The Sims 4 - Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack Preview

A new expansion pack releases November 10 for The Sims 4: Dogs & Cats!

Thanks to a code given by EA, I had the opportunity to access new content since last night and adopt furry friends.


Creation of an animal

When creating a household, a new option is now available: “Add an animal”, with the Cat or Dog sub-option.

This then launches a creation tool with as many possibilities as for the Sims, even if of course everything is adapted to animals:

  • races
  • bodies
  • tails
  • coat color / pattern
  • furs
  • pet clothing
  • painting mode

The breeds are actually custom sets of the other options, resulting in realistic animals. I was particularly impressed with the phenomenal amount of pre-created breeds, around 130 dogs and 90 cats. Do you have a favorite breed? She exists ! So much so that the first time I launched the tool, I didn't know where to turn. So I opted for my favorite dog breed, the Border Collie. As you can see, a panel of colors is available in addition for each.

The Breed Mixer provides the opportunity to create hybrids between two breeds. The results can be ... amazing.


Likewise using genetics to create offspring, parents or siblings. Not very cute this doggie with the odd eyes ...

Of course, everything is customizable if you do not want to keep aspects of a race thanks to the other options, you have to see it as a proposal on which to start, nothing fixed. Beyond its appearance, an animal is defined by a first name, a last name (optional), an age (kitten / puppy, adult and old), a tone of voice (clear, high, rough, deep and fox for dogs ; clear, frayed and raccoon for cats) and features.

Dog Traits

  • Active: these dogs are really energetic. They love to run and enjoy being walked around a lot.
  • Aggressive (in conflict with friendly): These dogs are more hostile when greeting other dogs and may even attack them if they have not been properly trained.
  • Friendly (in conflict with aggressive): These animals are generally friendly to Sims and are happy to greet them.
  • Adventurous: These dogs sometimes leave the house for solo adventures, but are also happy to go on adventures with their owner.
  • Loud: These dogs love to howl from time to time and may even sing on command.
  • Hunter: these dogs are born hunters. Send them to roam the world and they will hunt and dig the ground to find items.
  • Detective: These dogs are naturally more curious and like to search for different objects in the house.
  • Troublemaker: These dogs are always up to something. They often misbehave and may even be encouraged to do so.
  • Faithful (in conflict with independent): these dogs want to be close to their owners and love to be petted. They like to follow their masters everywhere.
  • Glutton: these animals eat much more often than others, and much dirtier!
  • Independent (in conflict with loyal): These dogs generally have less need of constant affection and can even walk around on their own.
  • Intelligent: These intelligent dogs are easier to train and learn tricks quickly. They can even understand simlish!
  • Playful: These animals love toys and want to play all the time, even when they are not excited.
  • Mollasson (in conflict with active): These dogs are low-energy creatures who prefer to relax with their owners rather than running around.
  • Hairy: These dogs leave tufts of hair everywhere. Brush their fur to keep the area clean.
  • Stressed: These dogs are easily frightened and like to hide more often than others. They often stay away from certain things, like fights.
  • Stubborn: These dogs don't like being told what to do. Scolding them has little effect on their bad behavior, but you can try begging them to stop.

Traits of cats

  • Affectionate (in conflict with aloof): These cats genuinely love their owners and go out of their way to test near them as soon as possible.
  • Friendly (In Conflict With Territorial): These animals are generally friendly to Sims and are happy to greet them.
  • Talkative: These cats love to heartily meow with The Sims. They even try to sing if you ask them!
  • Curious: these cats are more curious about their surroundings. They like to look for different things around the house.
  • Distant (in conflict with affectionate): these cats do not really need owners; they're there just for the free food.
  • Free Spirit: These cats love to roam, almost like they are wild animals! But don't worry: they always come home to get something to eat.
  • Sporty (in conflict with lazy): These cats are more active than other cats. They really like to jump and run around.
  • Smart: these cats learn quickly; some say they can even understand Simlish when spoken to.
  • Glutton: these animals eat much more often than others, and much dirtier!
  • Spoiled: These cats are too spoiled creatures. Scolding them hardly ever changes their behavior.
  • Playful: These animals love toys and want to play all the time, even when they are not excited.
  • Mischievous: these cats are always up to something! They often misbehave and may even be encouraged to do so.
  • Nervous: these cats are afraid of everything. Alright, almost everything. They are also very fond of hiding.
  • Lazy (in conflict with frisky): These cats love to take a nap. They are also less likely to jump from one place to another because it takes too much effort.
  • Long haired: these cats have longer hair than normal! They vomit hairballs more often.
  • Predator: These cats love to roam the neighborhood. Take them out and they might come back with something they found.
  • Territorial (in conflict with friendly): these cats are very protective of their territory. They are aggressive with all the strangers they meet.


Brindleton Bay

A new zone is added on the world map, a coastal region with 3 free locations (2 30x20 locations and one 40x30 location) and various buildings already built:

  • three dwellings occupied by households: Hecking, Delgato and Lynx.
  • three empty dwellings (30x30, 20x20 and 64x64)
  • a park (with the characteristic of being welcoming to dogs)
  • a veterinary clinic
  • a cocktail bar (Club Calico)
  • a bar (With salted legs)
  • a museum (Lighthouse of discoveries)

To the northeast you will find the Sand Square to the northwest, the city's cultural center, ideal for dogs and cats. These people love their animals so much that they have built a monument to them. To the southwest, it is the Quai du Moustachu, a favorite spot for cats, fishermen and tourists. To the northeast, Cavalier's Cove is known for its hiking trails and large seaside properties. The perfect place to explore or chase gulls with your dog.

