tell me something, right?
- Um yes. How did you manage to talk to me, when I almost died?
- You weren't going to die, Phobias. KirĂ ly messed you up, but he never kills those for whom he feels a ... little extra.
- Ah? What do you mean ? I ask him, surprised.
- Oh, I think you'll find the answer for yourself. But if you talk about the faculty of KirĂ ly ... tell yourself that he is really big on a lot of points.
- He's downright inhuman, even!
"He's a nagai, so yes, by definition he's not human," she informs me.
- Ah? I did not know. That explains her pale complexion and her dark eyes.
- It remains very large, even for a nagai, anyway!
- The reverse would have surprised me! Indeed! "We smile for five seconds, then calm returns. I stand up slowly. Luraë adds:" Something is bothering you, Phobias.
- It always has been.
- Yes, but this is more powerful. And it is in connection with this place.
- Well ... how to say ... your intervention, on Taris ...
- Yes ?
- And here...
- If it's just to say thank you, you know, it's nothing.
- No that's not it ! Finally, yes, of course! I can't thank you enough ... but actually ... I'm looking for someone, what.
- It's nicely expressed ... You want to keep something?
- That's it: I can't stay here, although I would have liked to. And I don't wanna ... lose you. By sight, I catch up. Finally, you understand ...
- Yes, Phobias, don't worry.
- Why am I in the Empire?
- A coincidence, should I say ... Your birth took place in a ship from Tython, for your information. "I remain silent for a moment, then resume:" It does not change much. This is a story between Jil'GĂ©a Orrodia and Kaoc Orrodia. Not me.
- Your mother had another last name, you know?
- Did you know her?
- It ? No. But his name, yes: Draay.
- She never said that ...
- Do some research on it, you'll understand. But the fact remains the same.
- Yes. I am compelled to serve the Empire now. And you, you have the chance to fight for the Republic.
- I'll admit one thing to you. Do you know why both KirĂ ly and I are in this situation, namely helping the Sith, directly or indirectly?
- You are talking about me ?
- Yes. Sounds strange, right?
- And I don't have the answer. However, I will not complain about it.
- We are not fighting for the Republic.
- Pardon ?!
- We are fighting for an ideal. For a future. There are things in the Empire, as in the Republic, that must be destroyed, because they eat away at souls. Evil has no camp, Phobias. Your fight in the heart of the Empire is difficult, but obvious, in the eyes of the wise, the true. Ours, if it may seem simpler, is however much harder to find. It doesn't matter whether the Empire or the Republic wins. What we all three want - perhaps unconsciously for you - is for the victor to bring peace, and good for his people.
- Yes, but...
- The Empire wouldn't? No doubt ... there will be more things to move. But it will surely be easier than in the Republic. This is why people like you, Lana and Tifa, have to live, within the Empire. If he wins, you will be the glimmer of a bright future.
- But if we win, what will happen to you? What about you?
- The winner is chosen. And I trust you. "I lower my shoulders completely. Confidence, eh? Raaah ... even I, sometimes, I think I can only fail. And there it is a Jedi telling me to go straight ahead. " I saw a recording of you and KirĂ ly. You spoke of the dead, within the Hands of Strength, so that some others join the light. You have a specific idea, don't you?
- I'm sorry Phobias ... but I never said that. Even less in KirĂ ly.
- Huh?
- Yes, he will not bear the idea of ​​having to kill for others to follow him. That's why he doesn't want any apprentice: he's already killed too much. And there's no recorder on Tython - or very few, which we easily dodge - or where I try to chat one-on-one with him. So I confess that it seems to me ... strange.
- I understand ... "Tifa, you see? It's a faked recording. I'm about to go out, when finally, I turn around and join the Jedi, who smiles at me:" Dare to say what you have to say .
- I dare not use words. I suck, in words. I always say the important things wrong.
- If you say so. But I didn't have proof. Go another way, if you want.
- Alright ... Damn.
- What is it ?
- I just thought of something: Jedi are forbidden to love, right?
- Yeah ... more or less. That's why my name is Luraë Kivansag.
- Ah. No, excuse me, I don't see the connection there ...
- The Jedi Council refused my union with KirĂ ly, and besides, they send us on missions far apart, with other people, in the hope that they will make us forget one of the other.
- Who ... King ?!
- Yes. I am, unofficially, the wife of Kiràly Kardfehér.
- Huh? But you ... He's definitely older!
- He's only thirty-four, you know. And I have thirty-three. "Gloups. It is not true ?? !!! thirty-three? !!!! But we would have said that she would be my age !!" Did you think I was seventeen, Phobias?
- Hey ! It's not funny when you read my mind!
- Oh, please don't start talking to me about it! But yes, indeed, I look young. "I stand there, disgusted, not knowing what to do. She gets up and approaches me, before taking my hand calmly." My daughter is a little younger than you.
- You have a daughter ? She must be ... beautiful. And gifted in the Force!
- Alas no. She'll never be a Jedi, she got none of that.
- That must have made you weird, right?
- Not really. It comforts us in the idea that we must act for it, and not the other way around.
- Your positivism is admirable.
- Obliged, if you had lived what I lived. "The silence then fills the room, and I look down without being able to do anything." Phobias. You remain a person that I appreciate a lot, when I learn about you. As I said, we can always continue. KirĂ ly knows very well that I will never cheat on him, so you don't have to worry if you are afraid that he will take it badly.
- Uh ... I'm not sure I understood the end of the sentence.
- Tell yourself you have to find a better girl than me. In the meantime, I can serve as your best friend, and confidante, if needed.
- Better than you ?! But...
- Oh, stop flattering me "she adds, laughing. But I'm more depressed than anything else. She comes closer to me, puts herself in front, and takes my sad face in her hands. . " I don't like to see the tears come. And even less when I am responsible for it.
- I can't, don't worry ...
- I would not tell you to give me a smile: that would underline that I would not understand you, basically. On the other hand, what I do know is that there are some who are waiting for you, on the walls of the bubble. "I nod. Raise my head, and try to leave. But I feel that it's hard. Luraë has felt it, so she comes closer, and hugs me for a few seconds. " A little bit of courage. "I stand there without being able to do anything. She stops and continues:" Come on, fly, now. "I nod my head, and walk outside with new energy.

