Wildstar - Special Beta Livestream Summary

Last night, a livestream focused on closed beta and free-to-play took place and we can say that there is a hell of a lot of new things! First of all, we suggest you watch the replay and then you will be entitled to a summary of all the information!


  • The closed beta will take place in 2 phases:
    • Phase 1:
      • for players who have signed up for the beta who have an active account.
      • PTR NCoins are offered to you to test the store.
    • Phase 2:
      • opening to a wider public, almost all registered.
      • it will be possible tobuy NCoins with real money to be able to test this functionality:
        • you will get the purchased amount in PTR NCoins for beta testing.
        • you will get the purchased amount in real NCoins for the live server when the F2P goes live.
  • The beta invitations will intensify over the weeks.
  • La shop in-game will have many more items in the transition to official free-to-play, including pets.

  • Purchases in the store with omnibits will not earn loyalty points.
  • The omnibits will be recoverable via different means:
    • via experience.
    • with Madame Fay's Good Fortune.
    • in daily login bonuses.
  • The history from WildStar will progress with what is called Vault of the Archon, we do not know if this will be for the transition.
  • We will be entitled to a new raid where we will face Maraudeurs : Red Moon Terror !

  • It is expected in the future that there will be new races and / or classes, but they can not say more, it is not for now.
  • It is important to give feedback and report problems encountered on the official forum under the corresponding category.


This answers many questions!

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