The Sims 4 - Kids - Mental Faculties

L'aspiration Mental faculties can be developed as soon as the Sim goes to school. It makes it easier to win games and to successfully hack. The ability is interesting for those who want to complete the collections of logic. The instruments that allow you to develop this skill are the Microscope et the observatory. So while you are on these devices, this capacity increases almost on its own.


Mandatory for the following professions: Astronaut, Criminal (as boss).



Stage 1: Early

Step 2: Junior scientist

Step 3: Little genius

When all of these steps are completed, the unlocked Suction Bolt is Mentally gifted.


Learning ability

Logic capacity can be increased with Books and with the help of some objects like the card table and the chess game. In addition, a Microscope is available, with which the Sims not only increase their skills of logical, but can also make images needed to complete a collection.

In The Sims 4, you also have a observatory allowing Sims to increase their logic skills and collect more space images, also needed for collections. For the thug career at level 4, the observatory can also be used to watch its neighbors.

Concentrate, Sims can learn the ability logical faster.


Stages of logic capacity


Influence on emotions

When Sims use the Observatory, they gain the emotion concentrated. The microscope on the other hand gives emotion inspiration. And for a game won, it will be the emotion confident.


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