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    SWTOR - The Legion Chronicles

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    It has been a long time since I last published an intervention in the Players' Tribune. Here today to make up for a real novel that brings me Nightwolf of the Legion guild. The story follows the course of the game, featuring characters encountered at random during quests. Regarding the heroes of the guild, they increase as the guild recruits!





    The Cellar

    • Chapter 1: Quarantine
    • Chapter 2: Sector 17
    • Chapter 3: Perfidy

    A rainy evening on Coruscant, ecumenopolis, physical and political center of the galaxy.

    Not far from the spaceport of Olunn an old transformed bar, is used as residence with the guild "Legion" known in the galaxy to be made up of a band of enigumènes of all races and all the planets until the outer edge. With the latest events in the galaxy the concern reigns and all the members join the hideout.

    That's it, Caeln comes home, a big cigar in his mouth, soaked to the bone in short, in a bad mood.

    Caeln: Hey company, fucking shit time, you would have seen the line at the spaceport, they were announcing 1h30 guys .... I swear to you, it just opened up that it's already a mess. Have the others returned from the Jedi temple?

    In the room Tcheby nods no.

    Caeln: arfffff, what a day ...

    A few hours earlier, Skywen and Nightwolf, accompanied by Billia left for the Jedi temple.
    The council was meeting urgently and the craziest rumors were already circulating in the lowlands, we had seen the army of the Republic particularly agitated, and most of the spaceports had been closed without further explanation.
    News from the front had not been very good for some time, and the Sith had been particularly active, to the point that missions, so rare not so long ago, were becoming more and more frequent.

    Caeln: "Where is Tilu?"

    Tcheby: "left to look for Boga Noga * it will be soon

    Caeln: "again ???, has she already drunk everything?"

    Tcheby: "what do you want, that reminds her of her smuggling period when she stung it at the Hutts, and then you know her, she can't stand to wait".

    Caeln: "Still, this story doesn't smell good, it's been a long time since I felt such excitement and stress from our guys ... well, a little action from us wouldn't hurt no true my Tcheby ??, ah frankly I would do well one or two Siths, like in the good old days. "

    The door opened suddenly bringing in with Tilu, all the storm and the cold it was outside ...

    Petitlu: "don't look at me like that Caeln come help me damn it, you see that there is everything that is going to go up in the face ...."

    Caeln: "must say, you robbed the stock, you were afraid that we run out ????"

    Petitlu: "no, but taking my Boga, I heard a commander say that the planet was placed in quarantine and that no ships would leave until further notice. So I took a little more.
    Besides, the Senate will meet this evening in an extraordinary session ".

    Tcheby and Caeln (in heart): "ah bah shit like".

    * Beer Hutts

    The door to the hide opened again to reveal Palmad and Sliim who had just struggled in the storm. The sight of the old Palmad briscard * learning all the strings of the trade at the little new one would have almost moved the audience.

    Palmad: "The cow it's been a while since we had been rinsed like that".

    Caeln: "Where have you been, how long have I been trying to reach you on your comlink?"

    Palmad: "we had gone to recover some Republican credits on a Neimoidian who owed me a small bundle of money, an old gambling debt ... But we promised we were reasonable we barely touched it, right Sliim?

    Sliim: (with an almost embarrassed little smile) "Oh yeah, just barely, we didn't stay long."

    Caeln: "You have a funny way of following the Palmad Jedi Code, you're going to send the new kid straight to the dark side of the force if you keep going.
    Watch out Sliim, this old guardian of the republic is not always popular !!!. "

    Palmad: "It's okay to pass on two or three basic tips right?

    And if not, do you have any news on the whole mess outside ???

    Tcheby (throwing a Boga at Palmad) "No, but it shouldn't be long."

    Everyone sits in a corner, our friends take the opportunity to rest, dry their things and eat. Everyone has understood that the next few days will not be so peaceful and that we must quickly regain strength.
    Petitlu falls asleep (too many Boga, no doubt), Caeln and Palmad kill time with a training sphere. Sliim, who bought a deluxe digital pack in the process, looks at his holodancer, a certain Carla Mangore **, who is very well known in the outer rim.
    Only Tcheby harnesses himself in the back of the room to check his equipment, he already wants to take action and his pistolasers are starting to feel cramped in their belts and Tcheby's numerous grunts leave no doubt about the subject.

    A few minutes pass and a comlink breaks this quiet moment and brings everyone out of an apparent passivity.

    Caeln: (to assistance, and just before picking up). "it's Feltd !!!

    Hi Feltd, where are you ?? ........... you got Law and Kogan back?, it's perfect !, we are already in the hideout, Skywen Billia and Night have not returned yet, you will be there in how long ??? .................... ok see you later ............ Feltd ??? .... . ....... Tcheby signals to me that he has no more "death sticks" *** .......... ok that works !!! "

    (hanging up) "well, they're coming." (Tcheby grunts) "yes, they're going to pick up sticks."