finds KirĂ ly and Caeli outside. It feels weird, working with Republicans, for something ... anti-faction, sort of. A few volunteers help us, but I find myself doing most of the work. The first operation was a big surprise: a respirator on my face, the sabers drawn, I cause flames, which allow me to weld the glass plates together. KirĂ ly uses the Force to smooth them, while I hold his second white saber with his first - which is now mine - to facilitate the sparks. Partial control of a temporary fire. Or how to see Caeli, speechless as ever. But his talents remain useful to us in many ways. She leads the few men and women who do the repairs very well, and her knowledge of space, physics, and more, guides us through the book.

We are advancing at a remarkable speed. In just two days, we finished fixing the Link, including the imperfections to be addressed since its first foundation. I will always remember Jul'an's reply when he was told he could stop protecting the link: "What, already ?! Ah bah no! I barely took advantage of having two beautiful young women in the room. My service! So damn, eh, you're gouging me out, and we won't fix it for another month! "It was the most contagious laugh I've ever known.

Tifa generally remains distant, silent, but does not hinder us. She takes part in the laughter, and the like, but I can tell her Sith duty is tugging at her. And I still can't believe it that I managed to convince her to play the Jedi while we were on the Link. Ariana and her sister have spent a lot of time together making up for lost time. I wouldn't say because of Tifa, as Lana has come to terms with the facts completely. Finally, in appearance. Afterwards, I'm not in his head. What I'm sure is that it's officially Lana, and LĂ©ana for close friends. It seems that I am one of them ...
KirĂ ly, he remains particularly calm, as usual. I lost sight of him several times, by the way. For my part, impossible to go unnoticed, all the Link thanked me many times, wanted to learn more, etc. In short, an hour of glory. And like the one in my dream, I wasn't particularly comfortable. But it didn't go too badly after all.

After the third day party, we changed the destination coordinates of the Link. He no longer travels the same circuit, and thus, we will not fall back on it. Finally, that's what everyone hopes. Kiràly confessed to me discreetly that he was still alive. But as he has White Sabers on his heels, he is now too busy to come back. Alas, my remark failed to elicit a smile from Kardfehér.

The latter must be particularly shy, moreover. Or very respectful towards me: I have never seen him do anything worthy of a couple with Luraë. Besides a deep kindness, but we can do it without being in love, deep down. I don't know if he does it on purpose for me, but I thank him anyway: it doesn't completely break me, like that.

