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Name of Zeus! Take out your hoverboards because the event made in zemTech (context here), the Grand zHoverboard price, took place on Nexus to the delight of fans of this flying board! It will be available until October 25!


  • Video
  • ZTracks
  • Daily quests
  • The rewards



Shopping is much more fun to watch than to read! Here is a video guide that shows you how it works and where a course of the 3 different tracks will be done!



The zPistes are the circuits that are offered to you during the event. They are for this edition in total number of 3 and are each in a different area, namely:

  • Celestion
  • Deradune
  • Valblanc

And you can find the departures of the races at these locations:

A zPiste is made up of several elements: a start line, rings, speed boosts, jumping platforms, indicator arrows and a finish line.

  • Starting line : you start here. Enter the circle on the ground, wait for the end of the countdown and go!
  • Flat band rings : Will guide you through the course first, but give you a temporary speed boost that can be stacked up to 5 times when you cross them.
  • Speed ​​Boosts : Apply another speed boost for a few seconds (if you don't miss them, you can be under this boost the entire duration of the race).
  • Jumping platforms : Make you jump, usually to cross an obstacle or climb a mountain.
  • Indication arrows : tell you when there are bends.
  • Finishing line : you finish the race here. Upon entering the circle on the ground, the race will stop and your time will be given to you.
Starting line Flat band rings Speed ​​Boosts

Jumping platforms Indication arrows Finishing line

If you are the challenger type, you can try to beat the records recorded with Carbine and the insurance team:

  • Carbine :
    • CĂ©lestion: 59 seconds by Brett Scheinert (CRB_Timetravel, chief designer)
    • DĂ©radune: 60 seconds by Matt Malley (lead artist) and Brett Scheinert
    • Valblanc: 56 seconds by David Smith (CRB_Aurelian, designer) and Matt Malley
  • Insurance team :
    • Celestion: 54 seconds by Cory Refshauge-Jones
    • DĂ©radune: 58 seconds by Rob Flusk and Cory Refshauge-Jones
    • Valblanc: 52 seconds by Cory Refshauge-Jones


Daily quests

Until October 25, you will have 3 daily quests to complete each day (the reset of the daily quests takes place at noon). Yes, there is the Evening Vigil at the same time but don't worry, you can do it all in less than 10 minutes!

These quests will simply consist of completing the 3 z Tracks. Don't worry about the journey between them: for each quest you will have the option to teleport there when you have them in your journal (see the icon next to your quest). To collect the daily quests, you can move yourself to one of the race starts, or go to the Spaceport in your capital city. In these 2 cases, you will have to speak to the NPC Galian "Doc" Zemmet who will give you the 3 daily quests.

Note that you can only really run a race (have a real start and a real finish with a display of your time) if you have the corresponding z Track quest. If you want to go through it again, you will not have to return the quest at the end and can take a teleporter through the screen next to the Doc to return to the start of the race.

Finally, you will also have an achievement to do which simply requires you to complete each of the daily quests once, so each race once.


The rewards

Obviously, you won't have to do all of this just for fun! Daily quests will give you rewards that will seem quite familiar to you if you are a connoisseur of the Back to the Future saga! You will be able to recover:

  • titles :
    • the weakling
    • the choco
    • lazy
  • consumables :
    • 1,21 Gigazaps: increase your own speed
    • 88-Resistant Board Wax: Increases the speed of your hoverboard (unwanted side effects are likely to occur)
  • decorations :
    • the Flaming Trace
    • lightning 10:04
  • costume pieces :
    • the zChapeau
    • the zJacket
    • the zPants
    • zPumps

It would be unlikely that you forgot the famous DeLorean themed hoverboard, the zBoard 88! It is indeed available, but only in the in-game store for the sum of 1190  (~ € 15) or 595  and only for the duration of the event, i.e. until the 25th.


Bring out the hoverboards!

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