WildStar - Destruction of the Mechanic

The Grand Protostar Winter Gala offers us, in addition to its expedition and its few daily quests, a public event in the capital: the Snowmobile destruction ! It takes place every 90 minutes at these locations:

While in your capital city, you will see under Events in the panel at the bottom right of your screen the time remaining before the event.

This is a mini-game that will last 5 minutes and will consist of scoring as many points as possible. While in the event area, you will have access to a snowball throwing skill (T key by default) that you will have to throw on players transformed into snowman, you will have ticket animation at- above you if you launch successfully.

To transform into a snowman, or snowman, all you have to do is use the activation key (F by default) next to a snowman that has appeared and that has not yet been taken by another player.

As a mechanic, you will have access to 4 abilities:

  • Speed ​​boost : makes you run faster
  • Reflective shield : immobilizes and protects you for 3 seconds
  • Ice explosion : freezes all players around you
  • Ejection : brings you out of the snowman

After a certain number of snowballs received, you will be automatically ejected from this form, so it's up to you to manage your strategy as well as possible when you are inside.

And if not, how does everything work? Well, at the end of the event, you will have a rank on 2 criteria: the time spent in snowmobiling, and the number of snowballs thrown correctly on the mechanics. Your final score will give you a number of winter coins depending on your performance, I already had 17 as well as 31, for example. You will also have a chest containing an event item if you have achieved a high score.

A success is to be achieved by participating in it for the first time, but it seems that it is not working properly at the moment.


You now know everything about this event! Have you already participated? How did you find him?

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