It is finally the day of departure, the fourth since the affiliated adventures, and many are leaving the Link. The three Sith that we are, first - notably Tifa, who seems to have been waiting for this moment for a long time - but also Jul'an. Finally, he will come back, according to his words: he loves the Link too much. And in case anything needs to be done. Kiràly has not one, but tons of missions to accomplish, so her vacation is over. Ariana less, but she has to go too. If I have understood correctly in the meantime, she must leave Kiràly alone. That's why she leaves with Caeli. Luraë remains at Lien. His defender is collecting dust there, but we can't really afford to lose it. She wants to ensure that the haven of peace remains one. My sisters Sahino and Mélona are staying a little while, they will probably leave later, and will take over the business as usual. And me ... well ...

All things considered, it is perhaps for me, that the separation is hard. "Just tell yourself that the Ysannas are incompatible with humans, only with close-humans! That's why she is with a Nagai. ”Caeli said to me. But apparently, this sentence made her pass for an idiot in the eyes of Luraë and Kiràly. No doubt they implied that she had to sit with me, being a beautiful human herself - albeit… slightly cyber - with blond hair. But hey, from the top of her twenty-eight years, and her excessive freedom, neither she nor I think that is really possible.
Luraë, however, gave me a small object: a crystal pendant. No doubt a lightsaber crystal, but not to be used as such: it contains some data, which may be useful to me in difficult hours. I thanked her as best I could - that is to say not much, unfortunately - and Kiràly promised to take over, if and when necessary. With this compensation, I leave with a not too heavy heart, aboard Tifa's Fury.
Because yes, my mental state does not really allow me to pilot. LĂ©ana is therefore delighted to be able to try her hand at the controls. Finally, it seems that my Fury seems downright gloomy. I know what I would have to do when I get home, then.

So during the hyperstatial trip, I chat with the only other person on board: Tifa. "Glad to come back?
- You can't imagine how much!
- I felt slightly that you were not comfortable there, I admit.
- Yeah ... Luraë too, apparently, she adds.
- At the same time ... what can we hide from him?
- I wouldn't answer that question.
- Okay, fine, it's okay. And then damn ... in fact, I shouldn't have brought up the subject. "Tifa remains focused, so I try to furnish to change the subject:" I must admit that I was worried about your attitude .
- I beg your pardon ?!!
- No, don't take it like that! Is that I told you to act more like Jedi, on the Link, and honestly, I would not have believed that you would have done it ...
- Still! Well, let's be honest until the end: it was hard.
- I am sorry...
- Do not worry. I'm going to act like a Sith now, Tifa warns me.
- Very good. I'm just your apprentice, after all. "My master still remains in his concentration, staring at the passing stars. My curiosity finally leads me to ask," And what are you going to do when you get home?
- My Sith duty. "

The Throne Room from The Dead Light. On Korriban. At the top of a dark tower. A large, empty room with a seat topped at the back, facing the only visible exit. Several towering marches lead to the guild master, Darth Jossaac. The event drew a crowd, and other members of The Dead Light followed us into the bedroom, causing widely visible discomfort, mixed with surprise, from the head of the guild.
Handcuffed, unarmed, thrown on the steps at Jossaac's feet, I find myself forcibly bent on the ground. Behind me is my jailer, Darth Tifa: "Lord Jossaac, I bring you here present a traitor to the Empire !! "

