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It was announced: the Protostar Grand Winter Gala is available on the WildStar test server! You can now download its client to test the event and give your feedback. If you don't feel like loading twenty gigabytes onto your computer, here's our rundown!


As a reminder, the Protostar Winter Grand Gala is a party organized by Protostar whose purpose is entirely commercial. As for the Evening Vigil, the capitals have been decorated for the occasion. Here's a look at Thayd:

The daily quest area is the same as for the Evening Vigil for each capital, namely:

The principle of operation is quite similar to the Halloween event, namely a bundle of daily quests to complete, an instance to do once on a daily but repeatable quest to collect more currency, and public events. These different activities will reward you with Protopièces  with which you can buy a large number of different rewards that we will present to you a little later.

Among the daily quests, you can have for example:

  • deliver packages : you will have to offer among 4 gifts to customers of different races, the gifts being in accordance with the context of these (Aurin = bush icon, Granok = beer mug icon, etc.)
  • repair snowblowers : you will be dressed in a suit that can make you jump in the air to repair malfunctioning machines
  • convince hesitant customers to consume : you will have to throw them tickets with / tickets to encourage them to buy
  • recover undelivered packages : there are packages floating in the air, they will have to be recovered by passing over them

This gives you an example!

Getting back to the rewards, you will have several types: consumables, toys, costumes, mount decorations and decorations.

  • Consumables
  • Toys
  • Suit
  • Frame decorations
  • Decorations

  • Winter festival cider : drink apparently composed of gold flakes (5 )
  • Collection of proto-nodes : Gives you a random proto-knot (this is a head costume that looks like a gift knot) (5 )

  • Nutcracker head : gives you a nutcracker head (20 )
  • Eternal snowball : a snowball with unlimited use (30 )

  • Papa Phineas costume (240  in total)
  • Commercial Host Costume (240  in total)

  • Winter Festival Frame Decoration (450  in total)

For the decorations, there are a lot more than for the Evening Vespers, you will have among other things everything you can see in the capital. We will sort them by price.

  • Decorations for 10  :

  • Decorations for 15  :

  • Decorations for 20  :

  • Decorations for 30  :

  • Grotesque throbbing Papa Phineas (50 )
  • Protostar Snowfield KitFAB (150 )


Note that all this information is taken from the test server and that each point is always subject to change, especially the prices.

Are you looking forward to December 18?

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