    Our fine team will soon be complete and the last time it happened was for the assault on Kessel, an epic battle that had finished forging the reputation of the Legion. Each in memory, had engraved the code name of this suicide mission: "SECTOR 17".

    * I did not resist
    ** annagram of .....
    *** big firecrackers.

    Through the window of the Tcheby hideout is the first to spot that a fight has just broken out ...

    Tcheby: "Oh damn there's a fight outside come and see".

    Everyone rushed in one step towards the window, leaning on the sill, Caeln jumped when he noticed that in the action was Feltd, Law and Kogan.

    Caeln: "There are guys in there, come quickly, we'll help them".

    Tcheby was the first to pass and without really thinking too much entered the heap followed by Caeln and Palmad.
    A dozen Cereals were trying to do battle with our friends, Tcheby had caught two, one was literally hanging on his left arm while the second was stuck on the ground under his right shoe. Must say Tcheby made of 51. Law, Feltd and Kogan did not hesitate to give blows or to use force to get rid of the Cereals. With the help of Caeln and Palmad, the Cereans finally gave up and all this little world returned to shelter ...

    (catching their breath)

    Caeln: "What the fuck happened to make you end up in such shit ??"

    Feltd: "but nothing too bad I picked up Law and Kogan at the bar on" TX-30 "and in fact ...

    Law: (cutting the floor) "well, I was talking nicely with a pretty Céréenne ..."

    Kogan: (interrupting Law) "except the young lady was married and her mate didn't like jedi flirting.

    Caeln: "What is jedi flirtation?"

    kogan: "well let's say Law used Jedi persuasion to go faster ..."

    Tilu: "well I did well to stay warm, pfffff these guys I swear ... no other things to do !!"

    Everyone resumed their activities except Tilu who threw himself on the fridge ...

    Tilu: "OH **** ***** ************* !!! ... who ate the last banana?"

    This question is enough to silence the room, everyone pretended not to be concerned and tried not to show any guilty sign ...

    Tilu: (coming out of something to nibble on) "bunch of cowards ..."

    Sliim (aside and very gently to Tcheby): "I didn't know she liked bananas so much ..."

    Tcheby (in response and even more gently): "That my little one, it's one thing to know if you don't want to end up with your head like a Calamari *"

    Tilu: "It will make them fit our Jedi to feel something to fill their stomachs."

    No sooner had Tilu finished his sentence than our three acolyths opened the door and stepped back into the common room.
    On their faces was read in addition to the concern a certain sadness signs that the information was not good and that the surrounding disorder was indeed due to the war. The 3 Jedi landed with all their weight on a bench visibly strained by what they had heard at the Jedi temple.
    Skywen wanted to break the silence first but Caeln seeing that they were finally going to know what was going on didn't resist asking the question everyone had on their lips:

    Caeln: "So what's the news?"

    Billia kisses Caeln before joining Tilu behind the counter leaving Skywen to tell the story.

    Skywen: "It's not brilliant folks, in the halls of the Jedi temple we hear words like betrayal, treachery, disaster ...
    The Republic Fleet that was in orbit around Alderaan was attacked by a Sith Empire fleet that was visibly cruising in the hope of destroying it at 200 parsecs. But the worst part was that the fleet had been stationed in Alderaan orbit only a few hours ago. She had to retrieve a ship from the planet that carried vital information about the location of droid and ship factories on Korriban. The mission was top-secret and only a few members of the Council and Senate were aware of the relocation of Master Antilles' fleet.

    Caeln: "So why is everything turning upside down here on Coruscant?

    Nightwolf: "Because when the fleet was destroyed the empire detached a commando of imperial agents on the planet. They captured the ship and fled from Alderaan except that a cargo ship which crossed there was able to transmit to the Jedi its coordinates of destination before its passage in hyper-space.

    Palmad: "and its coordinates were Coruscant" ...

    Skywen: "Correct, that's why they locked the spaceports and they are trying to search the ships that are docked.

    Caeln: "So there's an Imperial Agent Commando here, plus probably the stolen information."

    what our friends do not know is that Aldera University had conveyed a very disturbing message to the Senate, as well as to the Jedi:

    "It seems that a piece of the Imperial Army has landed south of our capital, they are advancing slowly and appear to be led by two Sith lords tchhhhhhh" ..... and the transmition was steadfast. Alderaan's communications were cut ...

    Nightwolf: "Master Satele has asked us to stay calm for now and wait to hear from him."