Finally, to the southeast is the Isle of Dead Grass. The site of a mysterious shipwreck, this island is now home to the Brindleton Bay Lighthouse as well as many stray animals ... if not more. Because rumors speak of strange visitors after sunset ...

It is even possible to climb into the lighthouse!



There is a huge amount of items and not just for the vet clinic or animals. Indeed, this extension also brings a marine area, so there is a large share of objects on this theme (signs, boxes, nets, restaurant menus, decorations ...). Here are screenshots of the majority of the items added in this pack, knowing that all are available in many, many complementary colors and shades, even with different patterns. Let's start with the lighting that you will find in all the screenshots, as well as the floors and walls decorated with new textures from the pack.

Objects for children to create pretty, colorful animal-themed rooms.

Toys to have fun with your animals and create trails. The elements of the course require a fairly large place in front and behind to allow the animals to move around. The two consoles you see at the top left of the screenshot on the right are drug makers. Even if the appearance is the same, one costs 650§ while the other 1200§, because the first delivers generic drugs!

All the animal objects are there: cat tree, basket, litter, automatic food dispenser.

Elements of comfort, beds, sofas, chairs ... You will notice in passing the beds for animals already seen above. I loved the corner loveseats, they are super practical to make a small cozy space in a recess of the house. The other objects are more classic (the bed is an energy 8, stress 5, discomfort 5 which is okay, but stays below the many double beds already built in, to believe that the Sims do not like sleeping alone).

Things to put in the bathroom, the return of the litter boxes with a different set than what we had with a bath, toilet and sink.

Surfaces, tables and storage furniture, nothing very innovative on this side.

Decorations, over and over again!

New exterior buildings to create a pretty lively port, complemented by dedicated decorations.




Animal interactions

Sims have a new skill to ride, Animal Training. It just works by interacting with a dog (doesn't work on cats) and then spending time with him to teach him the technique. By increasing in his dressage skill, the Sim is able to teach more advanced tricks: sitting, lying, pawing, playing dead ...

Balls are there for fun with the dog. For the cat, it's the laser pointer, a classic!


A whole bunch of interactions are accessible by clicking on the animals: calm down, pet, get to know each other, give a bath (bathtub required), congratulate, hug, take a walk, put on the leash, ask to go to do one's business, cuddle on the sofa, encourage them to mate with ..., brush, give a treat, change their outfit (animals also have the right to dress in fashion). It is even possible to be mean by chasing, screaming or snarling, but I have not tested, they are too cute for that ... The cat has less interactions overall, he can however be hugged !

One of the dog's useful interactions is: what's wrong? In function, it will be possible to know if the animal does not have enough to eat, if it is sick, if it is dirty, if it needs to walk ... The cat does not have priori of problems, because the interaction does not exist with him.

Distributors are to be put to the animals to allow them to eat.

It is also recommended for cats to have a litter box, the dog can do his business outside. This creates waste which, collected, can be used as fertilizer in the gardens.

The animals behave freely, they enter and leave, jump on the furniture, and interact with the decoration elements. They also have phobias (my dog ​​doesn't like television for example) as well as obsessions, things in the house that pique their interest. Suddenly, you have to be careful of situations that once did not pose a problem, such as food lying around! Yum !



Veterinary clinic

Surprise, this is not a new job, but in fact a new business, so you have to activate it by going through the businesses, in the same place as the stores and restaurants. Then, to practice, it is essential to build the clinic or to settle in the clinic already created on the new site.

I personally opted for this second choice, faster to start my career.

Once the Sim is ready to begin, the clinic opens and clients arrive.

The care process takes place in several stages:

  • Greet the patient (warmly, impatiently, neutral). From there, the dog follows the vet and goes to the examination table.
  • Examination table: temperature, breathing, heart, eyes, mouth, ears, skin / fur, medical records. It is also necessary to calm the animal every two or three actions, because it is stressed because of all the manipulations of the veterinarian.
  • Surgery station: including a scanner and a treatment unit, this station makes it possible to perform additional CT examinations (intestines, vascular and brain), to castrate the animal or to carry out operations to apply the treatment.
  • Treatment: either from the examination table or from the surgery station, treatment is applicable from the moment a diagnosis is found against a certain sum of money. Thumbs up indicate which treatment is suitable so that you do not have to remember all the combinations of diseases. Especially since these diseases all have silly names, on the principle of Theme Hospital (readjustment of the tickling threshold of the belly, recharging of the nasal hydration reservoir, extraction of excess adorability ...), which does not facilitate not necessarily work.

Each action earns points to progress in the Veterinary skill.

Like the scientist, the veterinarian can also use a station and do laboratory work. From this same station, it is possible to create treats and serums for the surgery station (calming agent and gel simulator) and the examination table (relaxing serum).

Finally, I will not develop, but the clinic is based on the principle of shops, it is possible to manage the margins achieved, the sums invested in advertising and to create outfits for employees, here veterinarians. Up to 3 vets can be employed at the same time with all the benefits purchased.



This item kit brings a wealth of new things to do!

The objects are varied, bringing a marine and animal touch to the interiors of The Sims, with a new large area to discover. Animals are great at creating life. The two animals are complementary: while the cat manages itself a little as long as it has its litter and its kibbles, the dog offers more interactions, but also requires more attention (needs, walk ...) . Suddenly, each player can choose the animal that suits him. The Vet Clinic is smartly recycling the shopping system, a new way to make a living with The Sims.

I advise you without avoiding this extension which has become my favorite! Certainly I received this code for free, but that does not change my opinion on this expansion pack that I absolutely needed. And the fact that I'm ending this article with my cat sleeping on my lap is totally related!

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