The astonishment reaches the crowd which moves away, while remaining out of reach. The called party stands up, and in a condescending tone, answers, "What does this masquerade mean ?! Darth Tifa, if you have anything to send me, send it to my officer Darth Phenhor!"
- I think his presence underlines the importance of the facts, right? remarks Darth Ryukai, who is leaning discreetly against a column, not far from the stage.
- TA GUUUUEEEEEUUUUUULE !!!!!! " Lord Jossaac yells at him. After a period of silence, he resumes: "Only I am authorized to speak here, unless I give you the floor.
- If I may, Dark Jossaac, then intervenes his second, an accusation of treason is of sufficient magnitude for you to be directly summoned.
- Yes, Phenhor. And since we are there, let's go. What the hell did Phobias do?
- Well, many things, answers Tifa. First of all, he is the founder of a vessel, and especially of the organization called the Link, with a special vocation. I will explain it in detail in my report, but know that at its head is a Jedi, named Luraë Kivansag. The vocation of the Lien is to put people back on their right path, globally.
- It starts badly, indeed ... Basically, he allowed the creation of other traitors? Jossaac notes.
- Not really. Subsequently, he came face to face with the Jedi Ariana Ject and Kiràly Kardfehér, with whom he made a truce.
- What ??? !!! wonders the master of The Dead Light.
- But understand me! We had a common goal, and trying to defeat them would have led to my death! I explain to myself.
- I will make you regret having rejected this choice, he answers.
- It's not over, Lord Jossaac ...
- It is Dark !! he corrects Tifa violently.
- Yes. But there are other acts, which should not be neglected, on her part, she continues.
- What do you mean ?
"Well, Darth Jossaac, you can imagine that if it had been just this, I wouldn't need you to judge him," Tifa informs him.
- Judge him? Well ... well ... well, continue, orders Jossaac.
- Besides that, as we were going to lose the Sith Darth Lana, he made sure that she did not betray us, and therefore joined the Empire for good. Then, in addition to his ardor in the fight - especially against Ascleyos - which could be promising, he has already saved several Sith from the clutches of death, thus preventing the Empire from losing influential members. I would like to remind you in passing that he is part of the Orrodia family, which is an exploitable element for our guild. And finally, very important fact: he has acquired Jedi knowledge, and can use it against the Republic, in a very effective way. This technique is combat meditation, Bastila Shan's fetish ability. I myself have seen it in action, and the results are very convincing, namely that we will be able to line up victories much more easily now. "Tifa then stops speaking. Head down, j "Wait for the hall to speak. Whispers slip from mouth to mouth among the crowd. Phenhor seems to be approaching his only superior, when the latter stands up:" Fuck it.
- What? Dark Phenhor is surprised.
- About what ? Tifa asks.
- Unless that's the overall result ...? offers Phenhor.
- No no: of these last facts, specifies Jossaac. It is time, you bunch of incompetents, that you understand that I am the only one able to decide on this. And I alone see correctly what should be done, in this situation.
- Uh ... fine, and what do you suggest, Darth Jossaac? "Tifa worries. But he doesn't answer her. The Sith goes down a few steps, to get right above me. His saber lights up. , causing me to lift my head. " Only death can regulate such an act. I had however specified that I would be uncompromising on this point! "The sentence now official, all look at each other, not quite knowing what to do." What, Ryukai ?! Do you have something to say? !!
- I beg your pardon, Lord Jossaac? he retorts.
- I saw you nod your head and look down !! reminds him of the one leader.
- But anyway, take his defense Tifa, what is it ...
- You, the bitch who can't handle two swords: THE FARM !!! " spit the Sith in front of me. Once the silence is done, he then solemnly raises his weapon, ready for execution. And performs his gesture.

But I am still aware. The very recognizable sound of sliced ​​flesh is heard. Having suffered nothing, I raise my head. Jossaac's head expresses surprise and disgust. Hunched over me, he finally pulls away, and crumbles to the ground, leaving room for Dark Phenhor right behind him. "It will not be so.
- Phenhor! How can you dare ?? !!!! Jossaac asks, getting up painfully.
"You have been wielding power in a tyrannical way for too long, against your allies," Lord Phenhor explained.
- We can't trust anyone! spits the injured. But then you ... you dare me challenge !!
- Alas, Jossaac, I think that I am not the only one to think that you have now gone ... much too far. ”The Sith, not believing his eyes, he recoils awkwardly, and finally leans on a Hall pole. He sees Ryukai on his right, and says: "No, but look at this! Are you going to let Phenhor take my place, when he never showed you respect?
- Don't think so well ... "Ryukai then lights his red blades, causing Jossaac to flee, who falls on his back, a little further. The haughty look, Dark Ryukai makes him understand the resentment that Jossaac has cultivated by the reports he has woven in the guild. The weakened moves back, to outrun the Sith, when he is stopped by the feet of the crowd. Lifting his head, he then sees Namorodo. Putting his hand on his saber, Jossaac then feels the end of a blaster on his temple, accompanied by a tut-tut-tut of disapproval. The Sith escapes by a small wave of Force, and finds himself calm, in the center of the crowd, Tifa in front of him. The latter makes the thunderbolt vibrate between his fingers, an inquiring expression. Realizing that his time is over, he gets up and tries to leave. A double saber flies out and cuts off his arm, before returning to Khanthesis' hands. Screaming in pain, Jossaac turns around, his eyes bloodshot. ent their respective weapons, to make him understand their feelings. The Sith then fled limping, accusing shocks from the few weapons that hit him, before falling through the window opposite. A moment of calm is then felt in the throne room, and LĂ©ana dares a "He will not come back?
- He has his chances of survival, explains Darth Valerius. But no, I don't think we'll see him again anyway. "They all turn their gaze to the geocenter of the room.