    Billia (almost smiling): "Anyway she would ask you anything you would do because it's Satele ... you had to see how you looked at her ... it looked like a goldfish without her bowl .. . "

    Nightwolf: "It's not's that ...."

    The assembly (cutting the floor) "yeah ... ahahaha ... I swear ...

    Caeln: (patting Night amicably on the shoulder) "You should know that love for a Jedi is forbidden ... right ??".

    Tilu: "must say that we do not set a good example either ... ahahahah"

    With these words the hideout gradually calmed down, each seeking to sleep hoping for quick news, from Master Satele for Night and advice for the others ...

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    • Chapter 1: Travel Merchants
    • Chapter 2: Requiem
    • Chapter 3: Door-close

    In the corridors of the Senate the agitation is at its height, some incredulous senators insist on the comings and goings from the ruins of the Jedi temple to the north tower of the assembly of council members and other senators involved in the latest events that are shaking the galactic republic.

    Satele Shan accompanied by Senator Kayl walk quickly towards Maitre Vos Quilam.

    Satele Shan: "Hello Master Vos, excuse us again for summoning you so early, but we urgently need a joint commission of Jedi Council members and Senators who happen to be aware of Master Antilles' mission.

    Maitre Vos: "Do not apologize Satele, Maitre Oyinas and I myself have spent part of the night meditating and looking in force for clues that could help your research and to tell you frankly, we are not serene. Master Oyinas is convinced that one or more Sith warriors are on Corsuscant to aid in the study of these holocrons. He felt a great deal of fear and dread. "

    Senator Kayl: (abruptly interrupting Maitre Vos) "Precisely Maitre Vos, we may have a serious lead, but we must make sure that it will not be revealed to anyone and that we can carry out this research, it is why we want a restricted mixed commission to be created as soon as possible. "

    Maitre Vos: "I understand Senator, let us hasten to regroup our people."

    The trio headed for the north tower to reach a small red room where the Chancellor and Master Hulis Noab were waiting for them, already in the middle of a discussion.

    Maitre Vos "Hello gentlemen, I think this little committee should not wait any longer and decide as quickly as possible on the actions to be taken to find its holocrons. Senator Kayl has an interesting lead."

    Senator Kayl: "Thank you Maitre Vos. One of my informants who usually works to track down smugglers from the outer border told me that a group of individuals had docked at the Brent spaceport. They were obviously expected by members among the the most senior members of the "Guild of Travel Merchants".

    Satele Shan: (adding) "The black sun may be involved as well, but as of yet we have no evidence to prove it."

    Chancellor: "Senator, has your informant described his individuals to you?"

    Senator Kayl: "I do not know much Chancellor, they were all dressed in long black robes similar to that of the Jedi, my informant could not distinguish if in the lot could hide Siths."

    Maitre Vos: (closing his eyes, seeming to be meditating) "This is a very worrying thing that should not be taken lightly, it is imperative that we get our hands on this commando."

    Chancellor: "This must be done with the utmost discretion, we cannot take the risk of frightening the population and going as far as the Scandal".

    Maitre Vos: "Who could we ask for help for a mission that requires so much tact and in whom we could place all confidence ???".

    Satele Shan: "I know a small group, surviving from Kessel Sector 17. It is made up of Jedi, soldiers, smugglers, former bounty hunters. After the battle, most of them strayed from the Jedi code and the laws of the republic (elegant way to say that it is a bunch of nameless scoundrels) but their loyalty to the Republic is no longer to be demonstrated, they are always there in case of danger. "

    Chancellor: "Would you entrust this research to a bunch of repentant robbers, Master Satele?"

    Satele Shan: "Without any hesitation Chancellor!".

    Chancellor: "Alright Jedi Master, so be it, I'll let you warn them."

    Senator Kayl: (by winning) "I am accompanying you, I look forward to meeting them."

    The council splits, Satele and Senator Kayl hit the road to warn the "Legion"

    During this time the activities were resumed at the Cantina. Everyone is preparing, without really knowing what or even for whom, but the fine team has resumed the habits it had during the great war. The ballet they offer us is an impressive sign that the automatisms of a team survive the years and that all it takes is a spark to rekindle the fire as the Jedi Master, Hojnny Yadihall * said.

    Tcheby: "So the Jedi, you sharpened your lightsabers ??? AHAHAHAHAHAH !!!"

    In front of the empty looks that the Jedi gave him Tcheby stopped laughing ....

    Tcheby: (muttering) "Men in dresses have really no humor ..."

    Tilu was busy making an inventory of provisions, especially of what is eaten ..... or not. Tcheby has tripled in volume because of his package, Skywen has lost his lightsaber and accuses Night of having stung his green crystal +9 as a result of +15 willpower. Billia is "still" in the bathroom and Sliim does not take off the shoes of Palmad a little impressed by the organization of his elders.
    As you can see, there reigns in this Cantina a joyous mess, often the precursor of the most heroic feats of arms.

