WildStar - Destination Arcterra is live!

The big day has finally arrived: Destination Arcterra is available on the official servers! It was after about 6 hours of maintenance that the servers reopened their doors with lots of new content to explore!

To get to Arcterra, you can watch our guide on it!

Finally, here is a small summary of the new features that can be seen in the patch notes:

  • Daily Login Rewards : added new rewards until day 349 (previously 180)
  • Adventures : increased experience gained
  • dungeons : update of each person's loot table
  • Shipments : you can register for expeditions for which you have at most one level less (except Terror of the Zero Fragment) and offer more experience in normal mode
  • Madame Fay : new items are to be collected!

  • Accommodation : corrections of some issues, especially with the animations for sitting on the chairs
  • Objects :
    • the Genesis Key no longer has to be purchased from the ancestral gem seller, it will be offered during a quest line
    • the price of the Bulldog Hoverboard has been revised
  • Interface :
    • Bank: added sorting options
    • Content search: story instances can be reached via this window
  • Audio : going underwater now influences music


If you want, you can go see all the details in the full notes on the official forum!


Have a good game and see you soon in new guides and articles on this new update!

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