Wildstar - Star-Comm Basin Guide

As we all know, DEPLOYMENT: Nexus has added the new Star-Comm Basin area to Nexus. This offers us content to complete, including daily quests and public events. Here's what you need to know.



  • How to get there?
  • What can we do about it?
    • quests
    • Public events
    • challenges
  • Rewards

How to get there?

If you are level 50, then you can gain access to the Star-Comm Pool. You just have to go to the quest panel of your capital:

Here you will have a quest to collect titled Star-Comm Basin. Follow the instructions of the quest: you are now at the Basin!

What can we do about it?

Here, no faction distinctions, everyone is together in a relatively small area:

The spawn location in the area is the same for Exiles and Dominion: at the Auxiliary Control Center, west of the area. Here you are going to have all the useful NPCs including vendors and quest givers.


The area is divided into 4 parts located at the 4 cardinal points, each under the control of different factions:

North: Mornéant's Workshop (Marauders) East: Collapse (Filth)

South: Station d'Eaupure (Ikthiens) West: Main security sector (Eldans)

In the center is the Star-Comm Central Transmitter where public events take place and otherwise has a 5 player enemy for one of the daily quests.

There will obviously be a new reputation to build: the Star-Comm checkpoint.


To build your new reputation, there will be daily quests to complete with fairly common objectives:

  • Kill enemies in the Star-Comm Basin
  • Kill some elite enemies
  • Kill the elite in the center of the Basin
  • Participate in a public event
  • Activate ground elements

Overall, that will be it. Each quest will earn you a certain amount of reputation, between 102 and 153 points depending on the difficulty of the quest. You will need to do the daily quests for about 1 month to be popular.

Note that you will have a quest to loot from the Warped Guardian, an elite creature that can be defeated on your own. He has the appearance of Gargantua, from Infection, as can be seen in the screenshots below:

Once you have completed all of these quests, if you want to continue boosting your reputation, you can do so through contracts that reward you with Protostar Promissory Notes which will give you 50 reputation points each. You can convert them to an NPC at the Auxiliary Control Center.

Public events

Every 90 minutes a public event will take place at the Bassin. The central area has been captured by one of the 3 factions (Marauders, Ikthiens, Filth, this will change every day) and you will need to follow instructions to get it back.

You will need to accomplish a series of objectives that will require you to do different things:

  • Defeat enemies
  • Destroy items with items that you will have to craft by collecting components from enemies
  • Collect items from the ground and return them to a container
  • Win a boss

Unlike other public events (the Grove of the Unclean Refuge or the Infection Arrow of Light), this one is very short: it won't take you more than 10 minutes with people (with the current population, it's like this). in any case).


Many challenges are available and will each offer you the same rewards:

  • Objects bag
  • Bag crafting components
  • Bag of dyes
  • Furniture bag
  • Equipment bag

There are 4 in total:

  • The Eradication of Star-Comm: Defeating Enemies in the Basin
  • He looked at me! : Collect samples of growths from the Filth to Collapse
  • Eldan Echoes: locate 4 Eldan antennas in the Basin
  • Always one to eat the other: use Ikthian grenades against Ikthians


Who says new reputation says new rewards! You indeed have the Mediator NPC SCS-426 which is at the place of appearance in the zone and which will sell you various items according to your level of reputation:

  • Appreciated:
    • Star-Comm Energy Drink
    • Star-Comm Potency Drink
    • Star-Comm Boost Drink
    • Star-Comm Revitalizing Drink
    • Round stone steps (small)
  • Accepted:
    • Light torsos:
      • Light torso
      • Light torso
      • Light torso
    • Medium torsos:
      • Medium torso
      • Medium torso
      • Medium torso
      • Medium torso
    • Heavy torsos:
      • Heavy torso
      • Heavy torso
      • Heavy torso
    • Light legs:
      • Light legs
      • Light legs
      • Light legs
    • Medium legs:
      • Medium legs
      • Medium legs
      • Medium legs
      • Medium legs
    • Heavy legs :
      • Heavy legs
      • Heavy legs
      • Heavy legs
    • Front decoration for land mount: Ikthien
  • Reputed:
    • Ikthian barrier post
    • Ikthian laser barrier
    • Great ikthian portal
    • Ikthian plasma container
    • Rear decoration for land mount: ikthien
  • Valued :
    • Light shoulders:
      • Light shoulders
      • Light shoulders
      • Light shoulders
    • Medium shoulders:
      • Medium shoulders
      • Medium shoulders
      • Medium shoulders
      • Medium shoulders
    • Heavy shoulders:
      • Heavy shoulders
      • Heavy shoulders
      • Heavy shoulders
    • Light feet:
      • Light feet
      • Light feet
      • Light feet
    • Average feet:
      • Average feet
      • Average feet
      • Average feet
      • Average feet
    • Heavy feet:
      • Heavy feet
      • Heavy feet
      • Heavy feet
    • Side decoration for land mount: ikthien
  • Popular:
    • Star-Comm Aggressive Protocol Chip
    • Star-Comm Destructive Protocol Chip
    • Star-Comm Intrusive Protocol Chip
    • Star-Comm Combative Protocol Chip
    • Star-Comm Menacing Protocol Chip
    • Star-Comm Regenerative Protocol Chip
    • Top secret military turret
    • Star-Comm Station bonus AMP point
    • Holoperroquet


We just have to build this reputation to unlock everything!

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