Tal'Jeu - Anno 2205 # 2: The Ice Age

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Like every week, we get together for my Tal'Jeu column. Last week we had started the creation of our corporation and we arrived at the second unlockable zone: the arctic zone. In this new episode, we will retrace this new stage in our company as well as the various difficulties related to this area and to our part in general.

After fulfilling the prerequisites for expanding my spaceport in the first zone, I was able to acquire the next possible zone in the game, namely the arctic. This place is controlled by the group of Artic Custodians who deal with the climatic regulation of the glacial zone and the land in general. As at the start of the game, we will have to choose our starting sector, I directly eliminated the area with the decorative project not finding much interest in the long term. The rare materials project is not very interesting either, given that it can be collected through naval missions or corporate requests. There was therefore only one interesting thing left, that of logistics, which is in itself very good by the fact of saving logistics buildings (income gain).

The arctic zone being very cold, your homes will need heat which will be provided by your production buildings. And this is the main difficulty in the area because you will have to manage your investments to optimize everything. Each of your buildings does not have the same range of heat, you will have to make choices in all these beautiful people. By unlocking the arctic zone, you gain access to new production buildings (each sector has its own buildings in fact). Your level 2 employees in your first sector, for example, will request neural implants to progress to the next level. Each level change will bring you more manpower but also more income. It is therefore essential for your corporation to establish trade routes between your zones to optimize your earnings and your performance.

But that's the theory it must be said, for my part it did not happen at all like that. During my game, I started to build my buildings while respecting the constraints of the terrain. In addition to having chosen a fairly large island, I faced several energy and food problems. So I continued to try to stabilize my colony in terms of resources for my residences, the problem is that by spending money and increasing the maintenance costs of production buildings, I am arrived at a negative return in addition to not having enough money left to build anything (buildings in the arctic zone have a rather high cost compared to the first zone). And there, we say to ourselves that it is the end of the game and we do not understand how to get out of it ... But Global Union believes in you and gives you credit to get back up. The amount will depend on your level of difficulty. For me, in bronze difficulty it was 100.000 credits but the flip side is that it is a fixed rate loan of 5% of your income.

I admit that this first loan did not help me so much because I stubbornly wanted to keep a certain quota in the arctic zone by abandoning my other colony in the normal zone. Even though she was in the positive, I remained stubborn by persisting. After wiping off several loans and a debt of about $ 1 million, I started to take a step back. I first improved my spaceport and unleashed the wrath of Orbital Watch, like last time, which after a naval mission left the installations of the Artic Custodians alone.

My next step was to get back to the positive in terms of income. I therefore focused my gameplay on two things:

  • Improving my residences by creating trade routes for implants (N2 normal zone employees) and fruit juice (N1 arctic zone employees).
  • Creation of the factory for the super alloys to build the bridges of my normal area to enlarge the colony.

Unlocking the bridge was a relief because by doing this I created an astronomical number of evolved residences giving me a certain amount of income. Even if my arctic zone was in deficit, I still remained in the green and therefore sheltered from new credit and especially the possibility of building / deconstructing at my ease. In addition, the level crossing of my spaceport in the arctic zone unlocked the possibility of adding the improvements of my buildings in this zone. On the other hand, as much iridium is common to all the zones, the second resource is linked to the zone (graphene for the normal zone and petrochemical products for the second). Having wanted to reorganize my islands, I quickly needed area resources and therefore do odd jobs as well as naval missions. It also allowed me to face the expert level of naval maps where the difficulty is still more increased and your risk of losing too.

Continuing the various quests, whether it is the campaign or the sectoral projects, I was able to arrive at the next stage of my corporatist advance: my arrival on the moon. This last step will be presented to you in my next episode of Tal'Jeu with various tips to improve the placements of your colonies!

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