    It is this charming moment of frank camaraderie that comes to disturb Senator Kayl and Jedi Master Satele Shan.

    Satele shan (opening the door): "Hello friends, this is Senator Kayl, we have a favor for you."

    Senator Kayl explained to our friends all the ins and outs of this perilous mission.

    Satele made a circular tour of the common room, lingering for a few moments on Tcheby, who with his package on his back did not lack allure and charm. It must be said that Satele Shan like the Senator possessed a most disturbing gaze, a weapon sometimes much more powerful than the lightsaber.

    Tcheby contented himself with answering with his most beautiful smile which had the effect of making the cheeks of Maitre Satèle appear red.

    Billia who hadn't missed anything on this little merry-go-round leaned gently on the shoulder of Night who was daydreaming to whisper to him:

    Billia: "I have the impression that your bride prefers men a little more ... heuuu how to put it .... manly ... éhéhé ...... but hey you still have all your chances with the Senator , who does not miss an opportunity to take a look at you ... "

    The briefing ended Senator Kayl and Satele Shan took time off from our friends. Satele gave Tcheby one last look full of promise, The Senator was not outdone and gave Night a smile that I say an invitation. Our two ostrogoths remained motionless, they dream ... and to hide nothing from you, it would be particularly indecent to reveal the content, especially that of Tcheby.

    Caeln hit the table hard, shaking the whole team out of torpor.

    Caeln: "well it's gonna be dark soon, moving in 15 minutes kids ... the hunt is on."

    Tcheby: (bulging his chest) "ahhhh I like it when you talk like that".

    The preparations took on a new look and the whole gang left the Cantina with the objective of carrying out a clean and fast mission. "It's that we have a reputation to keep screaming almost every 5 minutes Law".

    Approaching the warehouses of the "Travel Merchants" guild everyone knew what to do and the legion was advancing rapidly.

    Skywen: "It's deserted, there must be something wrong, it's not possible, we go from room to room without meeting a living soul."

    Tilu: "You know if they are filling up a shuttle, they must be very busy"

    Tcheby: "It is also possible that they have known for ages that we are coming and that soon it will be glitter and confetti for everyone."

    Billia "You speak, they're all in bars watching holodancers and that's it"

    Despite all these rantings the troop advances more than quickly and attacks the descent towards the platforms of the ancient galactic market. But what Caeln and Tcheby sensed happened. On a platform, below the usual landing zone, a group of all black dressed individuals awaited our acolytes with firm feet. The Legion stopped dead at the entrance to the platform, staring at their opponents.

    The force suddenly stirred in front of Palmad to the point of shaking his whole being, he felt deep within himself that there would be a reunion. In front of them a dark form advanced a few steps.

    Sith Warrior: (closing his eyes and seeming to sniff the air) "Hmmmm, I recognize you Guardian".

    Her dark, deep voice had torn the air and was perfectly audible to our friends.

    The dark lord who kept his eyes closed spread his arms, a cold wind hit the Legion, then his dark voice resumed its fatal oratorio.

    Sith Warrior: "Hmmmmm, but yesiiiii ........ Palmad ...... what an incredible surprise .....

    Then the Sith began to howl with all the rage and desire that the sensation of finding an old enemy can produce.

    Sith Warrior: (yelling) "PALMAAAAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Everyone then turned on Palmad's face where two tears had just been born. He was suddenly struck by the past, a painful past, which he nevertheless thought he had conscientiously buried. Mechanically he had already grasped his lightsaber, his hand held it firmly, and the determination with which he looked ahead impressed even his friends.

    The Sith waved his hand for his minions to continue their flight, the small group obeyed and jumped onto an even lower platform towards the hangars. Our fine team reacted immediately and began to pursue the commando by passing as quickly as possible from one platform to another.

    Palmad himself, had not followed, he advanced slowly, growing taller with each step, never taking his eyes off the dark form.

    Sith warrior: (looking towards the sky) "Do you hear it Palmad ??? ........ DO YOU HEAR IT ???? this music that reasons .... HEIN PALMAD !!! ???? .............. this is a REQUIEM ............ YOUR REQUIEM .....

    Palmad in an unspeakable surge of force leapt at the dark lord, the two sabers collided with an extraordinary crash, neither wanted to break the contact of the sabers and it had become a matter of will. Don't give in! Do not bend ! Do not break !. A violent explosion of force got the better of the stubbornness of the two best enemies, who retreated about thirty meters before collapsing to the ground. Stunned, but not defeated, the two warriors leaped back to the center of the arena for a virtuoso and quarterless duel of unimaginable rapidity. While Palmad in a final leap of strength seemed to be able to gain a decisive advantage, the Sith lord struck him down. Palmad who absorbed the maximum energy he could lost his lightsaber and fell violently on the ground. Exhausted Palmad tried to catch his breath, but the shadow was already advancing ...

