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In The Sims 4, the ultimate action in a relationship is action make boom-boom. Of course, everyone has understood what this means!

This option is available for married couples as well as for couples who have a fairly high romance bar (pink bar).

If you try the experiment and it is successful, this action will make your Sim happy. You will have your bar Social  et Entertainment which will increase sharply. Conversely, your bar Hygiene will decrease. You will also gain the benefit Pleasantly satisfied for a period of four hours.


What are the requirements to be able to crac-crac?

The option make boom-boom is accessible to all young adults (adolescents cannot use it) as well as between all combinations of sex, homosexual couples are obviously taken into account. The option is even accessible with a ghost! If you decide to do this action with a ghost, you will be able to unlock a success. As I wrote above, to unlock this couple action, your Sims must have a romance bar between 40% and 50% minimum to unlock the action. If you directly create a household with a married couple, the action will be available. Remember, while the action is doable, only increasing the romance bar improves your odds.


How can you increase these chances of success and what are the factors that have the most chance of failing everything?

Sims with the skill of Charisma are more likely to have their actions accepted by their spouse. Those also possessing the trait Attractive have 20% more chance. You can achieve this trait by choosing l’aspiration Amour when creating your Sim. The emotions also play a role, a Sim Charming, Happy or even Player increases his chances of being able to perform the action. The emotions more negative like Sad, Angry, Embarrassed, Bored, Stressed, will not help your Sim, on the contrary, they will lower your chances of success. If you want to know more about romantic relationships, marriage et the emotions I invite you to consult the guides produced on these subjects.


How to perform the action of trying to have a baby?

The action trying to have a baby allows, in The Sims 4, to get pregnant and conceive your own offspring. Normally, the fact of make boom-boom will not make you get pregnant. Only action trying to have a baby will allow it. The chances that your spouse will accept this action are the same as for the action make boom-boom. You have an 80% chance of getting pregnant after each try. If your Sim is successful in obtaining the reward Fertile, the odds increase to 150% and also increase the odds of having twins or triplets. If you want to know more about how to conceive a baby in the Sims, I invite you to consult the guide made on this subject.


Where are the places to crac-crac?

At the moment, three specific locations exist to do the action crack-crack. These slots will be increased in the next updates and paid content of the game. We already have the simplest, the double bed. Indeed, a single bed will not allow you to perform the action, it only appears on a double bed. The second place is the rocket. Once built, click on it to see the action make boom-boom.

This will allow you to unlock a success. The last place is the observatory. Like the rocket, click on it to see the option appear, however this will not unlock any bonuses.


How to do crac-crac?

As mentioned above, to unlock this action you need to increase your romance bar. To do this, you need to use romantic interactions on your target at the start. Performing these actions on friendly Sims (Friendship Bar at 40% minimum) increases the success of these actions. Once your Sim has a feeling beneficial (Bewitching remains the best for this case), click on a double bed, rocket or observatory to see the action appear. If you are on public land, select the action to go with to create a date. Obtain a gold medal duringa date will allow you to get the item VIP bucket which will be an ideal object for your room because it allows to increase the romantic emotion of five.

If you want to know more about how to create a date, I invite you to consult the guide produced on this subject.


What are the successes to be achieved with the crac-crac action?

During your game, you can achieve three achievements linked to this action:

  • The 7000th sky: this success is carried out by performing the action make boom-boom in a rocket.

  • How would it be? : this success is carried out by performing the action make boom-boom with a ghost.

  • Crack-crack! : this success is carried out by performing the action make boom-boom with fifty unique Sims not controlled by the player.


I hope this little guide has been useful to you. Have fun !

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