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Spoil of War, or Spoil of War in spanish, is the new equipment acquisition system introduced with SWTOR 6.0. This system emphasizes the rewards obtained on defeated enemies with a desired emphasis on difficulty to progress faster and obtain new equipment. How to approach this new system? How to equip yourself? How do you choose in which area you can invest your components? Where can I find the equipment? We will try to answer all these questions and show you the best possible strategies to quickly take control of the spoils of war.


Spoils of war

Let's start by seeing how the system works. The basic principle is simple: you have to play and recover the equipment on the monsters, the epic enemies killed or found as a reward in the quest boxes replacing the command boxes. Each enemy that is eliminated has a chance to grant a common index equipment to ours. If the character is index 280, he will be able to collect coins of index 278, 280 and above (usually 282).

The available indexes generally increase by 2 in 2 from 270 to 306. It is still possible to obtain odd indexes but this is rarer. In total, there are 18 even equipment indexes distributed as follows according to their quality.

  • Green quality : index 270 to 274
  • Blue quality : index 276 to 284
  • Purple quality : index 286 to 298
  • Yellow quality : index 300 to 306

The higher the difficulty level of the content, the more rewards or more interesting they will be. Thus a master contentious zone will give nearly 3 to 4 objects per boss against 3 in veteran mode, and the index will be able to pass two ranks in master mode when it is only of equivalent rank or of a higher rank in veteran mode. Veteran mode operations will give better rewards than normal and Master even more, as well as Ranked PvP crates will give more rewards than regular PvP crates.

This therefore constitutes the direct rewards and the main reward system of the expansion. The index changes as follows. As soon as you get 12 of the 14 coins of an index level, you start loot a few more coins from the level above, but sometimes still of the same level. This happens because if we have 2 parts in 270 and 12 in 272, then our overall equipment is considered on average in 272. This is a good thing, because it avoids stagnating if we do not find the last missing piece of a slot, before moving on to the next rank of the indexes. Likewise, it is possible to jump index ranks by obtaining 274/276/278 ... while you are still in 278, it all depends on your luck and the difficulty of the content.

In addition to this, each modification will be endowed with several versions of itself with variations in linear statistics between each. We will therefore have the:

  • Shield 274-1
  • Shield 274-2
  • Shield 274-3
  • and so on with more than 18 current versions.

Each version will have its statistics balanced in a linear fashion, ie with a difference of fixed points on the same statistics between two consecutive versions. Thus, if a 274-10 armor has 200 mastery, the 274-11 will have 198 and the 274-9 will have 202. The best versions will therefore be the versions with the smaller numbers, but they are also the rarest, in particular for versions -1 and -2. However, this is no longer valid if you get to exceed the target mark, for example with the precision. On the other hand, and this is to its advantage, the -19 and -20 versions are just as good.

Finally, to know where to find certain parts, you must refer to a message from Eric Musco on the forum or to our article on the loot table which transcribes it in spanish.


Anti-bad luck

Wishing to prevent unlucky people from being cheated by the random side of the system, Bioware has set up an anti-bad luck system. This device aims to increase the chances of players getting an interesting coin if they don't have one for too long a period of activity. The details on this point were not communicated, but one will suspect that the less one obtains set bonus on an activity where one should have some, the more its chances will increase.

The loot chance will be reset the next time the system obtains a coin deemed interesting. A set bonus, tactical items, or relics can fall into this category. In addition, with each quest, technological fragments will be given to players, as well as a few will be collected from bosses and at the end of PvP. They will help to get the few wanted parts that are slow to show.



So now let's take stock of the different faction fleet merchants. Two alcoves are dedicated to the northwest of the fleet, the same that were dedicated to vendors of galactic command equipment. In the first, we will find 4 sellers devoted to set objects and tactical items. They are class specific, although you can purchase items that are not intended for your class. This will help to complete achievements that require completing the acquisition of many set bonuses, all classes. Their costs are however prohibitive with 1M credits and 3000 shards needed per purchase.


The 5 other merchants are different, two are dedicated to equipment, the others to side effects.

  • Kai Zykken: The Mysterious Merchant sells a list of random items for two days a week and will change his list every week.
  • Takanna: Loot of War Vendor will give random loot around the index finger of the player who can choose the type of slot to get.
  • Z9-V86 is the seller of Renown, the new galactic command that will remain secondary.
  • Lord turbis: seller of domestic animals.
  • Quarin: salesman of frames.

The merchant we are interested in is Takanna. She is the one who sells the pieces of equipment and whom we will visit the most. On the one hand, because other equipment vendors do it against credit costs that run into the millions, and on the other hand, because it only needs a few components to help us progress. Here are the parts we can buy by increasing cost.

  • 175 technological fragments : shielding, sophistication, modulus.
  • 225 technological fragments : barrel and handles.
  • 250 technological fragments : an unidentified random piece.
  • 325 technological fragments : cuff, belt, implant, relic, atrium.
  • 350 technological fragments : torso, legs, feet, helmet, gloves.
  • 450 technological fragments : main and secondary hand

The most interesting strategy for getting to index level 306 as quickly is not to invest in changes to set bonuses. You will probably ask me why it is so interesting to temporarily do without the set bonus. The question is not so much to do without it altogether. First, we won't have the set bonuses from the start. Therefore, the cheapest parts to mount his index will be more interesting, because it will take time before having the 6-part bonuses, and even once together they will have to be completed with 3 elements to be at best equivalent to a part. unchangeable.

The comparison is made on the cost of the parts. To fill an editable room, you need 525 shards. To buy a non-modifiable part, you need 250 fragments for the first ones if you want to play on the random and to minimize the costs, then 325 or 350 for the last ones. I will base myself on 7-10 random pieces at 250 shards before completing the last pieces with the 325/350 shards.

Once the index 300 is reached, or even 306 depending on the speed at which the progression will be done, I will then start to buy sophistication, modules then armor. to get the statistics you want first, and then to try to maximize the changes received by getting the best existing versions of them.

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