    Sith Warrior: "It is traditional at the end of a Requiem to say 'AMEN' ....

    The Lord looked at Palmad and relighted his sword ....

    As he cocked his finishing blow a howl from beyond the grave shattered the tragic moment and the green of a lightsaber interposed between Palmad's face and the Sith warrior.

    At first surprised the black warrior concentrated on his new adversary but also understood that in the state of fatigue in which he found himself the situation was not in his favor. A last flash of lightning flashed, keeping the jedi at bay and a force leap allowed him to reach the parapet of a building overlooking the scene.

    Sith Warrior: "Who are you Jedi ?, that I know who will soon have to die ...."

    Jedi: "My friends call me Wolff, but for you it will be Wolffrangorn ..."

    The Sith Lord remained unmoved, staring at his new foe, then gave Palmad one last glance before disappearing.

    Wolff rushed to Palmad ...

    Wolff: "Hi old man, it's good to see you again .... wait I'll help you and heal you in less than two.

    When you have 5 minutes you will explain to me anyway eh? ".

    Palmad: "Promised, but in the meantime let's hurry we must find the others".

    Wolff "The others?".

    Palmad "The Legion is reconstituted, the republic calls on its members to take up arms again for freedom, peace ..."

    Wolff "No .... I'm obviously ..."

    The two friends go in pursuit of their friends. It looks like the Legion has found an old friend.

    The chase was intense, and the Legion, despite their best efforts, began to lose sight of their objective. The platforms follow one another and the red spaceport is no longer very far, the shadows disappeared behind a block of containers ...

    Skywen: "It's not possible we're going to lose them .... get moving"

    Tcheby (almost suffocating) "we have to breathe, breathe !!! .... we them ........ we are sprinters ... cross-country races are not for us" *

    Skywen: (trying to stop everyone) "... Stop !!!! kids .... STOP !!!!"

    the group stopped!

    On the ground were two corpses of Imperial commandos. The group walked cautiously and looked around ...
    Tilu was the first to notice that two men were in the shadows leaning against a container, one could barely make out the glowing tip of their cigars. The two men remained impassive, smoking slowly and it took Caeln's intervention to break the silence.

    Caeln: "who are you?"

    Man: "Friends, well from what we noticed, it seems that we have enemies in common. Luckily for you, that makes us your friends"

    Caeln: "What about the rest of the group where?"

    Man: "the rest? We only saw them, they were on duty right there, right against the containers".

    Caeln: "well it's not that we are in a hurry but a little bit anyway, what are your little names?"

    Man: (almost curtsying) "Angel and Renji, to serve you"

    Caeln: (relaunching in the chase) "Alright, you're welcome, we'll do the full introductions later."

    The strengthened group started again from platform to platform.

    Angel "Maybe I can help you, do you know where they're going?

    Skywen "We think they're going to the Red Spaceport, they've got some things that we need to recover."

    Angel "I know a shortcut that can get us ahead of them if we hurry."

    Caeln "very well we follow you"

    The fine team took Angel's shortcuts and after much effort arrived at the boarding area where an imperial shuttle was already parked ready to receive the commando and the merchandise.

    Law "great we got there before them!"

    Law had not finished his sentence as the Imperials had surged from their left and rushed towards the shuttle before coming to a stop to face the legion. One of the members of the commando took the opportunity to slip into the shuttle ...

    Tilu and Bilia (in Heart) "we take care of the one who is in the shuttle, take care of the others !!"

    With these words Tcheby, Law and Night (a little without thinking) threw a charge to make shudder and the narrator that I am still closed my eyes in front of this outburst of violence and this incarnate cruelty. Arrived in contact with their enemies two red sabers lit up the faces of our three brave friends whose expression had suddenly changed to ... "M **** that's c ** that" ... but too much late and the fight began!

    Tcheby had arrived with such speed that his opposite was able to meditate for a few moments on his condition as a fragile man and to count in his head the number of credits he will have to spend with the medical droid. Law (muttering incomprehensible insults) fought a courageous battle against 2 commandos armed with electric batons. Night was painstakingly dealing with a Sith warrior and soon got help from Slim. Caeln Skywen and Kogan took turns taking care of the commandos and a Sith inquisitor ...

    Meanwhile Tilu and Bilia had entered the shuttle and were advancing sabers in their hands ...

    Tilu: "We rush towards the cockpit and immobilize the shuttle, we will have time to look for our man afterwards".

    The two sisters arrived in front of the cockpit door ...

