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    SWTOR - The successes of the Gree event

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    The Gree Relics event, like each event, has several achievements available to it.

    His fall into two categories: Player vs. Environment (PvE) achievements and Player vs. Player (PvP) achievements. The first will allow you to obtain the title of inheritance Perpendicular Gray while the second allow to obtain the inheritance titles Octogone Rouge et Blue Octagon respectively for the Empire and the Republic.


    PvE Achievements

    They are of 4 different types: defeating droids, defeating World bosses, defeating specific creatures in specific locations by having a specific familiar, and doing all other achievements. Here is their detail:

    •  "They don't like droids", "They build a lot of droids" and "But they don't like droids", are the 3 achievements that you will have to defeat respectively 50, 250 and 1000 Gree droids on Ilum.
    • "(Advanced :) Crush the Wampa" are two achievements for which you will have to defeat once and ten times Gravak'k one of Ilum's world bosses.
    • "(Advanced :) Crush the Slug" are two achievements for which you will have to defeat once and ten times Surgok'k one of Ilum's world bosses.
    • "Junior Research Project" for which you must first have the familiar "Secant Gray Miniature"and activate it to defeat certain enemies on different worlds. Be careful, it seems that even if these monsters are present in general, they absolutely must be defeated during the gree event. Here is the list of monsters to be defeated:
      • 25 Acklays on Belsavis
      • 25 Bormus on Balmorra
      • 25 Lobels on Quesh
      • 25 Lraida on Alderaan
      • 25 Rats-Womp sur Tatooine
    • "Perpendicular Gray" which requires having all the previous achievements. Grants the title of inheritance of the same name as achievement.

    PvP Achievements

    They are of 3 different types here: defeating players using or conveying the energy orb, defeating players from the opposing faction, having completed the 2 previous elements for their faction. Here is their detail:

    1. "Energy Bomb": Requires 10 players to be defeated with Orb Blast in the PvP area of ​​Ilum. You can produce the explosion by keeping an orb for 6 minutes, or by activating the energy pylon in the center.
    2. "Bisector" requires you to defeat 50 players carrying the orbs.
    3. "In memory of the fight!" and "In Memory of the Fallen" requires killing 10 and 100 Imperial players respectively while on a Republican character. On the western layer of Ilum of course.
    4. “Frozen Vengeance” and “Echoes of Victory” require killing the same number of Republican players while on an Imperial character.
    5. "Blue Octagon" which confers the inheritance title of the same name, requires having completed achievements 1, 2 and 3.
    6. "Red Octagon" which confers the title of inheritance of the same name, requires to have completed achievements 1, 2 and 4.


    Now you know what to do by the end of the current Gree event! Good luck to everyone !

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