Darth Phenhor steps back, climbs the steps, and sits on the throne, in Jossaac's place. “Well, now, I officially announce, the dissolution of The Dead Light guild.” He leaves a time, for that calm returns, while giving intensity to his words.

"I am now founding my own guild, which I call the Kheir of the Dark Iskhys, which is us!" he adds. Always to keep this solemn momentum, he takes the time between each of his proposals. "Let’s shine this past, so we can move on !! No longer behind that jerk Jossaac, but behind me!" A few chatterers exchange a word or two. Taking a deep breath, the new guild master proclaims his sentence, echoing throughout the room, and without any movement being felt immediately, with these words: "

Bow down before me !!!

- It's already done. "I answer then. Phenhor then lowers her head to look at me, already on her knees from the start. He widens a smile, and finally bursts out laughing. And this frank laughter contaminates the whole room, under the remark thus made.

After easily five minutes of common joy, the sitting Sith resumes: "Well, it's been a while ! Ah ah ah ah ah !!! And I honestly hoped that none of you would obey me on this one. Because yes, I take the reins, but I do not want to be the only one. "This news surprises more than one, arousing the curiosity of the others.

"Darth Ryukai, by the wisdom of your silence, you have become an irreplaceable mark of the guild. You who made this place livable, and made it clean for our organization, I will ask you to sit with me, to rebuild a place of respect. and mutual aid for each member! " The city then advances, makes a polite curtsy, then joins the right of Phenhor, standing.

"Darth Tifa, your exploits are manifold, and I will only name the assassinations you have shown. Likewise, you are by far the most powerful, in Force research, among all of us. You must join me. in the upper sphere. " Tifa, strongly interested, raises an eyebrow, and decides to go up to join him after having nodded.

The trapped Sith automatically comes out of the crowd and stands right next to me. ”What about me?” Asks Dark Khanthesis.
- Well, what? Darth Phenhor sends him back.
"I feel I should deserve a place as high as yours, for I am your master, Phenhor!" reminds him of the trappu.
- Yes ... you were my master, but you are no longer, says the Sith on the throne. I no longer have fate above me, as when I was your apprentice. Time has changed, and no one can claim to be my master anymore, as I speak to you!
"If we exclude the Emperor himself, Dark Malgus and others ..." Tifa said discreetly.
"Yes, I admit that as allies we owe it to ourselves to obey them," Darth Phenhor admits. And it is precisely on this point that we must clarify, Lord Khanthesis. Are you with me, or against me? ”Khanthesis then grits his teeth. He prepares to draw his double saber, but all stares at him in disapproval.“ Reasons are not enough to fight, traitor. potentially, comments Phenhor. But, since you were part of The Dead Light, you have the right to join Jossaac.
- Rather die !!! claims the Sith.
- I like to hear you say that. So, like everyone else, you are welcomed into KSI, if that is your choice. And like every member of the KSI, you will have the right to speak, to be listened to, and taken into account, with wisdom. "Dark Khanthesis, resumes a normal posture, and nods his head, before joining the crowd in a big step to the side. , with an air of dissatisfaction ...

"Although the black circle has only three members at this time, it can grow according to the actions of each one. And for starters, I think we have a curiosity about life that needs to be addressed." Phenhor then nods in my direction, "Combat meditation? That's a formidable power, and it would be a shame if he passed on to Republicans, or perished in the clutches of death.
- Would I be entitled to a stay? I ask without believing it.
- Oh yes. And a sacred one. I would love to take you under my wing, temporarily, to see this ability in action. Of course, that would be done with Tifa's consent, he said, turning to her.
- So I would come, so as not to miss a training session with my apprentices!
- No problem. By the way, Ryukai! If you want to pick one, don't hesitate! "Phenhor sends him. But the Sith only responds with a nod, meaning he's fine, alone.

Everything is now settled, Dark Phenhor then resumes:

" May the Kheir of the Dark Iskhys allow the Empire to defeat all those who stand in its way !! "

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