    Bilia: "it is locked from the inside !!!"

    Tilu: "We have to swarm, the engines are already running !!!"

    The two Jedi planted their lightsabers in the door that was beginning to melt. With a rush of force our two heroines projected the plaque inside. The Sith Warrior turned around:

    Sith: "impressive, and now I imagine I give in to your pleas and hand you the holocrons without arguing"

    Tilu: "it is indeed an idea!"

    Sith (smiling) "I 'prefer another solution if you don't mind, I'll kill you and go quietly to this planet, what do you think?"

    Bilia "oddly, we preferred your first idea"

    With these words the fight began, our two friends fought valiantly but the Sith was a tough opponent and wielded his double-bladed saber with great virtuosity. You had to be cunning, otherwise it would all end badly ...

    Bilia (to the Sith) "and if not the dark side you like it ?? no because you are sooner fucked up for a Sith a little red it's true but hey, there is a way to disturb a jedi, and my girlfriend Tilu is single, well I say that, I say nothing "...

    the Sith was a bit lost by this statement and couldn't help but glance at Tilu who gave him a devastating smile before lightly pursing his lips between his teeth ...
    The Sith lost track of the action for a moment and Bilia took the opportunity to deliver a powerful, fatal blow to him.

    Bilia: "these men I swear, all the same".

    The sabers were extinguished, Bilia searched the body of the Sith taking out the two holocrons and another in the shape of a pyramid.

    Tilu: "Ah, that's not our home! But that's okay we take it anyway and we get out of there"

    everyone gathered at the foot of the shuttle, congratulated each other and watched the job being done.

    Kogan: "you know what ?? and if we were going to celebrate that ?? I know a hutt bar not far away where you can play a game of Huttball, a nice, almost civilized place"

    The legion (in the heart): "great, let's go !!!!".

    The whole legion, arm in arm, headed for the Hutt district for a game of huttball that will certainly offer a great spectacle.

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    • Chapter 1: Nar-Shad
    • Chapter 2: Frog Dogs

    Just minutes after leaving the Imperial Shuttle, the Legion picks up Palmad and Wolff who had just finished descending the platforms.

    The reunion was warm and everyone was happy that the mission ended so well.

    The legion is advancing not without difficulty towards the Hutt district. Between Law's songs, Bilia and Tilu's shopping desires, Caeln's search for green crystal, and Kogan and Tcheby's war memories the pace is not very fast and stops are frequent.

    But despite everything, this little world arrives at the "Nar-Shad" bar run by one of the brothers of the powerful Giradda the Hutt, which officially finances Huttball competitions.

    No sooner had he crossed the doors of the bar than the legion met how much Kogan was like a fish in water, which was not without intriguing his friends:

    Kogan: (saying hello to almost everyone) "Hi Dolly * hummm you look very good tonight, Hi you, Hi buddy, how are you doing? ..

    Alright guys and girls, we're going to have "MY" favorite table seen on the show. "
    Kogan glanced at the keeper and seeing his wink settled the entire legion at the table.

    Kogan: (Droid on duty) "Boga Noga for everyone, this is my tour" ..

    Caeln: "but my word you are at home here ..."

    Kogan: "it's a free zone, you see both Sith and Jedi there, but everyone keeps their saber nicely on their belts, the only way to resolve the diplomatic problems, let's say, is there (by pointing the finger Huttball arena). "

    Skywen: "I see it's war every day, but here it's legal and it earns money."

    Tcheby: "that's what is good ..... ahahahah I'm for 100%"

    The Bogas arrived and the whole legion rushed on them, celebrating in a beautiful way this "historic" victory if one believes Law.

    a small imperial group slipped into the bar that was going to be torn up this evening for some Republican credits. One of them smirked spotted our merry band and stepped forward.

    the sith: (grabs a chair turns it over and sits astride it) "hold on, hold on, hold on, but what do I see .... a bunch of jedi and little republic boys ... oula and by anyone .. .. the Legion itself, and almost all of it ....
    do not tell me let me guess .... you are going to a carnival is that it ??? and you dressed up for the occasion ... right ???

    Kogan: (straightening up) "you have suicidal urges?, You want us to discuss it? ... no I know, I know, I know ... you are an inquisitor and suddenly you can't call yourself Dark contraption and it puts the b **** on you we understand you know, but it does not matter ... go take a Boga it will do you good ....

    the sith: (putting his saber on the corner of the table) "in fact i forgot to make the introductions i apologize my lords. My friends and i are a sort of sith guild ..... Legion XIII , maybe this name tells you a few things. "

    As soon as the words were finished the sound of guns had echoed under the table everyone was seized by his guns and it took a gesture with Caeln's hand to avoid a bloody skirmish.

