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On the forum, Timetravel provided new information on what will be improving on WildStar in the near future regarding PvP, possibly next week.

Here is the list of changes for the next patch:

  • Season 2 cosmetic weapons will be available to vendors
  • The prices of cosmetic items will be revised (often down)
  • Teams will no longer lose odds before the 800 mark
  • Scoreboards should no longer have bugs
  • Some gadgets will be balanced, there will be new ones in the PvP vendor, and some PvE gadgets will be unusable in PvP.

Some other planned changes will not be in the next patch but as soon as possible:

  • When lining up for PvP, the size of the group will be taken into account to allow you to fall against groups rather than groups made up of players who have researched solo.
  • Cosmetic items will undergo some changes:
    • more rating required
    • to buy it, you will need Prestige and a new token
    • a new PvP quest will be added, it will reward these new tokens, will be about winning PvP matches and the progression will be based on the mode played (a warground will make more progress than a battleground), this will exclude just the training arena
    • these changes will allow all motivated players to recover these cosmetic items, it will no longer necessarily require talent but effort


So expect a priori to next Tuesday for the first changes!

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