    Caeln: "It's a surprise to cross your path again after all these years ..."

    Kogan: "since we have everything we need on site to resolve this dispute I suggest that we resolve this the old-fashioned way"

    the Sith: "I am listening to you with the greatest attention."

    Kogan: "Each of us registers eight participants in a game of Huttball without quarters, once you have been ridiculed for the umpteenth time maybe you will stop hanging out in places that are definitely not for children ...

    the Sith: "Great idea, our chance to put an end to your long-held reputation, there's a game in 30 minutes I'll sign us up. We'll be waiting for you downstairs."

    The Sith had retired and the Legion was thinking fervently about making a team.

    Caeln: "well we need big guys .... Kogan, Tcheby, Law, that seems obligatory to me .."

    Skywen: "we need little rapids .... Night, Wolff ...

    Caeln: (adding) "and you ...."

    Tilu: (coughing) "and a bit of charm isn't it? Bilia and me for example ...?"

    Caeln: (banging on the table) "8 .... perfect we have the team ..."

    Bilia: (raising her finger) "that's a silly question but .... how do we play it ... ??"

    Kogan: (putting his hand on his face) "Okay so I'll try to summarize the rules for you: we must control the ball that appears in the center of the arena. The player in possession of the ball must run, pass the ball to his teammates and try to get him to cross the opponent's goal line by all possible means while cheerfully hitting the opponent so as to make him as harmless as possible ... there's blood, a big fight and mostly action .... "

    this final point made the men at the table jump with pleasure, the women themselves, wondering if a touch of charm was still necessary .... but when you have to go, you have to go!

    Time is running out and our shock team is preparing to descend into the arena.

    Caeln who had accompanied his team to the edge of the arena gave the last advice:

    Caeln: "well you understand ... you have to be cooperative, don't let them take the advantage, better to race ahead than to run after the score, don't give gifts, they won't give you any, guys keep an eye on our ladies, and you girls keep both on Night and Wolff you never know ... good luck and the force be with you "

    the team: (in heart) "CHEF OUI CHEF !!!"

    Bilia kissed Caeln before joining the rest of the team who were already getting to know the referee.

    The referee: (very seriously) "you are the Chiens-Grenouilles team, the round lasts 10 minutes. Avoid the fire, acid and anti-gravity traps that dot the field. The team that has scored the most points wins the match.

    the team moved towards the wall of energy that still separates them from the heart of the action.

    The narrator that I am could not properly account for all the intensity of the match which will take place this evening. Luckily the official commentator of the Dogs - Frogs tonight is none other than the big one, what am I saying the illustrious Enol Notrize * and it is to him that I am going to comment on this match.

    (to be read if possible with in the head, the accent, the verb and the panache of this famous character).

    Enol Notrize: "Madam, Mademoiselle, Gentlemen, good evening, we are live from the Huttball arena in the SWTORTF studios to comment on the match which will pit the" Frog Dogs "against the" Worms ".

    The composition of the republican team has just been communicated to me and a few moments before the kick-off we are happy to welcome "Kogan, tcheby, Law, Night, Wolff, Skywen and something quite rare in this kind of competitions to be announced, the presence of the female gente with Bilia and Tilu that we can applaud.

    It is time to be silent, the stadium has understood it, the kick-off will soon be given ...

    And here we go, the two teams literally spring from their caches Tcheby is in the lead on the ramp pushed by Night and Wolff who are in contact !! In a jet of force Tcheby is thrown in the center to recover the ball .... and ... and ... and .... OH MY GOD !!! it is unbelievable ...
    an imperial to literally disappeared from the surface in contact with Cheby thrown hard by Night and Wolff who are now in support of the ball bearer .... brrrrrrrr the poor ....
    Skywen, Kogan and Law are in contact with Legion XIII and it is not a little to say it ... the big cleaning has started ...

    I do not lose sight of the lovely Tilu and Bilia who courageously opt for the exteriors trying to stand out, but it is not easy with two imperials on the basquets ....

    Tcheby is in a difficult position, tries a pass to Tilu on the platform above ...... YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb pass Tilu transmits it without delay to ....................


    Yes I am speechless also Skywen tried the famous "hutt chili pepers sandwich" which I recall is an invention of Lord Cam Dalnod ** and I must admit that it is not very beautiful to see ...

    The ball is now with the worms of flesh which advance practically without meeting resistance but it was without counting on the unexpected return of Night, Wolff and Tcheby who come to oppose the small group ..... The slaps rain down the blows of balls also violence is everywhere and we no longer really perceive the ball .... but where did the ball go !!!!! I do not see her. !!!!! it seems that ...... YES that's it Wolff slipped it under his bure ...... but at the pace or things are going he may well end up bare ass the boy, because nothing seems to frighten the imperialists who ask the arbitrator's arm to intervene ... without any success.

    The bullet came out by ......... by Tcheby who charged in the direction of an imperial which seems to have liquefied on the spot at the sight of this green mountain ... Tcheby passes to Skywen who has recovered from his emotions which was perfectly demarcated and which is now rushing at full steam towards the enemy's end line, he approaches dangerously but is now slowed down by two imperialists who slice his legs only 5-6 m from the opening of score, it's TERRRRRIBLE ...... but beware ...... Night calls with his arm he is however on a platform above ...... Skywen drops the ball which slides towards the -but .... Night rushes forward everyone holds their breath ........... and? .... and? ..... and? .....


    OH MY GOD THIS is not possible ... the jump was nevertheless sublime but everything ... I mean everything ... was flattened 1 m too short and it is the disillusionment in the camp of the republic. ....

    The action starts again but on the empire side where 3 players have attacked the Republicans in-goal ...... the ball carrier also feigns, jumps, steals and finds himself alone on a platform or by luck for the republic is Tilu who ....... but ...... ah lalala ... from here I see badly .... but .... OH "DAM IT" as they say in the outer border it seems that she lifts her bure ..... and ... it is not possible it is in such a situation that we would like to have a good view ... I cannot distinguish if ...... well .... it could be ..... that ...... In any case the sith the lustful eye and the troubled mind has his arms dangling and his jaw open. ...... The ball falls on the ground Tilu propels the fool into the acid bath below ....... pchhhhhhtttt I can only add more ....

    We had practically forgotten Bilia who is on the other side .... and who is waving ... Tilu literally begins a slalom between two imperial tries to pass the ball ... Night appears out of nowhere receives the ball head that bounces off the platform and Bilia intercepts it… .it's incredible precision and speed… ..

    Bilia heads for the in-goal at the speed of an Ewok on dopamine…. And ??? and ??? and ??? .......


    AND YES !!!! TRIAL ACCEPTED..the Frog Dogs even 1-0 and the ball is returned to the center….
    In all and for all 3 min of play remains and I would like to remind you here that no additional time even in the event of cleaning is provided for in the regulations ...

    The Imperialists threw themselves on the ball like starving people and it is now a small group which tries to climb the slopes towards the end of the republic….

    But the legion is positioned in defense Tcheby and Kogan are now in contact with the small group the saber blows rain the crushed jaws the pif-pif, the Rodien-style sabattes all this little world gleefully gut in the center ……… but I see Law who arrives with the speed of a speeder head first he will spit the two sith which is in front of him …… ..


    Ah I do not know if I can reasonably describe what remains of the two imperials…. The action is not finished and despite the courageous interventions of our republican friends the imperial ones are still progressing towards the end… .and without wanting to be alarming, it would take a miracle to stop the little imperial train ...

    I had almost forgotten them so much she knows how to be discreet but Tilu and Bilia forming the pair come to the rescue and try to snatch the ball from the imperial ... .. AIE AIE AIE ... .. the imperious do not know how to get out of the their claws… confusion reigns ……. and it's Skywen who takes the opportunity to steal the ball and pass it to Tcheby… .Tcheby for Kogan, Kogan…. for Night, Night, for Wolff… .. who s 'rush in the direction of the imperial district …… .the little republican train is forming and is now heading towards the end …… .I take a look…. quickly made to look for the imperial ones…. They seem to have regrouped in defense in their camp….

    Forming a kind of barrier… .the 8 Imperials are united and prepare for the impact of the legion train with Tcheby and Kogan in the lead and all the rest of the team pushing… .it is a closed scrum on the ligne des 5 is THE TURNING POINT OF THE MATCH …… GO TO THE LITTLE PUSH NOW ……………… and? and? and? .......


    The shock is incredible… .I think I can distinguish a Sith Inquisitor's dentures recognizable among a thousand because fluorescent… ..the empire resists but our little ones are pushing… .t's the moment when we must give everything …… .the public is excited and sings a "SWEET HOME" of good omen for the future….

    There are 30 seconds left in regulation time…. And all this little world is stuck, not to say nested .....

    the ball… is now visible in Bilia's arms…. in the background ………


    Bilia and Tilu escape… .. Tcheby knocks out two Imperial Night and Wolff we plant… .heuuuu …… hold back 2 siths… ..Skywen cling… to everyone's hoods… it smells good, especially since Kogan is in support… and that the last still valid Siths are grappling with Law ……

    5 sec ……………. And ??? and ??? and ??? .......


    and it's the test… ..the Frog Dogs prevail on the score of 2-0… ..the stadium shakes… .I give you the antenna… .on this deserved victory.

    to you the studios…..

    * anagram of ...
    ** anagram of ...

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